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  1. The date changes every time somebody "touches" the file. If this is the first time the date changed, it could mean that they received the document and it was added to the file, and now it is in the "queue" to be reviewed. But, who knows? there is no visibility of the process once at the consulates.
  2. Congratulations So happy for you guys One thing for sure: when comes to the Consulates, there is no logic in this process 🙂
  3. Anything today? Hopefully you have some good news to share Thoughts and prayers
  4. At least you have some contact with the process and you get updates. We are completely in the dark about our case, and we hope for positive news every day of the week. The Consulate Generale in Casablanca is not even answering emails nor do they answer phone calls The case status shows Ready, even after the interview
  5. Please keep us posted Any good news around here gives us hope
  6. Just try to relax and stay positive This process is very stressful and very painful.
  7. They would've said they don't know how long AP will take rather than asking him to come back tomorrow. I think it is a positive sign, that's just me, I think I am optimistic in the way I look at things 🙂
  8. we have been in the same situation and we are kept in the dark since the 23rd of May with no updates at all. The case status says ready, interview was on 17-May-2022 in Casablanca
  9. it will be good since they told him to come back tomorrow to pick up his passport. You should be happy they didn't give him a BS answer and send him away until they contact him. I think it is good news actually
  10. Tell them that blood work is required for all applicants and that your husband needs one done. Unless they show you a Consulate document that states it is not required. A friend of mine (45 years old) was required to do one before his interview two months ago (DV lottery winner). So, I think it is required and not doing it might cause unwanted delays
  11. It will change when the visa is printed. Most likely this morning. Who knows?
  12. it will change soon. If he is picking up at the consulate, it is easier and it will be ready shortly after they print it
  13. The change means the document was added to your file and the case is ready for review by a Consular Officer (there is actually no time frame for that), but hopefully it will not take that long. We are in the same boat, our case shows Ready, my wife had her interview more than a month ago and she was asked to provide additional documents. The date was updated to date when they received the documents (23-May-2022) with a status of Ready. No further action since then and we are still waiting (They kept my wife's passport)
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