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  1. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    15 years ago I paid $545/month for a no frills 1 BR apartment overlooking the Puget Sound. I checked it online and today it rents for $1850/month. Looks like they upgraded the kitchen cabinets and appliances. Woo hoo. Almost all rents have tripled in the last 10-15 years. That might sound like hyperbole but you can look it up. I doubt seriously that either NYC or SF can claim that kind of inflation. It's not all Amazon's fault but even where it's city politican's fault, it's often because they're kissing the posterior of Amazon and feel they have no choice, even though they do. I don't know what kind of tax breaks have been given Amazon in Seattle but it wouldn't surprise me if it was a slow moving total of $2 billion. And what does Seattle get for it? Death march paced traffic with only a skeletal construction of mass transportation network. Meanwhile the skyline looks terrible and the city gets less livable every day. NYC residents love to complain. And I get it. It's part of your cultural identity. Has there ever been a popular NYC mayor, I mean ever? Lindsay, Koch, Dinkins, Guiliani, Bloomberg, the current guy (I might have missed a couple)? When you're trying to please 20 million people you're going to fail.
  2. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    For anyone humping for an Amazon HQ's in their city, they should visit the slow moving disaster Seattle has become over the last 10 years. Full disclosure: I left Seattle (24 yr resident) in 2011 and returned several times since on visits. Bottom line, these tech companies don't want to locate in the sticks or in some 2nd or 3rd rate city. They want all the culture and none of the taxes associated with 1st rate cities. It's the same thing with sports stadiums. These are all lousy deals. Call the bluff on these tech companies and sports teams. Until we do, these blackmail (kompromat) moves will continue forever.
  3. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Married La Colombiana one week after V-day so we just combine the two celebrations. It's also nice that Santa Fe restaurant week always falls the week after v-day on our anniversary date so we get a nice dinner at a better price than the rubes who go out on the 14th. It's rumored that Santa Fe has almost 400 restaurants for a city of 80,000 people, so there's lots to choose from.
  4. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Don't know all the details yet. LC thinks it's pretty funny. I'm thinking of texting my buddy who moved to Indianapolis last year because we fixed him up with this chick about 18 months ago.
  5. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Wow, one of La Colombiana's friends just revealed she has a 2 month old baby. I know I saw her a few times last year and LC saw her a whole lot more. Don't know how we could have missed an entire nine month pregnancy. lol
  6. Personally, if I were either one of you, I would just wait one more year to avoid any legal hassles. What's another year of waiting on a lifetime relationship, assuming neither of you have any serious life threatening illnesses. Sorry, I have no advice on how to legally effect this. EDIT: Here's a thread that talks about parental consent for marrying someone under 18.
  7. I'm pretty sure that many of the people (at least two of them but probably more) giving you advice in this thread are, indeed, lawyers and some even work in the field of immigration. EDIT: one more thing... people here are rooting for you. They're giving you the best advice they can in order to maximize your potential for success.
  8. Here's the thread for N400 Dallas filers. You should get a better sense of how long it will take from reading all of the replies to this thread. Good luck. N400 Dallas filers
  9. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Santa Fe's median price of a home finally rose above the previous high from 2007. Like Nevada and Florida, there were and still are a lot of second homes around here. People like the summer weather, mid-80's and no humidity.
  10. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    In the Midwest bargains could be had way into 2011. A co-worker of mine in Dubuque Iowa, at the time, bought a fairly large fixer upper on the edge of DT amidst a bunch of old stately victorians. After all of the state and local incentives for buying such a house were added in, the guy bought it for $40,000 with a loan that was like 3% interest. The house probably can't be sold for as much profit as the Orlando houses you're talking about, but still... he bought it for roughly half of his annual salary (70k).
  11. This aligns with my wife's experience with a CR1 visa from the Colombia embassy 5 yrs ago. In the case of a CR1 visa, it's "Packet 4" and instead of sending any kind of package, they send an email and long attached letter with all of the directions. The subject included the letters "P4" which I believe is short for packet 4. They sent this email/letter exactly one month before her interview. Good luck.
  12. I don't know much about the i360 application but if you're proceeding forward to NVC with an approved i130, who is going to submit an Affidavit of Support on your behalf? That's an absolute requirement at this stage of a CR1 process. Perhaps that is why it's better to convert the application to the i360 at this point in time. I'm sure others more knowledgeable than me will advise you better. My condolences for your loss.
  13. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Reminds me of a road sign from a seller I used to pass on my daily commute: Best Chicks in Santa Fe. Speaking of Santa Fe... I went to a live music show last night and the two bands each performed their own original song entitled "Santa Fe". The weird thing was neither band had roots here. One had been doing their song for 12 years, the other for 6, the latter performing their very first show in Santa Fe last night.
  14. Russ&Caro

    The Glass MenageRant

    Pretty much describes every puppy. If they weren't cute the species would probably die out due to puppycide.
  15. That's why a quit claim deed, as mentioned above, is so attractive. Gets your spouse's name associated with the house for only about $20.