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    Tiff is from Malaysia. She came to NYC in 2001 on a B2 Visa. We met as total strangers in a little hole in the wall coffee shop in Lower Manhattan. And Tiff never went home, overstaying her visa by 7 years. I was the procrastinator, and we dated on and off for years. Tiff stuck with me, and waited. She always knew she has a rightful place in my life. She held down a job and spent years waiting for me. We finally got married in late 2008...There were no issues throughout Tiff's Visa Journey. Everything went perfectly. Tiff is now a Naturalized Citizen, and has petitioned her siblings to join her here. If we could be of any help to you, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We also express our sincere thanks to the VisaJourney community for all their technical and moral support.

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  1. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Chicken fried ferret Ferret stroganoff Moo goo gai ferret Ferret tempura Ferret a la king Hasenpferret Aróz con ferret Etc...
  2. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I found some ferret recipes on the internet...
  3. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I have a second house, you numbut. Just not where I want it...
  4. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Did you eat your weasel yet?
  5. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    It's has 0 recycle value. People are asking 100 bucks on Craigslist for this TV. She probably took it to use. We have New Utrecht ave near by. That's the elevated train (seen in the intro of Welcome Back Kotter and Saturday night fever) Lots of apartments that are noisy, large illegal population there, the TV is probably there...
  6. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Oh man I have a lot of TVs in the house... The kids like to watch YouTube on the iPads because they can control it better.
  7. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I wanna get a house with a home theatre, like those basketball player guys have... But the thing is, we hardly ever watch TV. My wife is playing the old retro Nintendo NES (I got it at the Amazon store in Herald square over the summer remember?) on the new TV...
  8. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Yeah hopefully it's nothing serious
  9. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    TVs are like worthless this season...
  10. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    Oh they had the 65" models dirt cheap too, but it was just too big. I'd have to buy a new house to go with it..
  11. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I hope she's ok...
  12. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    It was one of those LCD projections. It was a great TV. But I couldn't resist three 350 dollar price tag on an LG 4k 55" LED...
  13. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    I had this old 50" DCLP Sony TV. It's a fairly bulky LCD projection. Weights about 80 lbs? Anyway it's huge...It's in great condition and hardly ever used. I replaced it with a new 55". So I taped a note to the old one that said the TV is fully functional, taped the remote to it. And left it out on the curb. 1 AM, a Hispanic woman with ox-like strength turns into the Hulk and picks it up like nothing, stuffs the thing into the trunk of a car (I dunno how), and drives off happily... I shoulda left a note that reads "come back in a few days for the stand"
  14. SAT

    Put On Your Big-Boy Rants

    You're allergic to the allergy medicine. And, we don't wanna see your rash, ew...