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  1. I finished my military service many years ago. I am confused about some questions in the I-485 form. Answer: No Should the answer be "Yes"? 48.e. Provided money, a thing of value, services or labor, or any other assistance or support for an individual, group, or organization who did any of the activities described in Item Number 48.a.? Should the answer be "Yes", because I volunteered my services? 54. Have you EVER been a member of, assisted, or participated in any group, unit, or organization of any kind in which you or other persons used any type of weapon against any person or threatened to do so?" Should the answer be "Yes"? 55. Have you EVER served in, been a member of, assisted, or participated in any military unit, paramilitary unit, police unit, self-defense unit, vigilante unit, rebel group, guerilla group, militia, insurgent organization, or any other armed group? Should the answer be "Yes"?
  2. You are missing one “small” issue. Russia is a contracting country to the Hague Abduction Convention. A minor child cannot be relocated to another country without the consent of both parents.
  3. My B2 tourist visa was denied before I submitted the I-129F.
  4. Yes. My advice is to avoid it at all costs (if you are Jews). Once you get married in Israel, even NOT through the Rabbinical Courts, the divorce must be done using the Rabbinical court. It has to be a consensual “GET” meaning that if one party refuses to divorce, you might be stuck in an unwanted marriage for years. Btw, I’m not sure what you meant by “married”. In Israel you are either married (religious+civil) or not married. Getting married not using the rabbinical court is illegal in Israel.
  5. Yes, I have been through this situation. We tried to prove to the best of out abilities that our relationship is real. Photos with us and our families, payment receipts, boarding passes, she came to visit me several times, we went to the interview together, WhatsApp messages, call logs. You know, it’s just the standard stuff that people submit. You might be asked during the interview- why was the tourist visa denied. Give them the reason - was it insufficient ties to your home country? Other reason? And an explanation.
  6. In my case, they took me to some back office, they took my passport and envelope. I had to wait for about an hour. No one explained to me anything. I started to get really concerned. Eventually I got called me to another office, and they just handed me the passport and told me “you’re all set”. You need to get married within 90 days. Good luck.
  7. Yes! This is the one before the final email. Next email: you’ll receive your EMS tracking number for the passport delivery. Double check your visa and the expiration date on your issued passport, once you receive it. Good luck!
  8. A day day after my interview, my fiancée came to visit me in my country and we went again to the embassy. I was surprised they let her in. She didn’t speak with my interviewer, but rather with another CO who checked the status. After she left, we noticed that the update date on CEAC changed. The status still remained on AP.
  9. 1. I was also denied of a B2 visa, due to insufficient ties, shortly before filing for a k-1. 2. I also submitted photos of our engagement party, with an engagement ring. They kept my passport. I had to be patient throughout the AP. After 3 weeks I was issued. Btw, my fiancée and I visited the embassy again after the interview, trying to see why the AP is taking so long. Maybe it helped.
  10. As stated on CEAC, days, weeks or months. It’s an accurate statement. It varies with each case.
  11. I also went through immigration even though I haven’t left the ship, and passport was required. They even stamped it. Miami to Mexico.
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