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  1. This is a worrisome read for sure. I feel your frustration concern and pain, this should not be that complicated. I would keep calling and get your Congress person involved. I would readresse the Ombudsman and highlight your earlier contact and the response time you were advised.. we got married in March 2020 and submitted our application to adjusted Status in April 2020 - i really hope this is not the standard timeline we will experience.. All the best luck - also here from California
  2. furlough-notices-hand-citizenship-and-immigration-employees-look-new-jobs I guess this will have a significant impact on the processing time for all of us.
  3. I opened it with my passport and my application note from SSN office - as I recall i also got an income statement and other bank statement as well as sent over from my foreign account as well as a letter from my former foreign employer. . CHASE have a wide list of documentation you can select from..
  4. Chase is a good starting point. Yes I am afraid that it takes time before the various systems utilizing your SSN are updated with your details.. so it may not be recogniced as stated the first 3 to 5 months/// i was surpriced when i heard this/ but nothing can be done about it.. Chase let me open a bank account on the day/ i just had to update my SSN details later when received...
  5. i agree- i also think you need to be pragmatic- what are you hoping to acheive from fighting this issue... I personally believe you are better off spending your energy on submitting the form 944 as it was requested.
  6. https://www.uscis.gov/archive/blog/2012/06/national-benefits-center-what-it-is-and The National Benefits Center: What It Is and What It Does Release Date: June 5, 2012 We have noticed that there is some confusion out there about what our National Benefits Center (NBC) is and what it does. The NBC serves a unique role within our organization as part of the Field Operations Directorate. The NBC was founded in 2001 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and was originally called the Missouri Service Center (which is why receipt notices from the NBC will begin with the letters “MSC”). The NBC’s primary mission is to prepare applications for adjudication that require an interview at a USCIS Field Office. A lot goes into preparing an application including conducting background and security checks and reviewing the evidence an applicant submits to support their eligibility for the benefit. The NBC’s largest workload is Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, and Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. These two applications will reach well over a million cases in Fiscal Year 2012. In the Form I-485 process, an applicant must provide all initial evidence, before the applicant can be scheduled for interview. If evidence is missing, the NBC will issue a Request for Evidence (RFE). An RFE places a hold on the I-485 application, as well as the associated applications filed with the I-485 application (for example, Form I-130, Form I-765, Form I-131), until the NBC receives the missing initial evidence. Missing evidence will not delay the processing of an N-400 application at the NBC. However, if the missing evidence is not provided at the time of interview in the Field Office, the adjudication of the application may be delayed or the application may be denied. Processing times of the Form I-485 and Form N-400 applications are determined by each Field Office, not the NBC, since final adjudication is not conducted at the NBC
  7. this is quite normal- i was - like you- worried - i wrote lockbox support an email a month ago but still have not received a reply- however in the meantime i did receive the NOA notifications by text and mail. about a month after the application was received - wait until the beginning of June - you should hear something before then..
  8. Sent AOS 7 April received by Chicago Lockbox 10 April receipt notice issued 11th & 12th may 2020
  9. call USCIS and ask - i got the text 4 days after payment processing - the hardcopy about a week later.
  10. @PatSquared Case Returned to Agency” - wondering if that means that things were settled. I had to chase up for several weeks- there was discrepancies between I 94 data and it took a few weeks before being sorted out. despite 5 x “Case Returned to Agency” the Social secutity office could not see the correct data in their internal system .. it was frustrating - but it sorted itself out within a month or so.
  11. any admin that can help - i have submitted a email request to you ? i have updated the datafield with a date 2020-04-15 instead - this does the trick but will sqew the important statistics
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