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  1. I'm sure you did, but did you attach the G-1445 form? We got our receipt notice on a Friday and our check was cashed Monday next week.
  2. No, no, you don't even have to call anybody. This is the website: https://www.uscis.gov/tools/meet-emma-our-virtual-assistant
  3. You should talk to Emma on Monday, the USCIS virtual assistant, and type "live agent". She will connect you with someone who'll ask you questions about your case, then you can ask her for your access code. I did that yesterday and was able to reschedule my biometrics appointment to an earlier date.
  4. How long did it take for your case to go from "Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Sent" to "Biometrics appointment scheduled"?
  5. We just got our receipt notice 8 days after our package was delivered.
  6. We filed our AoS package March 25th, and it was delivered March 28th. No response yet.
  7. Out of curiosity, where in Michigan are you moving to? I'm moving to Detroit in one month!
  8. Hi guys, I had my medical appointment yesterday morning and I submitted my paperwork to the embassy afterward. They specifically asked for the I-134 form, my fiance's tax transcript, and a few other documents. However, I did not realize I needed to submit her pay stubs with the I-134 and not just her IRS transcript (which we included with a note about her 2022 IRS transcript not reflecting her total annual income). I had everything with me, but the thing is that when she asked for specific evidence (I didn't really understand what she was referring to) I just started turning the pages of my folder and when she saw her IRS transcript she pointed at it and said that that should be enough, so I handed her the files (and I didn't know it wasn't enough). Do you think I will be able to submit the rest of the paperwork at my interview date (January 30)? Or do you think I should try to contact the embassy to let them know that some paperwork is missing? Thank you so much, my girlfriend is worried we will get rejected.
  9. Yes, that's true. We just don't want to wait unnecessarily one more month since the process itself is already draining enough, but perhaps it would be wise to just be patient (again). Thank you for your answer.
  10. Hi guys. I want to know your opinion about something. So, after our visa was finally approved in August, now we have to make an appointment at the Embassy. Yesterday they released new dates and they're all for December. Problem is I'm flying to the US to see my fiancé on December 20st, so my appointment at the Embassy must take place after that, ideally in January, when I'm back. On the other hand, you can't schedule a medical appointment before making an appointment at the Embassy. Would it be too impudent of us to make an appointment at the Embassy for December with the intention of rescheduling it? Otherwise, we will have to wait at least two more months and have our medical appointment in January and interview in February, provided there's dates. Our biggest fear is that they don't actually release dates every month and we have to wait even longer. Thank you very much.
  11. PM me your phone number and I'll add you, though that group is pretty dead!
  12. Was it an issue for her to make an appointment at the embassy? So far for me it's been impossible, I wonder if the dates are available only certain days of the month (Madrid embassy in my case).
  13. Thank you so much for you reply! Mid-Jan is also what we're aiming for as I'm visiting my fiancé in December. I'm going to follow your timeline to stay up-to-date. And no! I wish I was in that group, are you in it?
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