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  1. Omg they have not set an interview for you for 2 years from NVC being dq’d? That’s just insane!
  2. So my dad’s petition has been DQ’d at NVC. It has been a while and things has changed with the process. So for the ones who got their petition approved please share experience. Question, how long does it take to get an interview now to US embassy in Manila after NVC approved it? And also when to schedule medical at Saint Lukes? Mom is the petitioner and the visa category is F2A.
  3. My mom is bringing my dad Im co sponsoring. She lives in my house. I submitted my w2’s even that was rejected
  4. I have not filed my tax when it was submitted that is why I uploaded 2020. All it says on the note are “we are unable to accept These documents as uploaded. Please add Katherine as a Household member under Nora” except for the BC saying “please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority” that BC was a Philippine document. I am the household member on i-864a with my own form and name and my mom is the sponsor. I just don’t know what was done wrong.
  5. Trying to upload another pic but it won’t let me. The lists are police clearance tax returns (me and my husband’s ) i864a proof of relationship documents
  6. So I was not sure if I should post here or under bringing family member of permanent resident. I posted here because of the fact that there are documents that are needed and only for the Philippines. I figured the people here have better understanding on which document exactly does the NVC needs.. Please help! So my mom received an email from NVC yesterday. I logged in today and had all these docs rejection. It basically says for each to replace with an acceptable documents from a correct issuing authority. Im not sure what exactly they mean. No specific of which exactly do they need. Like for instance, it did say to submit police certificate and they rejected the one my mom submitted. Even my I-864a and birth certificate as prove we are mom and daughter. What should I do? for tax return and I864A it was saying “We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please add Katherine as a household member under Nora. All documents for Katherine should be submitted under their own name. I really would appreciate your prompt response. Thank you!
  7. Hi thanks so much for your reply. So I have already uploaded the paperwork last week. I864 for my mom and I864a for me. I also did not upload enough supporting docs in there. Do you think it will be Ok to upload more docs right now? I messed up and did not really want to make this process any longer. We’re hoping my dad gets here in the summer. As per your reply with our household. Thank you! It helped laying out the facts and for me to understand it better ☺️ You are correct with all of them except for 2 of them. So we will be 2 household in our house correct? My mom with my dad and sister and then me and my husband with our children (3). about the form for i-864a part 2 1c for my husband, does he check spouse (assuming because I am doing i864) or “other” and for part 5 “the sponsor” is it me? Or my mom? then for me i864 part 1, I check 1e correct? For part 6 for my mom and I, do we total up all our income? Me, my husband and my mom? For part 7 I know it’s optional, I can just leave blank or will it be helpful filling it all out? Then send attachments that support all in the part 7?. All of these financial matter with affidavit of support, so it just don on me, since we are considered as 2 household living in 1 house. We own the house and my parents and sister will be living here so they can save money to build a house back home. My mom is actually making over $30k right now. Do we actually still need to cosponsor? Essentially with her household, she is above poverty guidelines.
  8. Im kinda confused. We need to fill out 3 forms? I thought I should fill out i864a
  9. Hi all! So this kinda start bothering me. My mom is bringing my dad and her petition for him got approved on 3/1. We finally uploaded all the docs needed with the NVC and filled out 260 form. My mom lives w us. Im married with USC and Im also USC now. I am co sponsoring my mom and I did filled out and submitted I864a. Now, question is: My husband and I always file jointly. My husband did not fill out any form. I did upload our tax transcript for 2020, haven’t for 2021 since we are still working on filing our tax. Am I missing anything? Or should I upload more docs?
  10. That’s what Im trying to figure out. Lol! That’s why I posted here to see what everybody else did to make the file smaller
  11. I am having a hard time uploading our I864 and I864a on NVC website. It says in there 2mb per file or pic. My file is 20mb and won’t upload. What did you guys do?
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