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  1. Oh ok . But do you live your girlfriend! I’m wondering because you are not married so why did the embassy ask for parental consent
  2. Please the parental consent did you get it from the court or it was was hand written by the kids mum?
  3. Congratulations but why did they ask for your petitioner birth certificate? Did you have DNA?
  4. Please do you have any news for interview scheduling for F11 for Ghana embassy?
  5. It’s a pity so when it’s starts moving do you think it will move very fast?
  6. Oh ok then the visa bulletin will start to advance in June 2022 as Charlie Said
  7. Even if your PD is current it depends on your country backlog. Which country are your from?
  8. Please what is your DQ date?. I think you keep checking or should contact NVC by phone. Just call them
  9. It depends on you country’s backlog. Which country are your from and you PD
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