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  1. Immigrant intent is most likely the reason why. On the DS160, did you answer YES on the part that asks: has anyone filed an immigrant petition on your behalf??
  2. Something is off with your case. You should receive a case complete email when NVC has reviewed your docs. All this happens (normally) before your PD becomes current. Once current, they send the interview letter.
  3. You might want to click on my signature below for my parents b2 application experience. Although they were from the Philippines, I believe the sample questions I posted may be helpful. Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. From start to finish, more or less a year. Is your son a US citizen?
  5. They can certainly try again. Getting approved (or denied) for a B2 visa is a combination of different scenarios.
  6. This is true. Depending on where mom lives, Naturalization can take up to 12mos. I'm in LA, filed N400 last Oct 2018 and I just received my N400 interview schedule yesterday! She should file soon regardless.
  7. You officially become a US citizen after the oath taking so your daughter cannot benefit from your Naturalization. She will have to apply for her own N400 after her 18th birthday.
  8. From what state? And if it's still within the timeframe shown on your USCIS account, for them it's still normal processing.
  9. So true. 100%. Nobody here can pinpoint whose going to overstay or not. That's every applicant's decision to make.
  10. Southeast Asia to be exact. My advise is for OP's consideration or not. 😃 He take it or leave it, his choice.
  11. My parents did. I respect your opinion but I stand by my advise. They are still applying for the visa so winning the "heart" of the embassy is the hurdle they have to overcome. I'm sure the initial visit won't be their first and last. They can stay longer for their second visit (within the allowable timeframe ofcourse).
  12. Keep visits short like 2-3 weeks only. Longer stays trigger suspicion. IMO.
  13. How long did they plan to stay in the US as written in the DS160? And how old is your mom?
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