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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Brian1967## in Reporting Fraud to USCIS   
    Well I thought I would start this topic it is something new and I want to tell folks there is are several different way to report fraud to USCIS. In my long road over the past several months I have some information I wanted to pass on.
    If the USC spouse thinks they are a victim of marriage fraud or their immigrant spouse entered into a shame marriage for the sole purpose of gaining immigration benefits. Please make a info pass appointment, when you arrive ask to speak to the on duty FDNS officer.
    FDNS.......Fraud Detection & National Security Directorate. This is the Department within USCIS that will investigate individual marriage fraud/ visa fraud cases/ false VAWA claims.
    This department is within USCIS, that several years ago was "upgraded" to the directorate level in order to combat small scale fraud within the system, the FDNS does not conduct interviews for green cards, that is for the IO's in each office, what FDNS will do is work with the IO's and ICE and any DHS officers and local law enforcement. To give you a hint how overwhelmed the system is the are three officers assigned to the South Texas Area ( this line is from Del Rio all the way to Houston almost) these officers function with a crushing workload . They will come down and listen to what you have to say and take notes.
    Please note do not waste people's time with a bitterness and just go in there and vent...take PROOF, from a outside source or from the police or a court official, something someone can pick up the phone and confirm.
    After you see this officer, they either will or will not have a investigation, you will never know, if proof is provided they will look into it. Also, to some folks it is like I told them why will they not come and get my ex spouse and send her home? There is not a immigrant bus that runs around and knocks on doors and the USCIS driver says "Okay, time to go home" It can take up to a year to deport/remove your immigrant ex-spouse (with appeals).
    Also do not call back and ask for a update according to the Privacy Act of 1974 they are not allowed to discuss your ex spouses case with you, her green card is not between you, her and the government it is between her and the government, it is the immigrant's green card.
    A bad or rough marriage that is terminated does not mean you are a victim of fraud, it means there was a bad marriage, USC's please ALWAYS think, your spouse is under a horrible amount of strain, make new friends, no family, maybe lost expectations, twisted thinking, and to top it all off you are fighting with the person you depend on for support, PLEASE I ask all USC's if your marriage is in trouble or a divorce is filed please, get to a marriage consular ASAP. (if they will go) (even if your spouse is cheating the marriage can still be saved in my thoughts).
    Reporting a false VAWA claim or blocking a false VAWA claim is very hard but can be done. Once again you must have proof. If there is a police report written that shows you the USC as the aggressive party more than likely there is a claim. Always remember there is many different kinds of abuse out there some immigrant spouse's here have been victims of physical abuse, and there is just cause for the claim, some it is mental abuse or emotional abuse. Please, note to any USC that files with USCIS to block these claims they are not criminal complaints against you, it is a administrative process, if it was criminal you could face the accuser in a court of law (this is a constitutional right), which is why USCIS makes this administrative in nature. I am sure there are many spouses that will back up the claim a VAWA process is not easy and it takes a LONG time to do and the immigrant is in "limbo", is the system abused...yes but claims take so long to adjudicate that VAWA IO's look for ANY proof of fraud or a false claim, I think most of the lady's on VAWA part 4 will say almost all of them get some kind of RFE. IMHO some of the women are abused simply because their USC spouse does not want to get them a green card to keep control (USC please, even of the marriage is rough, get the green card, your immigrant spouse should be allowed a stable safe environment to live and not having a green card could be very scary).
    I urge and USC's that are filing this type of claim to be very careful and do not act out of emotion and look long and hard over the course of your marriage and think to decide weather you have been "duped". Do some immigrants come here and abuse the system...yes are they caught? sometimes yes and sometimes no.
    An example I use to work in a bar where a lot of IO's used to come in and relax, there was a story I overheard them talking about, A lady from Russia moved here 18 years ago and recently was just sent back to Russia, why? Fraud at the inception of marriage for the purpose to gain immigration benefits, she was put in jail and put on the next full plane back to Russia. 18 years well it took awhile and it is not like I heard the story you could hear the whispers around the table. The system works
    Also I ask if you know of any human smuggling or any time of activity that involves human trafficking to notify ICE ASAP, call you local office or 1 866 DHS 2 ICE. Help stop this from happening.
