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IR2 stuck at NVC after DQ
10:28 pm today

Lady G

Lady G

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My daughter s case (IR2) has been documentarily qualified Sept. 2020 . We have been waiting for her Interview Date up to this day . We once sent an email at NVC to ask why it s taking this long for her interview date to come out and the answer was they will let us know when the embassy has open slot for her! By the way , her embassy is Manila. Is there anybody here who had this problem before ? What did you do ? To expedite is not an option for us since we have no reason to resort to this route. Any suggestion on how can we make her case move to the embassy from NVC? Her case has already been outside the normal process. It s now 10 months since DQ.

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Any O-1 Fillers from the Past 2 Months Around?
2:00 pm July 14, 2021



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Hey guys! My sponsor filled my I-129 at Vermont May 17, this is for my O-1 renewal (this is gonna be the third yearly renewal in a row).

The status still on Case Was Received. Their processing timeline for O petitions is 1-3 months, last year it was the same and it was approved in less than a month (probably due to COVID).

Anybody else experiencing delays in I-129 processing? I consider asking my sponsor to upgrade to premium but he doesn t know yet that they up the price to $2,500 so I m not sure if he s gonna be down for it.

Thoughts and stories are very welcomed.

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Marriage fraud allegations from ex-husband
5:42 pm July 8, 2021



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So my relationship with my husband didn't work and we got a divorce, I received my GC about a year and a a half ago, it's been a few months since the divorce was finalized and now he has a new girlfriend that lives in Colombia, they met online.

He want's to marry her and bring her here, the girl is obviously trying to use him to get a green card but he can't see it, she has no internet or running water in her house, she lives in some poor rural area, has no job, and basically no life there.

He is saying he will be telling that he met her while we were still married and that I used him to get a GC, this is obviously not true, but he want's to throw me under the bus to get what he wants.

Can this hurt me? I have a 10 year GC.

What happens if they suspect that their marriage is fake, will this come haunting me?

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Writ of Mandamus
12:53 pm July 3, 2021



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When should I consider filing WOM?

I'm still within normal processing times for Miami FL: 13-33 months. It has been 21 months since filing the AOS and I haven't received an interview date yet. Should I wait to be outside normal processing times before filing WOM?


I-485 filing date: 10/8/2019

Biometrics: 10/31/2019

RFE for AOS: 11/4/2019

Response to RFE: 12/13/2019

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Renewal of travel document
8:29 pm April 10, 2021



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I currently have a travel document which will expire on 5/2/21. I filed the application for renewal of the travel document about 6 weeks ago. Can I leave the US this month and return to the US after the renewal application is approved?

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