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  1. Hi, medical i think need to be 2 weeks before the interview (once you have an interview appointment you can call the clinic to schedule medical exam). Scheduling an appointment after nvc approval didnt take long. processing the visa and issuing is very specific to each case. In our case we went in to administrative processing (missing some docs and proof of domicile) and took more then two months to get the visa. best of luck, gal.
  2. ceac status changed yesterday from refused to ready. what do you think will be the next status and when 🤷‍♂️? *embassy doesnt have the passports.
  3. If we submitted a proof of domicile after the interview 221g, if the embassy reject it does they let you know somehow? With another 221g?
  4. We are at the exact same situation, actually had our interview a few days after you in jerusalem. We got 221g, They wanted proof if domicile and military record. i filed them both but am so afraid of that proof of domicile, this is one of the things that can get everything down the drain. i am so frustrated that i am considering going to the state alone now rent an apartment find a job get a driver license so i can make a better proof of domicile. Hope it goes well for you.
  5. I sent it as proof of intention to re-establish domicile, including: *active us bank account with credit cards accounts and a large fund transfer we did few days ago. *2 correspondences emails about job interviews with employer to show active job search. (Correspondences was from last Aug) *one job contract from mid Dec to show a job offer. *resignation letter that i gave to my foreign employer. 🤞
  6. Unfortunately it wasn’t a mistake because when they sent back the passports it came with 221g that mentioned one more document to submit. *for now I submitted all requested docs. i am nervous that they went throw my proof of domicile and sent back the passports because they didn’t find it to be convincing.
  7. this is a freaking out post! last week my wife had the interview, and while the interview went pretty well, still got 221g for proof of domicile and her old non-immigrant visa, but they still kept the passports. few days later we filed the proof of domicile and the old visa. but then 2 days later they sent the passport back to us without the visa and requested also military records(which i also submitted today on ceac) how bad is this that they sent back the passports?? i am freaking out!!
  8. Just wanted to post an update. Currently Jerusalem seems to be free from any backlogs. We got interview letter about 45 days after DQ from Nvc. the interview was scheduled for 3-4 weeks from IL receiving date. i hope this information helped someone else out there 🙂.
  9. Thank you for the response, hope you are correct. my time line up to now: pd of i-130: september 2019 approved i-130: december 2021 (potomac sc) nvc welcome letter: jan 16 2021. DQ: nov 07 2022 wating for IL (jerusalem embassy)
  10. hello all, just got dq a few days ago, and waiting for interview in Jerusalem embassy. anyone has a information about the waiting duration to be scheduled for interview. *visa category : f2a. there isn't a lot of information on the web about the queue in the jerusalem embassy, and i just trying to get a clue what we are facing.
  11. hi, how long did it take you to get an interview date after dq? i am guessing you got interview appointment in the Jerusalem consult. thanks.
  12. no, the evidence was just an explanation letter that i wrote and signed, from what i have read this is enough to cover it.
  13. hi guys, in part 6 in case i was not required to file tax return in the most recent year, how should i fill this section for not been rejected. (i am using a joint sponsor). and in ceac what document should i upload in FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT. and of course i attached a letter explaining why i didnt file tax for most recent year, using the EXPLANATION FOR NOT FILING TAXES option in the additional docs section. please help i dont want to get rejected and wait another two month for nothing.
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