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  1. angeljolie


    Welcome to the south, y’all @Chancy @Adventine! Happy New Year and good luck to us titas of Manila! 🥶
  2. Ours was: May 25 - interview May 27 - issued June 1 - passports picked up from 2Go MOA
  3. Confirming what @Chancy said too. I arrived in the US with my kids earlier this month and the journey was smooth. No questions asked.
  4. Thank you! Hope your AOS is going well.
  5. Thank you! I brought with me 2 heavy bags filled with evidence but was only asked for my husband's divorce document. I'm sure your wife will ace her interview. Good luck!
  6. Congratulations! Please make sure she shows up on the right date (you wrote 6/5/21 but their letter says June 8). Please make sure her documents are complete, updated, and accurate.
  7. I chanced upon someone on Facebook who met her fiance in Maldives and got married online (there are a few out there that are legit) while they were there. They are now processing her CR1 visa. She said their marriage is registered in Utah. It's also something you can explore.
  8. If you do get the chance to marry abroad, it would be hard to get a "ceremonial" wedding here in the Philippines because a lot of (if not all) churches now require a civil wedding in the Philippines first if either or both parties have been married before. What you can probably do is let her get a passport and meet her (and her relative) in a third country. Get to know each other well, take photos. If you are still determined to marry her after that meeting, then start the k1 process.
  9. If you haven't received your passport yet, you can send a letter to the embassy requesting them to locate it. You can send your letter thru 2go (just like submitting documents for 221g). I know of someone who was in this situation. A few days after sending her letter, she received her passport.
  10. Ours was the other way--mine (spouse) got approved first. We sent messages to USCIS (through the myUSCIS portal) and NVC (through their public inquiry form) saying we'd like to process all the cases together so it we'd appreciate it if they can look into our kids' cases and hopefully expedite adjudication. Their cases got approved a month later.
  11. Hi. How did your interview go? Did the CO ask for a new i-864 from your wife?
  12. 1-3 days depending on how quick her assigned counselor works. Let your wife register as early as 7:30 am because slots are limited. Documents required are basically those required at the embassy interview.
  13. It just means your request is now at the embassy (it was at the call center at first). There's really no pattern as to how long it takes the embassy to respond once they receive the requests.
  14. Glad you received a response. The calendar on CGI is disabled. The only thing you can do there is to go to the "Provide Feedback" tab and request for the rescheduling of your wife's appointment. Emails sent to support-philippines@ustraveldocs.com are also loaded into this feedback form. So, since you got a response to the email you sent, you can go to CGI "Provide Feedback " tab and verify this. It will tell you whether your request is still with the call center (in which case the status is "new") or if it has been transferred to the embassy already (case status "escalated to post").
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