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  1. So I had leverage over my wife from Gerogia compelling her to pay for our divorce, after I collected screenshots from her two phones showing that she cheated on me. She has already received her two year conditional greencard and work authorization and SS # from around August-October, 2022. I kicked her out of my apartment, she’s never been on the lease and is not on the lease, but she would receive mail here since we’ve been married since August 2021. I’ve since demanded that she change her mailing address, I don’t know if she has. There’s still mail coming here for her as of 11/28/2022, we filed for divorce 11/14/2022. So how can I redraw my sponsorship of her without being held liable? I’m in NYC by the way, and according to the divorce attorney, the divorce will be final in June or July 2023. Also her belongings are still in the apartment, she only took what she could carry when I kicked her out on 11/13/2022.
  2. Hey everyone! Opinions needed. We got out interview just 1 month after our NVC DQ. Obviously this is a lot sooner than anticipated. We had the goal of going solo with our 2021 tax returns as my 2020 wasn't sufficient and our only option for a sponsor he's on a GC which is expired - 2 years tax return with 2020 being the only sufficient poverty guideline wise) We also have a review note from NVC : - This case does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 from a joint sponsor may be submitted. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. We are scheduled for November 15 and need to plan everything asap. 1. If we take TWC (quarterly employment taxes which are also with the IRS) this would help support proof of our 2021 income since we do not yet have w2/returns for 2021 ? 2. Should we just try going with current sponsor option ? 3. Is there even a small chance they will let us go with a 2020 w2 which shows 4 months of full income meeting the poverty guidelines? (Just under 12,000 For the 4 months) 4. If we go for the interview solo with our current situation will they issue a 221g or reschedule us? Is there a small chance they'd let me go if I take the TWC documents (legal tax proof) and recent paystubs + 2020 w2 mentioned above? 5. If they decline how much would it delay us?. Should we just reschedule now? 6. Also we finished medical exam as well, if we go for re schedule. there wont be much time left in medical exam validity. What happens in that case. do I give another medical or what ? Thank you for taking time to read this.
  3. Hello There. I would like to share my IR1 journey so far. I will keep it short and simple. We tried our best to find a joint sponsor to support our case, unfortunately we weren't successful. After much consideration and consultation we finally decided to try our fate with whatever we have in hand. We got married in 2018 and we have 2 kids (my wife + 2 kids all US nationals) 2017- 2018 (my wife was living abroad with me - Saudi Arabia). in 2018 September she went back to the USA so we can start our immigration process, later we got the news that she is pregnant with our 2nd child (birth year 2019) and that same year(2019) we got approval from USCIS and our case was transferred to NVC for further processes. 2019 September she visited me again with the new born baby and we got stuck due to COVID situations all over the world until Mid of 2020. Finally after settling in with the new born & getting back to USA 2020 September she started working and she is earning 2k over the said poverty guideline up to this date. Since she started working in Sep 2020, her 2020-W2 only shows income and deductions for the period of 4 months. (Sep2020 to Dec2020). We have included a self-explanatory letter (stating why we didn't file taxes for the year 18/19) along with 2020 W2(4 months), 1044(4 months). All proofs have been attached such as resident permits for staying outside, birth certificate of our child born in 2019 etc. We have included employment letter & paystubs covering period of (September 2020 to July 2021) Our NVC submission date is 02nd July I would like to know anyone out here in the VJ forum facing a similar situation as me, it will help prepare for what's coming ahead for us. Also I will keep this thread updated for the sake it can help someone in the same boat as me. Thank you for taking time to read this post. Wishing everyone a wonderful day ahead.
  4. Hello! Everyone! I hope everyone is having a good day I'm 21 this year and I would like to sponsor my dad, or get him a green card. From what I understood (roughly translation, from Hokkien) My dad came to America on a working Visa in the 1990's and overstayed it. He just been here ever since. Met my mother here (also an immigrant at the time, had me/brother but she already got her green card years ago and have tried sponsoring him. It's been years and dad just couldn't get a green card, I don't know why) The Chinese Lawyers are just asking for more money and money. Nothing is being done I heard from one of my friends who's marrying someone overseas and he's applying a Parole in Place for His wife. I looked up Parole in Place and I could use it for my dad? In Order to get Parole in place I have to Apply for I-131 or I-130? I'm getting confused on where to start. Everywhere I see. Everyone is applying for *I-130 *I-485 *I-131 *I-765 But mostly for their spouse. Not their parents. Any help or guidance is appreciated Thank you everyone God bless
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