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  1. Hi all, our case was finally approved today from Vermont! We also had an RFE. Total processing time from submission was 6 months.
  2. Ok, great. Thank you. I was concerned as I saw that some people said it got lost at Vermont...
  3. Hi Everyone, I received a RFE from Vermont SC and would like to know if it is best to send it with signature required as well as USPS tracking? Thank you!
  4. Hey guys, Update: we got an RFE on the app yesterday. Not sure what it is for as there was no notice online and apparently it arrives by mail within 7 working days. My case is at Vermont so any movement is better than nothing! Visajourney was very accurate on Vermont processing times as our PD is 12th Feb and that's what was shown when we received the RFE as current processing date on here. Very surprised! Not sure if anyone here has had a similar situation with RFE from Vermont (Spouse + USC). If yes, please share your experience. Thanks!
  5. @oscar12 Wow! I am happy to that you were approved!!! Congrats How long was your case ‘actively being reviewed’ before approval? Thx
  6. Hey! All good, just waiting and waiting haha. How are you? @Caro1 Whilst Germany lockdown, the UK opens up...what a crazy world Take care everyone....keep us updated with any news!
  7. Hi there! No, nothing at the moment...Will keep you posted!
  8. Yea, I understand...it's so hard. I have been checking everyday hahaha and then mine changed to 'case being actively reviewed' yesterday so I'm hoping that an officer is looking at it. I think it's at Texas but who knows haha. Approval times are all over the place 😕 Good luck dear!
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