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  1. Brah, at this point, you just need to chill. It's out of your hands. I am in the same boat as you. Been waiting for an interview date for my wife since August 2020, but your venting ain't gonna do anything. Just put your energy towards doing something more productive. P.S. As of now, USEM is processing those DQed by July 2020. Your time will come, brah. Relax.
  2. Send an email to NVCexpedite@state.gov and explain why you need to have your case expedited. I sent an expedite request a few months ago but got rejected. We have been documentarily qualified since August 2020. Let's hope you have better luck than me. Hope that helps
  3. We're pretty much in the same boat, except the roles are reversed (I am petitioning for my wife), and we've been DQ'ed since Aug 2020. I submitted an expedite request sometime in November of last year and my reason was that we also wanted to start a family. I wrote at the request that we've had multiple miscarriages before while I was here in the US and my wife was in the Philippines, and that by having her here it would provide us with a better chance of having a baby due to the better health care system. I included everything - medical certificates, death certificate for the miscarriages, and the various medical abstracts we got from our OB-GYN. Unfortunately my request was denied. Don't fret though. You can always try to apply for an expedite request. It all depends on the local embassy (since they will be the one to review it). In my opinion, I don't think it would harm your case, and I've heard of stories of expedite requests getting approved for the shallower reason. It's your call though. Hope that helps.
  4. For those travelling to the Philippines, make sure you fill out online the One Health Pass (https://www.onehealthpass.com.ph/e-HDC/) at least 24 hours prior to your departure. It literally saved me a few hours! At the check in PAL check-in counter in SFO, they ask for the QR Code that was generated after filing out the One Health Pass. When I arrived in Manila, that was the first thing that they asked. I got off the plane around 6-6:15am and was at my hotel in Quezon City (which is a solid 45 mins of travel) by 7:30am. Take note that I had 4 big suitcases which I had to wait for at the carousel, so it took me at least 5-10 minutes of waiting there. Also, I would recommend getting Detoxicare for the required Covid test at the hotel. They offer an early swab option, which means that they can perform the swab as early as 12:00MN - 2:00 on the day of your scheduled swab and release the results within 8 hours. Ordinary swab starts at 6am and results would be released within 24 hours. This means that if your scheduled swab is on 19th of December, and you avail of the early swab, you can check out on the 19th as well, instead of getting the results the following day. The early swab costs the same as the regular one, but you need to prepay it online (you can pay the regular swab in-person when they perform the swab at your hotel) Lastly, if you are a Filipino Citizen (or a dual-citizen), make sure to bring your Filipino passport so you don't need to fall in line at the immigration and you can just use their fancy passport scanner. Hope that helps.
  5. Where did you get your taxi? From the airport or you had this pre-arranged with your hotel? If it's the former do you pay the cab driver, or you paid inside the airport before boarding the taxi? How about the PADlab test, did you pay for in the airport, too? Lastly, did they accept credit cards or do I need to bring some pesos? Will be leaving in a few days and this travel rules are stressing me out. LOL Thanks!
  6. Now this makes me feel crappier. LOL Our PD is Oct 2018 and DQ Aug 2020. Their logic for approving makes no sense. I think the dude who reviewed my request was just having a crappy day. LOL!
  7. Did you use the exact same reason with the second and third one?
  8. Mine was just a very short note. And my reason was somewhat medical. That's why I'm puzzled as to why it was denied. Do you know of anyone who sent out multiple expedite request? How did they space it out? Thanks!
  9. I know. It just sucks because a lot of our plans (especially having kids) are put on hold because of the time it's taking them to process it. I and my wife are not getting any younger, and time really is of the essence LOL. Plus, it's always a good thing when you see some movement on your papers. No matter how tiny the movement is, as long as it's going in a positive direction, it lifts your spirit.
  10. I’m really bummed about this. I have been feeling down since I found out about the rejection yesterday.
  11. What was your reason? They denied my request.
  12. August 2020. Our priority date is Oct 2018.
  13. I just got an email saying that my expedite request has been denied. This really sucks.
  14. Did you pay for it? If so, how much? I'll probably be going there too before my flight going back here. Thanks!
  15. That's awesome!! Was it a self administered test? I'm scared of poking my own nose. LOL
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