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    Evidence tampered
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    Tiff is from Malaysia. She came to NYC in 2001 on a B2 Visa. We met as total strangers in a little hole in the wall coffee shop in Lower Manhattan. And Tiff never went home, overstaying her visa by 7 years. I was the procrastinator, and we dated on and off for years. Tiff stuck with me, and waited. She always knew she has a rightful place in my life. She held down a job and spent years waiting for me. We finally got married in late 2008...There were no issues throughout Tiff's Visa Journey. Everything went perfectly. Tiff is now a Naturalized Citizen, and has petitioned her siblings to join her here. If we could be of any help to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We also express our sincere thanks to the VisaJourney community for all their technical and moral support.

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  1. Got another covid test. Negative...
  2. You know I think I developed hay fever...
  3. The side effects from the moderna ya ®¥€% idiot!
  4. My wife cannot be relied upon to care for me in sickness...
  5. That second moderna shot is a doozy boy. But for me, it also has a "Viagra" side effect 😄
  6. Little one, back to skool...
  7. This must be "appliance month". I've replaced 1 range, 1 range hood, 1 toaster oven, and now the keurig just crapped out. And I gotta replace the game freezer soon.
  8. 6 days after exposure. My whole family tested negative. And we were in the car with Super hot single milfy for 45 minutes on the day of exposure...
  9. Stretch's light fixture....
  10. Costco kielbasa, is not kielbasa...
  11. It's the pig fat in the kielbasa...
  12. Ok SHSM says she lost her sense of taste now, and is stuffy, with a bad headache...
  13. Man I let the Polish broads in, and they didn't make us sick...
  14. Ok now we've been exposed to covid again by asymptomatic Super hot single milfy. She was here yesterday. Tested positive today. I did get the first covid shot 2 weeks ago. Let's see... Now turtle can't go to skool...
  15. Ok, the ground hog is a jive turkey again...
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