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  1. Okay so today I got my schedule for oath taking for Jan 22nd in LA. These f!@#$%ers approved my interview and gave my sched on same day Jan 7th.... 7 freaking MONTHS after my interview. Just glad that this immigration journey is finally over for me! Tatah!!!
  2. Nothing yet. LA is so screwed up. 😅 I frankly don't give a sh*t anymore.
  3. What he did is correct. Only 1 i130 for his wife. The stepdaughter will benefit from that as a derivative. No need to file another i130 for stepdaughter. During the NVC stage, he will pay the visa for his wife and stepdaughter (2 payments). And when they get the visa, he will pay the immigrant fee for his wife and stepdaughter (2 payments again) before they fly to the USA.
  4. First of all, how old is the stepdaughter or stepson now? And did the parents marry before the child's 18th birthday? Your post is confusing.
  5. Use the desktop version of VJ. If you're using mobile version you won't see my signature.
  6. If you have a qualified JS no need to wait for dad's tax return. Keep in mind, your medical is only valid for 6 months so if that expires, you'll have to do it again and pay another medical fee. Good luck.
  7. If you married before stepson's 18th bday, then yes you can file an i130 for him. He's still below 21yo at this point right? Coz if he's already 21 or up then he's in for a long wait. Adoption for the purpose of immigration is a whole different ball game.
  8. Oooppsss wait... I got confused. Lol. Hubby and 3 kids applied together at the post office. It was the lady who put the package together. She said it's okay that there is only 1 naturalization certificate because the kids are all getting citizenship from their father. However she only included photocopies of the other required docs so we got a letter saying they need the originals. We received 3 letters (for each child) saying they need their original birth certificates and our marriage certificate. It's the MC that we only have 1 original so that's the one that we had to explain in the cover letter that 1 MC for all 3 applications.
  9. Hi. We sent them all in one package with a cover letter stating that only 1 naturalization certificate for the 3 applications. We only have 1 original marriage certificate as well so we also explained that in the letter. Kids were born out of wedlock but legitimated by parents' subsequent marriage. It was my husband who naturalized.
  10. You can update once it's time to fill out the ds260 (NVC stage). Everything is online now. They won't send anything via snail mail to you.
  11. Your father cannot transmit US citizenship to you coz he doesn't meet the required length of residency. If your GF is a US citizen, she can file a K1 fiancee visa for you. It may take a while to get employment authorization thru that. Another option is to marry and she can file i130 CR1 spousal visa. That may take longer but once you enter the US you can start work right away.
  12. It's not unfair. For a b2 there must be no immigrant intent. With a filed i130, immigrant intent is already established. There is always a risk of being turned away by CBP. It's their discretion to let people in or not, having a valid visa is not a guarantee. You don't need a lawyer for that, nothing he can do about it.
  13. They don't really have to since they keep a record of your previous application/s. They just have to compare the new ds160 to the old one and they'll see if there are any changes.
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