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US Immigration from Israel

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NVC Procedural Questions
8:45 pm October 14, 2019



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I have a few questions...

1. Does anyone have a link to an example cover letter for the NVC stage for sending documents?

2. Is it still recommended to write name and case number when uploading docs to the NVC site?

3. Are the civil docs required at the NVC (not embassy) stage the same for all countries? Do I need to provide the Israeli ID in addition to Israeli passport of beneficiary?

Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.

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NVC Documents for Israel
8:12 pm October 14, 2019



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Hello everyone

Is there anyone here familiar with which documents are required to send to NVC for the Israeli embassy?

Do I need to send both the passport and the ID card, or just the passport?

Thank you for your help.

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After arrival how long till GC arrives?
7:50 pm September 28, 2019



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Do you guys know how long it takes for the green card to arrive in the mail? and what about the SSN card?

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Asking for help from elected officials
7:54 am September 25, 2019



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My husband s application is stuck in administrative processing. We have given all the information required but we do not have any idea of how long it will take for a response. Has anyone asked their elected officials to inquire with the embassy? Has it helped?

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3:04 pm September 22, 2019



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Hi friends,

Can anyone check if you're able to view your visa status this morning? When I enter the CAPTCHA the system comes with "The code entered does not match the code displayed on the page." even thought is does match.

I tried using different browsers but the same issue persists. I'm hoping it will be back to normal by tomorrow...our visa should be issued soon!


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