    One last thing USC's the chances of being taken to federal court under the I864 are very small, this form is used in a few states as a bar for spousal support. But always remember it takes a special degree or permit to practice law on the federal level, one case out of Florida Federal Court (Winters v Winters) rejected the federal case stating that these type of cases belong on the state court level.
    I hope this is helpful to people:)
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Merrytooth in Fradulent husband married for a visa   
    Read this post:
    Time to stand up for yourself, remove yourself from the bad situation.
    If your family doesn't support/understand you, find someone like your close friends, schoolmates to lean on.
    Divorce is not the biggest embarrassment. You have every right to be happy.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to jdseidel in Don't want to marry her anymore!   
    I just sent an email to the Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate at the DHS regarding this topic. Good luck to you.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to John&Thatyana in URGENT!!! For all the BRAZILIANs!   
    House panel approves homeland bill, bars Brazilian immigrants

    The House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday approved a 2014 Homeland Security funding bill with a bipartisan voice vote. The bill is expected on the House floor in June.
    In a surprise development, the committee approved an amendment from Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), which would effectively end immigration from Brazil.

    The provision was included in order to pressure Brazil to extradite Brazilian-born Claudia Hoerig to the United States for trial in the murder of her husband, Air Force Major Karl Hoerig. The Ryan amendment does not affect travel visas or visas for temporary workers, an aide said
    It was passed despite urgings from Homeland subcommittee Chairman John Carter (R-Texas) and ranking member David Price (D-N.C.) that it would have far-reaching implications. The text of the amendment withholds all funding from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to process any immigration visa request for a Brazilian national.

    This amendment—which was adopted by voice vote—restricts U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) funds from being used to approve citizen-sponsored (I-130) petitions, employee-sponsored (I-140), and any other immigrant visa petition subject to USCIS approval submitted by or for a Brazilian national or citizen.
    So... should all of us Pay for somebody crimes? Lets stand guys , write to this guy on his FB https://www.facebook.com/timryan/posts/10151595633142866?comment_id=26694002&notif_t=like
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to actob99 in November 2012 AOS Filers   
    Testing and interview notification today...
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to kambingaso in OMG! Post Decision Activity! Please, Lord, good news?   
    Thanks, everyone. Mahalo! However, I'm still on edge, because of the phrasing/wording and inclusion of the denial part. There was no highlighted part that said Referral for Evidence, so I'm hoping for the best! I'm slowly letting my guard down, and hoping and praying that we do have our NOA2! Woohoo!
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to NikLR in I 130 denied Appeal or re apply   
    Quality over quantity.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Love's JAA in I Cannot Believe It!!   
    That's nice to hear coming from someone who had their petition approved in two months, and the visa in hand, in a total of five months.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to I & B in I Cannot Believe It!!   
    I really hate this type of condescending nonsense. If you think the USCIS's service is adequate because you happen to be friends with one of the numb skulls that runs a service center, then fine. Great for you. But to pretend like you better know how much preparation someone else has done or needs to do is just ridiculous.
    Your friend is an integral part of a horribly managed system that causes a lot of unnecessary grief and confusion for the people who have no choice but to avail themselves of it. And a lot of those people are going to continue to demand better of that system, whether you or your friend like it or not. Just because he sat down and had drinks with you and told you "how it is" doesn't mean we have to accept the way he or others in the USCIS are mismanaging the system we depend upon.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to I & B in CSC I-129F Processing Delay Calculator...   
    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell your Congressman or Senator exactly how many days you can expect your petition to be delayed according to the USCIS's own published figures on the CSC slowdown? Well, now you can!
    In part of my never ending quest to get to analyze the USCIS's published data and interpret it in meaningful ways, I have created a spreadsheet that can calculate one's expected NOA2 date based on seven different hypothetical scenarios. I believe this is a very useful tool for those who are working with congressional offices, as I recommended in my previous post. Though the hypothetical scenarios are somewhat crude, they should give you a sense of why we need to fight to get the CSC back-on-track in terms of processing I-129Fs.
