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  1. Like others said - no. There has to be a basis to apply for EAD and there is none in your case. Work visa isn't going to work either as the next batch will be given out in October and you have to maintain legal status for that.
  2. kzielu

    Questions Regarding EB2 Visa

    Forget about NIW for an actor.
  3. Bottom line is you keep posting incorrect info. Method of obtaining green card is irrelevant. Length of residence and length of marriage to USC is - as geowrian is trying to tell you.
  4. First question - are you a citizen ? If not, you can't sponsor your parents until you are. Once you are a citizen, you file for your parents visas, they can't come with the intent of adjusting the status. Minor brother has much much longer wait if you petition for him, much shorter if your parents sponsor him after they immigrate but still few years.
  5. You can get insurance at any time, instantly. Just you have to be able to pay for it. There is no public healthcare / insurance like you may have known it from other countries.
  6. I am not sure UK's approach to this but Poland requires its citizens to use PL passport traveling into and out of country (and you are a citizen until your renounce it). I very very rarely fly directly into PL so I go through passport control there (typically either CDG or AMS - so it's not an issue), but when I do - they are picky about using non-PL passport - specifically - they will not let you out if you don't have one (happened many times). Again - I am not familiar with UK laws (and how upcoming Brexit is going to affect that) but I would guess you won't be able to cut off ties until you renounce UK citizenship. Until that happens, it is smart to have a valid passport - IMO.
  7. He's a GC holder, wife seems to be trying to get GC using VAWA (aside from 10 years comment mentioned above). Safe to say he should not be filing I-751 if this is the case...
  8. This is just witholding. He is going to get money back assummed he overpayed once he files his return next year as married however of course he can claim whatever he wants. This is none of employers business after all.
  9. Because he was supposed to registere when he became a resident.
  10. So how do you know how much you're going to owe if you have no clue about so many things ? Regardless of immigration, you're supposed by law to file your taxes. Also - some of your explanations make zero sense. You didn't know your employer offered benefits ? And you didn't ask ??
  11. One little detail - DS-160 if I recall correctly flat out asks about any petitions filed for you - and you will have to submit DS-160 when applying for a tourist visa (beside - of course they will know - like others said).
  12. Roelka - I have _very_ close friend with a degree in criminal justice working now as a prosecutor in one of the OH counties. If you have specific questions, feel free to PM me on either forum...
  13. Pretty much. These are family reunification visas. Nothing to reunite if your mom is back to UK.
  14. Now you have about 7 years wait if you are not married so you basically do nothing. Filing I-485 was complete waste or money - it will be denied.
  15. 180 days from the time your authorized stay expired. You are way beyond 180 days from that time based on what your wrote.