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  1. On the USCIS case status search, I have the message about NOA1: Case was received... on January 14th. However, on CEAC my case is ready, I’ve received p3, and I have an interview scheduled. Weird. Should I do anything to resolve this discrepancy?
  2. Maybe, but on CEAC it shows “in transit” since 5/14/19, and I was finally able to schedule my interview, so I assume that it was shipped.
  3. I couldn’t find Israel using EXP 14 MAY 2019A, so I tried other combinations and that’s how I came up with EXP 14 MAY 2019B and EXP 14 MAY 2019* I still haven’t found Israel’s reference no.
  4. @Greenbaum I just discovered that in the DHL hack, you can enter EXP 14 MAY 2019B, and more countries come up. Please update the first post.
  5. I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation to @Greenbaum and to everyone else who walked me throughout this process by answering every question (and sometimes the same question repeatedly) with a lot of patience and knowledge! My fiancée and I would not have reached this stage without each and everyone of you in this forum! Good luck to everyone!
  6. Avg. Days between Consulate Receiving Information from NVC and Actual Interview https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/stats.php
  7. It’s in transit!!! Finally!!! OMG, keeping the faith and patience is so difficult!
  8. Congrats! And you even have 100% battery on your phone. I’m so jealous
  9. You just need to ask NVC when did your case left the NVC. The tracking number is not unique to your case. It tracks all the cases that left the NVC on a given date. Of you know that date, you can track it.
  10. You can definitely call the NVC as the beneficiary. You just need the USCIS NOA2 receipt no.
  11. Thank you. I was so excited to receive the case no., that on the same day I had submitted the DS-160. CEAC shows case at NVC, with the title page “immigrant visa”. I called the USCIS, but they were only willing to speak with my fiancée, who is the applicant. For some reason, the waiting time for the NVC feels slower than that for NOA2 Hopefully by Wednesday something will change. Btw, will the consulate allow her to join me for the interview?
  12. NOA2 4/11/19 Nvc received 4/24/19 case# assigned 5/1/19 btw, USCIS websites still only show NOA1 application received.
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