    1. Download the excel spreadsheet I have prepared here. (Note: this spreadsheet also includes all the data I prepared for my CSC data analysis thread)
    2. Make sure it is open to the "projected delays" tab.
    3. Enter the date of your NOA1 in the yellow box at the top. (Note: this will only work through NOA1s issued through December, 2012)
    4. Look in awe at the potentially catastrophic effects on our petitions if this slowdown continues.
    How It Works:
    I've left all of my calculations plainly visible for those who are interested. But for those who do not want to reverse engineer it, the spreadsheet works as follows: It simply takes the date you input and assumes that your petition submitted on that date will be completed once all other applications still pending at the time of your submission have been completed. For each of the seven scenarios provided, it then counts down completions per day (using the USCIS's published rates through January, 2013 and then my hypothetical rates thereafter) until the app has been completed and then reports the completion dates to the top grid for your viewing pleasure.
    1. This spreadsheet assumes that, on average, petitions will be processed serially in the order they are received. Obviously that assumption still leaves room for error with any individual petition, so the date provided is a rough estimate.
    2. For simplicity's sake, this spreadsheet does not distinguish between weekends and weekdays as far as the service center's completions per day is concerned. This shouldn't drastically effect the estimated completion date, but it may slightly (+/- 2-3 days) in certain cases.
    3. The estimated completion scenarios are deliberately crude. They start by assuming that the 537 completions per month rate of January 2013 continued through February and March (in truth, I suspect the February and March rates were likely even lower based on Igor's list data, but I'm using only published data for the spreadsheet). They then assume a flat rate (either the median or fast rate) begins at the specified month and continues indefinitely without change. For now, they do not try to capture the undulating nature of the processing rates over time (though I will have an updated version that does so in the near future); rather, they just provide baselines for worst-case, best-case, and middle-ground scenarios.
    4. I'm not perfect and there may be errors somewhere in there. I didn't test every date myself. Please report any errors you find.
    5. Note that some July filers may see that they should have been processed by now according to the worst-case scenario data. Yes, I know. That's not an error. It just means that February and March completion rates were likely much worse than we know as of yet and that even the worst case scenarios here are optimistic in a sense.
    My next project will be to make some graphs that extrapolate these calculations to truly show the devastating effect of the slowdown on the expected completion dates of those who filed in the fall. So if you find any mistakes in this version, please let me know before I build upon it further.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to TBoneTX in longest NOA2 wait time ever?   
    *** Thread moved from K-1 Process forum to the Case Progress subforum. ***
    (Organizer hat off)
    No one here had a rougher experience than the member Sara, a true sweetheart who's still active on VJ. Her file was lost or misplaced for over two years. She pursued channels with dogged patience, finally reached a breaking point, and at last the NOA2 showed up. Sadly, by that time, her fiance had lost patience with the wait, and the relationship ended.
    The epitome of classiness is how Sara handled every joyous VJ post of "We got the NOA2!" In every instance, she posted a sincere response of congratulations without one breath of self-pity, although her heart must have been breaking several times over.
    Perhaps Sara will visit this thread and help to put your own waits into a different perspective by telling her story.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to N-o-l-a in I 131 (AP) approved but not received yet!! (Over 30 days)   
    That would be your AP
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Jtanya991 in I 131 (AP) approved but not received yet!! (Over 30 days)   
    Alright! I'm smiling now! Thank you so much for all the answers! It's super helpful for me I'm so lucky to have u guys here
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Darnell in Help! K-1 Visa Taking too Long   
    USCIS error is cause for expedite, for I-129F approvals -
    so keep that in mind as yer talking with a USCIS Tier 2 Human, an ISO, today.
    Go Get Em !
