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  1. Also, I find it troubling that there is no consistency between similar cases. That just tells me that they are doing everything by hand. Not using databases and technology to collect the data and the information. If they have done that you'd hear similar timelines throughout. But one person gets a response after a week. Others after a month. Some dont get anything at all. Some have to wait 120 days. Very in consistent results.
  2. Yea this whole thing is weird. I do think they need to do a better job. I just hope this wont cause this to go on for months and month. I heard some people had to hire a lawyer after 120 days to get things going again.
  3. You need to be a full 6 months out of the country consecutively for it to be an issue. If you read my Niagara falls story you'll understand where the confusion was. Its not about the number of days. Its the fact that I have an arrival without a departure.. And the IO cannot determine on the spot if that means that I was out of the country for more than 6 months. Or is it a mistake. A rational person would have been able to figure that out on the spot by checking the dates and the location of crossing the border. I crossed the rainbow bridge twice and the Canadian side forgot to stamp me on one of these times. Thats why it looks like I've returned but I never left. When actually I did leave but didnt get stamped. Makes sense?
  4. No, I didnt phrase it like that when speaking to her. Its not cumulative. I meant to say that the longest period of time out of the US was 13 days. There were 4 other trips. Each trip is no longer than 5 days. I believe thats less than 6 months in either case. You just need to do the math.. 13 days even if its cumulative its only 13 days. Not 180 days. 13 is less than 180..
  5. I had my interview at the Philly office two days ago.
  6. Yes, she was talking to herself throughout the interview saying things like: "I'm clicking this button but its not working.", "I cant get back to the previous page." etc..
  7. Was your interview in Philadelphia? I dont know how fast the Philly office work. I assume its turtle pace.
  8. Right?! How weird is that? Why dont you go over the case for a minute before you invite me for an interview. I dont understand why they do all this checking and looking and talking during the interview. They have about a year to gather info about us. Why not be a professional and attend the interview prepared? Its funny I feel I was more prepared than the interviewer.
  9. Im not fearing denial. I believe they will be able to figure it out. My concern is that she pushed me to the back of the line. For no good reason..
  10. 5 year rule. I was married but I am divorced and brought my original divorce decree to the interview. The interviewer said that the dates are the only issue. And when she saw that I was a bit disappointed, she said: "I just need to confirm the dates with my supervisor. Usually I do these things alone." Its like going to a dentist that doesnt know what he is doing. Just sitting there hopeless while he is plucking your teeth out.
  11. What was your interview like? Did the interviewer find any issues? I heard they sometimes dont even explain why. The lady that interviewed me was about 70 years old. She kept complaining about her eye sight and she couldn't operate the computer properly. She even said: "I dont know if its a mistake that you made. Or a mistake that 'they' made". I obviously didnt argue or raise any major concerns because I didn't want to shoot myself in the foot so to speak. But I could tell she shouldn't be doing this job. Too much is on the line. You cant have a person go through 15 years of paying and paying and paying and waiting and waiting and waiting. And then have them go through hell because of a mistake that the IO made. I really hope that the supervisor will catch her mistake.
  12. I did hear that if you dont hear back in 120 days, you are allowed to file a motion. The court will give you your citizenship then.
  13. Yes, especially when USCIS is the one making the mistake. Its amazing how they can put you on "pending" status and mess with you. All that without any supporting evidence to what they are claiming. If you dont have evidence to show that I was out of the country for 6 months why bring it up? I can shut that argument down in a second. But the IO wasn't smart enough to look through the dates properly. The longest period of time I was out of the country was 13 days. She couldnt even tell that the one date that I have an arrival without a departure was on the same day as another re-entry. I was in Niagara Falls. And crossed the rainbow bridge twice. One of the times they forgot to stamp my passport. But when you check this info on the website it clearly says the location of where that happened. If you have some sort of a brain you just say.. Oh the dude was just walking over the bridge to view the falls. Who would have thought that going to pay respect to an engineering wonder created by Tesla and America would get me in this mess. All I did was check out Niagara Falls. I am so upset that USCIS are behind on technology. They cannot provide a real time update. Which just tells me how archaic things are over there.
  14. Thanks, I appreciate the response. I just felt so disappointed. Yea that's what I thought. The supervisor should be able to figure it out easily. Still cant help but be a bit worried, but I agree.
  15. Hello everyone, I had my interview yesterday. I passed the English and civics test no problem. But the interviewer said that she sees one issue with my application. She said that it shows that I've spend more than 6 months abroad. Which is incorrect. I haven't spent more than 13 days out of the states. I've left the country 5 times over the course of 5 years for no more than 2 weeks at a time. I also filled out the info correctly on my N-400. I've retrieved the travel info from the USCIS website. So that's how I know its correct. The IO was a bit confused and couldn't handle the numbers. She had issues reading the dates and trying to confirm the dates I was out of the country. I tried to assist by suggesting to look at the passport stamps, and said that I can provide pay stubs to prove that I was in the states at the time. But the lady wouldn't even tell me the time frame. She finished off by saying that it's not a big deal and that everything should be fine. I asked her, when should I expect to hear back. She said she is really busy and has some other interviews to do. She wont get to it this week, but if I dont hear anything within 120 days then to contact them again. Can this be resolved with an infopass appointment? This is just very frustrating because I've done everything by the book. I pay my taxes. I dont break the law. I want to be an American. And when the lady asked me if I'm willing to renounce any other nationalities I have I replied with "100% yes". I know it's not true. I haven't spent more than 6 months outside. Will her supervisor be able to figure that out? Later on I went home and looked up my records again. I have an arrival without a departure in 2014. But I also have an arrival and departure record for the same day. The reason is because I went to Niagara Falls. And apparently I crossed over the rainbow bridge to the Canadian side twice in one day. Its possible they didnt stamp me on the way out the first time. I can prove 100% I was here in 2014. What do I do? Am I just being paranoid? Please help me out guys.