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Address change and filing
11:40 pm yesterday


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Hi! My husband came over here a few years ago on the IR1/CR1 visa. We are ready to apply for my husband s naturalization. However I totally forgot to submit a change of address form when we moved about a year and a half ago (just to the next town over). Do you think I need to file a change of address form first or can I just file the N-400 with my new address? I don t know if it would be problematic that his address is not on file with them. Thanks!

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Calculation of Household Size for AOS
11:31 pm January 12, 2019


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Quick question about the joint sponsor. I understood that if I don't make enough to sponsor my spouse then we would need a joint sponsor and that sponsor, they're a household of 1, will have to make enough for 4 people, which includes them, our child, me and the immigrant (my spouse). So at least 125% of a household of four.

But one potential joint sponsor thinks that they only need to show enough for a household of three: themselves, the immigrant and the immigrant's child. While I won't have to be included in that since I am American and not a dependant of my spouse. That can't be right, can it?

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N-400 interview "a decision cannot be made at this time"
10:39 pm January 11, 2019


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Hello everyone,

I had my interview yesterday. I passed the English and civics test no problem. But the interviewer said that she sees one issue with my application. She said that it shows that I've spend more than 6 months abroad. Which is incorrect. I haven't spent more than 13 days out of the states. I've left the country 5 times over the course of 5 years for no more than 2 weeks at a time. I also filled out the info correctly on my N-400. I've retrieved the travel info from the USCIS website. So that's how I know its correct.

The IO was a bit confused and couldn't handle the numbers. She had issues reading the dates and trying to confirm the dates I was out of the country. I tried to assist by suggesting to look at the passport stamps, and said that I can provide pay stubs to prove that I was in the states at the time. But the lady wouldn't even tell me the time frame.

She finished off by saying that it's not a big deal and that everything should be fine. I asked her, when should I expect to hear back. She said she is really busy and has some other interviews to do. She wont get to it this week, but if I dont hear anything within 120 days then to contact them again.

Can this be resolved with an infopass appointment? This is just very frustrating because I've done everything by the book. I pay my taxes. I dont break the law. I want to be an American. And when the lady asked me if I'm willing to renounce any other nationalities I have I replied with "100% yes".

I know it's not true. I haven't spent more than 6 months outside. Will her supervisor be able to figure that out?

Later on I went home and looked up my records again. I have an arrival without a departure in 2014. But I also have an arrival and departure record for the same day. The reason is because I went to Niagara Falls. And apparently I crossed over the rainbow bridge to the Canadian side twice in one day. Its possible they didnt stamp me on the way out the first time.

I can prove 100% I was here in 2014. What do I do? Am I just being paranoid? Please help me out guys.

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expedited EAD and AP Help
6:26 am December 28, 2018


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Hi Everyone,

Just applied for both EAD and AP and wanted to know how to expedite the AP specifically since we have an important trip planned in January 2019. We filed for the AP on 12/7/18 with an NOA of 12/12/18. Thank you in advance.

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Still engaged after K-1 Visa. What's better now?
1:48 pm December 24, 2018


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Me and my fiance finished a K1 Process 2 years ago, I went to the states and we didn't made It to get married from some personal reasons. Now we are still together and want to get married In the states.

What Is the best option for us? K1 Visa again? Or Marriage visa? and how long should the marriage visa will take from the moment we have a marriage certificate ?

Thank you

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