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  1. When my husband submitted the I-864, he was living and working in the Philippines. He is now back in the US with a new job. I've read of some sponsors submitting a new I-864 to reflect a better income. In our case, although my husband still makes way above the 125% poverty guideline requirement for our household size, his new income is lower than the old one. Does he need to submit a new one to update his income? I found the below on the I-864 FAQs here https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/step-1-submit-a-petition/i-864-affidavit-faqs.html#aos10 and thought maybe we don't need a new one after all. Thoughts?
  2. If I remember correctly, you have to click "New Application/Schedule Appointment" and select "Register Delivery Address for IV" and not the "Immigrant Visa" option. After registration, you will be given a page to print with a barcode.
  3. You need to present an ID when you have it notarized, right? So whatever your name on your ID is, it should be the name on the SPA. But when stating your marital status, use "married."
  4. I thought this was standard for all who had to undergo sputum test at SLEC which makes waiting for 8 weeks at SLEC moot.
  5. Thank you. After he moves to a permanent address, who should he notify?
  6. I’ll try to make this as least complicated as possible. As a background, there are 4 addresses indicated in different forms since we started this journey. Our cases (CR1 and two CR2) are currently at the US embassy. ————— Physical addresses: Address 1 (Philippines): where petitioner and beneficiaries lived before petitioner moved back to the US Address 2 (Philippines): where beneficiaries lived prior to CR1’s marriage with the petitioner Address 3 (USA): Petitioner’s parents’ address Mailing address: Address 4 (USA): Petitioner’s mailing address ————— At the time of filing the I-130 up to being DQd, my USC husband (petitioner), our kids, and myself (beneficiaries) lived in Address 1. My husband moved back to the US after we got DQd. As he doesn’t own a house in the US, he currently lives in a hotel and will move into an Airbnb while waiting for our furniture (we shipped all our goods from the Philippines; ETA in the US is end of March). After which, he will either buy or rent a house for the 4 of us. Meanwhile, the kids and I moved back to Address 2 while waiting for our interview. In all our forms (I-130, old I-864, and DS-260), we wrote Address 1 as our (petitioner and beneficiaries) physical address and Address 4 as petitioner’s mailing address. Address 3 was indicated in I-130 and DS-260 as the address where the beneficiaries intend to live in the US when we get there. My husband just filled out a new I-864 to reflect his new job and wrote Address 3 as his physical address. 1. Should he notify USCIS, NVC, or the embassy to reflect his parents’ address as his new physical address even though he’s moving into a new one in about a month? 2. Should we edit our DS-260 to reflect that we moved to my old address or just wait till the interview? TIA.
  7. Have you tried calling them? Maybe they can walk you through. Below are the phone numbers to call.
  8. What kind of error do you encounter? Are you selecting "register delivery address" (should not be "immigrant visa")?
  9. A possible solution is to go to NBI and present to them the 221g slip. When I was trying to get my NBI clearance to bear my AKAs, they wouldn't do it at first. They asked me for the letter/instruction that the US embassy handed to me after the interview. (I got my NBI clearance before I even got an interview date, but that's beside the point). Let her bring your marriage certificate too.
  10. NBI clearance. https://ph.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-and-fiancee-visa-interview-preparation-instructions/
  11. I'm not sure if it depends on the embassy, but for the US embassy in Manila, applicants are required to upload valid police certificates. Even when applicants had them during the interview but weren't uploaded on CEAC prior, the applicants are requested to step out and upload them and be back in 20 minutes!
  12. He was born in the US so he's a US citizen I suppose. But he went to high school in Baguio City in the Philippines. Thanks for sharing the great news @seekingthetruth ! Congrats to your great niece's husband too! A nice departure from all the bad news. Here's a nice article about Gregorio Villar (the guy in the article you shared): https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/02/19/21/pinoy-engineer-in-perseverance-journey-credits-baguio-schooling-for-science-roots
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