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  1. Yes and yes end of April 22 giler, got approved in January this year.
  2. Yes, I got it. Don't overthink it, just send them the marriage certificate again. I also added the passport information pages for both of us, the entry document and a cover letter stating the entry and marriage dates, signed by both of us. Probably way more than was needed, but I got approved after this.
  3. Hi everyone! Adjusting from K1, still waiting and honestly getting worried. I did my medical back in January, in my home country. Will I have to do it again in the US before the interview, if the process will take more than a year?
  4. Not sure if links are allowed. It's called "November 2020 K1 filer", you can easily search for it.
  5. November 2020 K1 filer Facebook group is posting follow ups for the process. November batch just started.
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