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  1. Per INA 319 (b), spouses of US citizens regulary stationed abroad under qualifying employment are exempt from continuous residence and physical presence requirements. Please note emphasis on qualifying employment.
  2. Lol! We shipped some of our appliances from the PH to the US (it was paid for by our former employer as a repatriation benefit so why not?). We bought a step-up transformer (not a converter as the OP posted) so we can use them here.
  3. I didn't say the OP needs the product. I said he may need a step-down transformer. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. If you're bringing appliances from the US to the Philippines, you will most likely need a step-down transformer. We blew up a Keurig machine once. 🫣
  5. My case status says the same thing but I've received a biometrics appointment letter the other day and the 48 month extension today. It could be a USPS delivery issue too in your case.
  6. If that's just an error, I hope it's not representative of the case processors assigned to our cases.
  7. I'm so sorry you haven't heard from them yet. Have you tried this?
  8. My extension letter has the text "Filing Fee Waived" just above "Amount Received: $680." Anyone else got this?
  9. Got mine today too! Before my waiting starts, I still have to do the biometrics. 😣
  10. The charge on my card was from ELGIN LOCKBOX. I called my bank 2 days after submitting my application to tell them I'm expecting a charge from the USCIS for $850 and I just wanted to make sure it won't get declined. I was told as long as I have enough credit, there shouldn't be a problem. I got this text when they charged my card. The charge was $850 for me and my 2 kids. "Your PNC card XXXX was used for an online or phone purchase at ELGIN LOCKBOX in CAMP SPRINGS USA for 850.00 USD."
  11. Got the biometrics appointment letter in the mail today. The case tracker never mentioned this lol
  12. The notice date is 4/7/2023 but the envelope was stamped 4/10. I'm anxiously waiting on the extension letter. I thought I was getting it today because I heard of others getting daily mails lol
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