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  1. Your visa becomes an IR visa qualifying for a 10 year green card if you have been married for 2 years from the date of your entrance into the United States. Once the visa is issued, you have 6 months from the date of your medical examination to travel to the US. Attempting to delay the interview is your decision but if she has already had her medical examination it might not make any difference. Most of the time the medical examination occurs near the date of the interview, although in some instances it can occur significantly prior to the interview.
  2. Your case looks pretty straight forward to me, with the caveat you already mentioned about him being from Ghana, a high fraud country. Your multiple visits will help your immigration application a lot. Good luck.
  3. Bankruptcy seems pretty extreme for defaulting on an auto loan. She should seek financial and/ or legal advice before filing for bankruptcy which will affect her and possibly you for years. Probably no effect on immigration if she now has an adequately paid job.
  4. I concur. Your kids will appreciate it some day. I'm a bit of an amateur writer. Had I had kids I would do the autobiography thing and my life isn't half as interesting as yours. That said I did start two businesses in my life and help La Colombia start a part time one. Edit: and don't forget to include the juicy bits involving spousal immigration!
  5. Another thing that occurs to me is that her divorce attorney is likely to place a price tag on what seemed like a free ride in living with her parents, and you will owe a sum for that.
  6. If your wife has racked up big credit card bills during your marriage and you "brought in" 10's of thousands of dollars, then you need a very good divorce attorney. Since these financial situations occurred during the marriage, they could be split during divorce proceedings meaning you'll be on the hook for a sizable amount of her liabilities and she'll be entitled to a good portion of your remaining savings. Were any of her school loans incurred while you have been married? If so, you could on the hook for part of that too. Don't be surprised if this hurts you significantly financially. Even if you took pains to keep your finances separate, that might not matter in divorce court.
  7. I think the member mindthegap was going to file a writ of mandamus on his i-751 case a few months ago. Maybe he'll weigh in on this thread as his case has been pending a long time, too.
  8. As a child over 18, she won't need her father's permission to immigrate. That's the good news. The bad news is that you have less than one year to get it done. Good luck.
  9. At one time, in our office, we had 9 Mikes (no Micahela's) in an office of 90 where half the people were women. And they stretched in age from Millennials to Boomers. The name Mike never seems to go out of fashion. Of course, the same seems to apply to David.
  10. Mini-rant here... Co-workers with a last name that is a common first name. Passing in the hall... awkward pause trying to remember, then, "Hey Paul, I mean George, I mean Paul." Hopefully I never learn his middle name or I'll end up royally confused. When I started work here there was a colleague whose name was William Russell. My first and middle names are Russell William. Fortunately, since the names involved me, it was easy enough to remember who was who.
  11. It was not exactly in my wedding vows but I told my wife before marriage that I was only going to ever do this once. I don't think my psyche is cut out for repeats.
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