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  1. It is done for a reason. Typically in DV situations abused spouses withdraw charges after a while (for many reasons - not a good place here to explain it) and get themselves in a constant circle of abuse. It is for their own good - which is why I don't quite understand many member's here willingness to help abuser. If he / she did that once, it's going to happen again and it may be or likely will be worse than first time. (have a very close prosecutor friend and hear about cases like this every single day - unfortunately).
  2. Are you also certain you're not going to get placed on AP ? People in Warsaw were, even those applying for B1/B2 in pre-VWP time...
  3. How about facts that it does ? This is typical way idiotic conspiracy theories are spread - "no proof it doesn't exist, therefore it exists".
  4. Doesn't the current (DV2020) lottery require valid passport at the time of application ? Read about it somewhere.
  5. It would have been reasonable (for obvious reason) only if US healthcare had not been a complete scam. Not single one person here should kid themselves this has anything to do with protecting tax payers, this is entirely targeted towards family based immigration and DV immigrants and can effectively (depending on interpretation) kill it without any new immigration laws - which has been a goal of this administration for long time. It is also hysterical to see Trump supporters saying "everyone should have healthcare" while they were blasting Obama for effectively doing exactly that. There is no difference between legal immigrants and US born citizens with no insurance being a burden. Both are just that - a burden.
  6. She would have to file a petition for you first after becoming LPR - as Boiler indicated. Once that goes through and after your PD is current, you can explore the waiver option. That's a couple of years timeline wise.
  7. Your issues isn't even maintaining residency (it is - but it's not the main one) - your main issue is not removing conditions on your green card which ends up with your status being terminated. If you had 10 year green card, you could try to pull off SB-1 (although it would have been extremely unlikely - like others had mentioned - taxes and all other things that you need to do to maintain residency - primarily physical presence of some sort), but since you've had 2 year condition card, your chances are exactly zero.
  8. It means he will get his ESTA deniad - he will have to apply for B2 or immigrant Visa if he chooses to and has basis to do so. https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1097/~/previously-denied-a-visa-or-immigration-benefit
  9. With B2 denial he unfortunately will not ever be eligible to VWP, even if Poland joins to program - sorry to be downer on this. Others above said everything - odds were against you / him in this case - sponsoring him for GC due to his age would be very long so likely they suspected he was trying to circumvent it. Btw - Cleves are very close to where I am, in fact I drove through it (sort of - on 275) yesterday...
  10. Clearly I am not up to date on H-4 EAD requirements. Thanks for correcting.
  11. L-1 is intracompany transferee - so (I assume we're talking about your wife here) she would have to employed right now for at least a year in UK (or elsewhere) for a company bringing her over. If the company offering her a job is entirely US based, then no. You can apply for EAD on H-4 but current administration has been flirting with idea of taking that possibility away - right now it still exists and given your education / experience, you probably have a decent chance. You can look for an employer on your own that would sponsor you for H-1B - given cap for this year has been reached, your earliest opportunity would be next April.
  12. In addition to what others wrote above, there is no way to just "adjust her status" after graduation. No basis for it unless she is sponsored by her sister for which current F4 timeline is completely unrealistic.
  13. OP is a derivative beneficiary of his wife's petition. OP - once you get the stamp in the passport while crossing the border first time after receiving immigrant visa, you will be legal permanent resident. Plastic green card that you will receive later will only be a proof of that, but you will obtain the status while crossing the border / getting your passport stamped and you will be eligible to work in US.
  14. Yeah, yeah, yeah - I love when people overstate how much they could have done if they have their money instead of IRS having them. Any investing is risky and back account literally brings no interest. Setting withholding so you break even at the end for most people (especially in a year when they changed everything up) is tricky. How much interest would you really make from let's say $1000 (which is not a $1000 over a year - it's a $1000 accumulating over the course of a year) ?
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