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  1. By the way, a question for our resident San Diegans, Dave&Anastasia... any previous experience with Halloween weekend events in San Diego? La Colombiana and I will be there 26th/27th, and we see a lot of events from pub crawls, to spendy dj events, and all the way up to a Halloween Yacht party with a wide range of ticket prices from $25 beer tasting event to $109 for the yacht party. No biggie if you don't have any recommendations. LC will probably choose whichever one that appeals to her best.
  2. This reminds me of a question I've always wanted to ask... where exactly is the middle of nowhere and is it much different than the beginning or end of nowhere? I suspect it's actually somewhere in Texas, or maybe all of Texas.
  3. Congrats! When I was working for a big IT contractor whose name starts with I and ends with M, I was constantly applying for positions in SE Asia, so I understand the attraction for you. I never got an offer. I'm happy that you did.
  4. Sounds like you don't need chop sticks after all.
  5. I would contact local city administration from wherever you are considering getting married within Colombia. They should be able to answer questions about requirements of marriage. And it's well reported here in VJ that you can get married anywhere in the world and apply for immigration benefits from another place in the world and your marriage is still legal from that other place. So marrying in Colombia should have no adverse effect on applying for immigration benefits from Venezuela.
  6. I think Steve is going to respond to this, especially the mobile home part. This is a plan I'd go for but I'm not 100% sure La Colombiana would accept it. Anyway, I hope you don't have to put too much money into your current house to sell it. Good luck.
  7. I married a citizen of Colombia in Colombia. I think I have an idea about what you're saying in regards to paperwork but I didn't think it was too burdensome. My wife had to go back and forth to some administration offices a couple of times to register the marriage and get a copy of the certificate. One nice thing about the experience was she was able to do all the marriage paperwork in her home town of Palmira instead of having to travel to another city. The immigration process had to be all done through Bogota which was more logistically difficult. Are you thinking of her moving to Colombia and doing the immigration process through Bogota, or merely getting married in Colombia? Because I don't deem the latter to be all that much of a problem. I'm a big proponent of going the CR1/IR1 route as it worked out ideal for us, despite the extra months of waiting. However, in your situation where your wife is in Venezuela, I would probably think seriously of a K1 so that she can get out of the country as soon as possible. You might search threads here, or browse threads in the Latin America sub-forum to see what others did when filing from Venezuela.
  8. The 2 weeks in 6 months out cycle is not a thing recognized by USCIS. Not sure where you heard this is an acceptable thing to do but it does nothing to ensure your green card remains valid. Considering how long you've been out of the country and your future plans to continue to be out of the country, you should probably plan on surrendering your green card and starting the process over once you're ready to move permanently.
  9. I'm pleasantly surprised that my current boss has exceeded my initial expectations of him. It was one of those deals where he ticks some of the boxes on the potential to be a bad boss. Big ego - check Short (possible Napoleon complex) - check Career ladder climber - check But he's turned out to really support me in ways that I appreciate. Number one, he has my back with the vendors I have to manage (contracts from 100k to 40m). Some of them do end runs around me when they don't like various communications from me. The boss never undercuts me in those situations. Two, although he has a reputation of being inflexible, he comes to me to ask my ideas on various tactics and strategies. Finally, he works his ### off. No one in the organization works harder. I can truly say that I'm happier at this point in my life than at times in the past. Not having the stress of a bad boss is playing a part.
  10. Have you checked out this forum? It's dedicated to people who have applied for citizenship, whose office is Seattle. The latest post is by a person who just received an interview who filed in May 2019, one month after you did. So perhaps you'll get an interview notice soon.
  11. I have heard the Seattle office is backlogged but this seems way too long. I would set up an appointment to talk with someone at the Seattle office. They're the ones who are handling your cases.
  12. I have no idea what this means, although I do remember the acronym CCCP being used for the Soviet Union so maybe it's something nefarious.
  13. One could always try to book trans-atlantic passage on a ship if flights aren't available.
  14. It's a faux lederhosen outfit, thrown together by some quick purchases, i.e. shorts, suspenders, etc.
  15. Not going to bother catching up with this thread, being gone for the last 9 days. Had a nice visit to the French Alps where my sister and children live and work. My niece got married to a decent Aussie chap. Had to be the best/most fun wedding I ever attended. The young un's today know how to have fun. My one brother talked my other brother and I into dressing up as lederhosen wearing dorks. This is the result. First time in a pork pie hat. Y'all will have to guess which one is me.
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