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to manitou64st in what visa should we get   
    I definitely want to know her better as does she. We are good friends already but feelings have been building. I just want to get some info about this before we let our feeling escalate. We both would hate to fall in love with someone we could never actual be with. But the feelings are definitely there. We want to take this slow just to make sure this is what we both want. Being in love with someone so far isn't easy lots of obsticles. But im will to make it work. If you want something bad enough you gonna get it.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Cathi in what visa should we get   
    once a petition is filed she can apply for a visitor visa. But she must prove very strong ties to her home country in order to get a visitor visa, IE: a full time job, owing property, family to go back to. they want to make sure she doesn;t come here on a visitor visa stay and adjust status. A visitor visa is not always easy to get, especially with a pending visa petition or application
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to apple21 in Mom is a green card holder but have over stayed in Nigeria   
    Yes, that's true. If a green card holder remains outside of the US for 1 year or more, without re-entry permit, they will lose their LPR status.
    Your mom will have to apply for a Returning Resident Visa at the US Embassy in your country, even if she still has a valid GC.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Penny Lane in OMG Made a clerical error on I-129F petition :(   
    Don't worry about it. This won't be an issue. Mention it later on at the interview if you'd like, but this alone won't stop you from getting your initial petition approved.
    Calling USCIS will not do anything. The OP has no need to reapply or pay any fee again. This isn't a big deal at all. No need to try and scare people.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to YpsiFella in Don't Know the Right Thing To Do .... Approved Today   
    I have agonized tonight about whether to even post this but I honestly want people to be encouraged. I know how ridiculous that sounds to those people who are out here helping others every day and yet still wait for their approvals. My heart bleeds for each and every one of you and I pray for all of you to be blessed with approvals quickly. I have been using visajourney a long time (this will be my second GC)and knowledge, experience and encouragement is the most and the best we have to offer each other.
    My wife and I (she is USC) have been married ten years. I had the GC before but we moved back to Canada where we live now. Yes we filed from Canada. We got our NOA1 on January 14 and were sent to NBC. Got the e-mail late this afternoon and it is on the website also. We have been approved after - compared to what so many of you have been through - an insanely short time (32 days). I will say right now that if I were in your shoes and had been waiting 5...6...7.. or more months I would be furious. But I still wanted to let you know. You are the only people we have to share this with - and as it turns out my wife is today in the US visiting family so we weren't together when we got the word. Praise God for our blessing and I pray to God for yours.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to RANNK1 in everyone please update your timelines adter you ger your approvals   
    Everyone please update your timeline after your approval!!!!! Thanks
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to little_dreamer in Our LONG and painful journey!!   
    My first post~~ But im not new, I have lurked this site for almost a year!! <3
    Here I am today!! ONE YEAR TO THE DAY (almost) since we started our I-485 journey for my husband! I am proud to say that today we got APPPRRRROOOOVVVVEEEEDDDDDDD!!! <3
    So in January of last year we sent in our I-485/I-130 packet. Shortly after we received a letter asking for more evidence as well as a sponsor. Well I sent in more evidence but didn't ask anyone to help sponsor us, I thought sending in my pay stubs and taxes it would be enough....was I wrong! About a month later we received a denial notice. At this point my husband and I have FREAKED out. We had 40 days to appeal. Immediately we hired a lawyer...after paying 1600 (including the fee for the appeal I-290B) everything was sent off end of July. I was discouraged because I read/heard it could take up to 2 years for them to approve or deny the appeal and I felt bad because I messed up...I could have just gotten a sponsor but i was too hot headed to ask anyone for help.
    Well it only took 2 months for us to get a decision on our appeal---- Approved YAY-- so about a couple weeks after that we got the work permit (EAD) and got his SSN......then our interview date was sent.....our nail biting and stress was a little at ease at this point.
    Well our Interview was end of Nov--we get there at 6:45am since we were scheduled at 7:30am...we waited for our office to open, exited to finally be in the last stages.......well.....we were called in and my poor hubby (who speaks English VERY WELL) was asked a hard question--If he was going to commit espionage in the U.S....and he choked he didnt know what espionage meant (not that we ever used that word haha so I wasnt surprised he didnt know that one) and answered that he didnt understand....so the officer stopped us right there and told us that he cant interview us without a translator > GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! BUT HE SPEAKS GREAT ENGLISH JUST REPHRASE THE QUESTION....ok whatever fine...
