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  1. I will try and be brief. My Philippine Wife was denied a tourist visa 2 years ago, reason: we are both Geodetic Engineers-Manila Embassy. Got Married filed I-130 Spousal 6/2023. My progress, like many, went down to 1 week 3 separate times, then jumped to months, then "your case is taking longer" for 4 months. At the year mark, one week ago, I was called in for Biometrics, at that time our "my progress" went to 3 months, three days later it went to 19 months. Has anybody else experienced this? I am very close to relocating to the Philippines, since I am blessed to be able to travel to the Philippines often and we now have a beautiful home there, but I really wanted for her to experience America and meet my family, but this disabled Veteran is losing all hope with the US immigration system.
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