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Documents for CR-1 Visa from Israel
8:07 pm


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can someone tell me when to apply for the police certificate and evidence of army service? I am still waiting for NOA2. thanks.

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Using Assets to Meet Income Requirements
10:15 am


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I just wanted to make sure I have this right, if you guys can double check with me. If I don't have the $31,375 annual income required for a household of four to sponsor my spouse, then I can use other assets like a savings in a bank account. If I make $22,000 a year I would subtract that from $31,375 which is $9,375 and then multiply that by 3, because a spouse only needs 3 years to get citizenship. That would be $28,125. And if I have at least that in savings I should meet the AOS requirement. Right?

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Joint Sponsor Income & Poverty Line
10:44 pm


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I'm trying to figure out how much my joint sponsor has to show for us to get over the 125% threshhold. We're a family of four and I can only show at the moment that I make $21,000, well below the $31,375 required to reach 125% of the FPG. How much does my joint sponsor have to earn to get us over the line? How is it calculated? We have a joint sponsor, single, family of one who netted $16,000 after all their business deductions. $16,000 is what appears on his tax returns. Is that enough? Would or could they put 21,000 & 16,000 together and add the joint sponsor making us a "family of 5" earning $37,000 just over the 125% FPG?

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Lost Green Card, need for flight out of the country in 2 weeks!!
4:50 am


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Hi all, we're having a bit of an emergency. My husband (the immigrant) had his wallet fall out of his pocket while on a brew bike (the thing where there are like 6 people pedaling a giant bike) cycling about 15 blocks through the downtown of our city. He didn't realize it until later and we went back and walked the route 6 times and it's long gone - It's a very crowded and sometimes seedy area, no doubt someone picked it up. It contained, among other things, his green card. We have a flight to his home country in 2 WEEKS and have no idea what we are going to do. We are filing a police report right now and he just made an appointment with USCIS exactly 7 days from now.

The green card itself is expired but he's got the extension letter (I-751) that extends it for a year. We've also got photocopies of everything.

I read that we can go to a USCIS office with the police report and get the I-551 stamp. Is that enough to leave and reenter the US? Otherwise what else can we do?

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Two Document Cover Sheets for AOS & IV package?
12:23 pm


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I'm putting together the AOS and IV package and noticed two document cover sheets. Which on is the real document cover sheet? Or both, or one is for the IV and the other for the AOS or should they both be on top, but which one should be on top of the other one?

ScreenHunter_912 Sep. 21 15.18.jpg

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