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  1. Hey everyone! a quick update on our journey - I've crossed at Rainbow Bridge on July 30th, received SSN about a week later and my GC today (September 3rd)! A cool tip I noticed wasn't shared before, once you move - register your new address with USPS and signup for informed delivery. it costs 1 dollar and it's a daily message from USPS with screenshots of email and packages you'll receive today. it made it so easy and relaxing not anxiously fearing the card won't get delivered. I'm adding a screenshot so you'll see how it looks like. Best of luck y'all. hang in there!!!
  2. Received my passport back with IR-1 visa Planning to cross on 7/29 Good luck everyone, the waiting is hard but it will be all worth it when you reunite with your spouse ❤️
  3. The short simple answer is no, you don't need to upload it and can bring your documents to the interview and you don't have to update your i864 if nothing has changed. BUT, I would highly advise from personal experience and from what others have expressed in the past to: a) bring updated documents, even updated i864 with new tax info b) bring all kinds of evidence you have. you got the transcripts, 1040, and W2? bring ALL of them c) upload documents a few days prior to the interview as well as bring the originals+photocopies to the interview. it will save them (and you) time scanning the documents once you're there and I've read the CO have commented in the past it's helpful and in my interview the CO said "this is gonna save me some time" and ended up asking me no financial questions and (this is completely subjective and in my head) felt the CO was happy I got my documents together and was prepared for the interview which made him more relaxed. So, I'll answer your questions from my experience and based on the above - did you take a new AOS and recent tax return? yes. tax return or transcript? both. upload documents? yes. updated AOS? yes.
  4. Officially they say 3-4 weeks if approved on the spot. In reality, it’s a lot less most of the times. But could be longer if refused, missing documents or AP. Consult the ‘Passport Returned’ column on the spreadsheet to get a better understating
  5. Same here, got my tracking number on Friday and I’ve been receiving updates from Canada Post as well so can confirm you will receive an update. Plus, getting it at the post office is better for peace of mind in my opinion than a delivery person arriving at my building, not feeling up to reaching out to me and just marking it as no one was available to receive the package.
  6. Had a great experience with Dr. Zatzman, I wrote about it a few posts ago with a link to a review that will help you navigate the process there
  7. Sorry, I should have clarified. This is a specific requirement from my home country, Israel. I assume each country have their own rules/laws about obtaining police certificates. If I had the option to get the certificate and not send it to the consulate directly I would have gone with that, I had a lot of sleepless nights worrying about it, a simple "yes, it's here" from the consulate would have been more than enough but you won't get it until your interview is scheduled.
  8. Had my IR-1 interview this morning and got APPROVED I suggest following the advice in the linked post. I found it very similar to my overall experience and helped me prepare properly: A few notes on my experience, some points might be very niche. The infamous clock is not working yet again lol I was asked: where did you meet, where you got married, who’s the petitioner, what do they do, longest stay in the us, and if I’ve ever been denied or overstayed my visa - same questions that come up in all the reviews pretty much I served in the military so I was asked to confirm the years of service and type of service - conscription in my case. I was not asked for the original military records even though I offered them I mention we have a kid together, I offered their CRBA but they said they don’t need it and just made a note of that No questions or request for tax information as I had submitted it all 3 days before the interview and CO said ‘they’ve got all they need’ The police certificate from my home country had to be sent straight to the consulate (some law about the individual can’t receive it, only the government that is asking for it). So I asked it to be sent back in September 20’ and while tracking number showed it was delivered, I reached out to the consulate and they refused to confirm they’ve received it until I get an interview date. Getting that police certificate is a 6-8 weeks process with covid so I was anxious I sent a document so long ago and literally couldn’t confirm until my interview letter arrived two weeks prior. I reached after the IL and they confirmed they have received it and added it to my file and it was present for my interview, so while they couldn’t confirm until the case was “in Montreal” they nonetheless had it ready for the interview. Phew I had a name amendment not a name change - after the wedding. basically fixing the English translation of my last name to be easier to read while not changing how you’d pronounce it. The amended is shown as a correction on a page in the passport, but it’s not a new passport. It led to situation where my passport bio page says name A and supporting documents say name B, I couldn’t get a new passport in time. I was super nervous about it and it ended up being a non issue, not even asked about it. my take is as long as you have the right documents with you to show the name amendment it’s fine. The visa will still be issued in the old name since it’s just how they do it (according to bio page). I will apply for an I-90 or wait for N400 in the states most likely to fix it. Ran into @helloTdot at the elevator at Best Western after our interviews. Was nice to share the relief of approval with a fellow VJ’er As of this afternoon my case is in Issued - AP, will update when I receive the passport. Good luck everyone!
  9. Can you feel in your timeline please? It’s difficult to answer as you’re using terms reserved for other milestones in the process (e.g your visa cannot be approved before you got DQ’d)
  10. You will need to bring the financial documents for tax year 2020 as the deadline for 2020 taxes has passed and they are now the 'previous year' the pre-interview checklist is referring to. I'm going to bring an updated I864 that reflects the latest tax year being 2020, along with the tax info for 2019 (the ones originally submitted) just in case
  11. Since it’s not a ‘process’ but a life decision, it highly depends on your specific situation. For us, we’re at a financially good place that I quit once I got the interview date (my interview is next Friday) even if it goes south and take a few months, since we prioritize getting to the US as soon as I can once I have my visa in hand (I’m in tech and quite tenured in my career so a break in employment won’t affect my employment opportunities). I don’t know what is the relationship with your employer but if it’s one you don’t really care about burning, you don’t have to give them any heads up before your legal obligation to. Maybe you decide to give a 1.5 months notice when you have the passport knowing you can work on closing out your Canadian chapter in life, spend time with friends and family and take care of your affairs and maybe it will be a relaxing time for you since you’ll shed the anxiety of getting the visa. Honestly hard to tell what’s right for you guys but I sympathize deeply with your feelings ❤️
  12. Do I need to bring an updated I864 to the interview if nothing has changed, but to reflect the latest tax year as 2020? Or am I good with the original I864 (which included 2019 taxes as latest) along with the financial documents for 2020(W2, tax transcript, etc.)?
  13. I’m in no way a medical authority on this, but most vaccines can either be given at the same time as others or require 14 days between them, excluding multiple doses of the same vaccine which have their own rules (e.g. covid vaccines) You can compare your vaccination records to the table shared from CDC in this thread around week ago. It’s quite straightforward and it was exactly one to one what the doctor reviewed at the medical. @DGF thoughts on adding a link to the CDC’s table to the FAQ? Seems to come up a lot lately and it’s a fantastic resource.
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