    So we waited and waited and finally we got a second interview date--- LAST WEEK--
    So here we were again-- we hired a translator ($300 btw) and she met us there at our interview...same time. Well this time we had a different officer...she was really nice but very stern at the same time. She started off with different questions then the guy which hubby answered easily. She asked us the normal questions pertaining to our packet (btw that thing was 4 inches thick at that point) and asked him my birth date and asked me his birth date....then she asked to see our scrap book (that I put my heart and soul in!! It looked amazing!!) She looked at all our pictures from our Cali/Disney vacation, to our New York vacation to our Las Vegas vacation hahaha-- and she noted that I was very creative and my scrap book looked amazing then asked us which vacation was our favorite we both said New York....and that was it----- and we didnt even need the translator (but she was a sweetheart and really nice) even the Officer said that we didnt need to get a translator but she understood the reason why it had to happen...due to just one question.....well she told us 'Give me a few days to review and I will send you a notice in the mail of my decission' Ahhhhhhhhhh....NO MORE WAITING PLEASE....the stresssss the stressss.......here i was again looking online at stories and outcomes since we didnt have an answer right away and I was freaking out as usuall-- seeing that if they take the I-94 its a good sign (since she took that but not the passport) and seeing how many people got approved on the spot or had to wait........one week of this.........well today we checked online and saw we were APPPRRROOVED...after dancng around a bit and calling everyone we know.... I am one happpppyyyyyy wifey to one happy hubby....now to plan our BIG VACATION to Morocco <3 <3 <3 Hopefully in May....no later then June we will be going to my favorite country in the world again--where this all began in the first place....
    So I hope my story will encourage other or show that even with hiccups in the road it will all get done eventually!! Took us From January 12' to January 13' (longer then most) but its all over for now...
    Oh and BTW--- our I-130 has been pending for ever-- never got approved or denied...lol I was told they approve that after the interview sometimes....if not done earlier.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to KayDeeCee in I GOT MARRIED TODAY 12TH JAN 2013 :)   
    SSN: http://www.visajourney.com/content/ssn
    AOS: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to Tygrys in New SSN   
    You need either EAD or GC to remove this. Based on your timeline, your EAD should be coming shortly...
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to MAGGY@SANDI in k-1 petition approved 14 days.   
    Aprovedd Vermont in 14 days. God is good have faith every oneeeeeee. Best. Christmas gift ever.. now what?? Lol didnt expect it so soon.
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    Paula&Anthony reacted to vkhutchings in Vermont I-129F Processing Times   
    Hi all,
    Have been silently reading posts on here for a little while now and have found the information people have provided really useful - so a big thank you to you all for sharing your experiences!!
    I received an email today (20 Dec) that prompted me to sign up and give a little back. My American fiance sent off our I-129F on the 9th November, and we received our NOA1 at the end of the following week. The NOA1 provided the usual tracking number - but for a good two weeks or so when we entered that number in the USCIS website it said the case could not be found. We emailed USCIS to query this but didn't hear anything back.
    In the meantime our case started showing up and we're in the "Initial Review" stage [incidentally we also have that message a few people on here have mentioned recently "On November 26, 2012, your Alien Registration Number was changed relating to your I129F, PETITION FOR FIANCE(E)....", which got our hopes up a little just as it has for so many others!]
    FINALLY, today we heard back from our original email to USCIS saying there had been a glitch on their website and that's why our case hadn't been showing up; but the thing that is useful for others here is the following info:
    "We understand the concern that caused you to write. After careful
    review of your email and with the information you provided, USCIS
    records show that the Form I-129F petition is still pending with the
    Vermont Service Center. The Vermont Service Center is currently
    processing Form I-129F petitions that were received on or before May
    28, 2012. The filing date/priority date for your case is November 16,
    2012. Therefore, your case is still within the normal processing time
    of other cases of this type at this office."
    So I think it's fairly safe to say that the message regarding the Alien Reg. number is just usual protocol, and that sadly we're all still going to be waiting the usual 5-6 months for the I-129Fs to process. Roll on April/May for me!!
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