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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Brazil

Hey guys!

I'm so happy now words cannot describe what I'm feelin! :dance::dance::dance:

Pamela and I arrived at the consulate at about 7:50 a.m. and were let upstairs with a roomful of people. A lady gave us a list with the order the documents needed to be placed in (thank you Carol for sending us the order, as we were the second ones in line) and then said those who were ready could get in line. We gave another lady all of our documents and she looked at them quicly and said we could have a seat and wait for Pamela's name to be called.

After about an hour Pamela's name was the first to be called. We both went into the room with the CO and he asked Pamela, "Have you ever been to the U.S. before?" and she said "no". He asked her only this question and then had some questions for me. He asked what was I doing in Brazil and I said I came here on an exchange program last Jan. and that I was waiting for Pamela to get her visa to return. He then asked me what my co-sponsor did for a living. And what I plan to do when we get back to the U.S. Then Pamela signed a couple of forms and I signed my I-134 in front of him.

After that he said good luck and gave us a green slip to pick up the visa in 2 days.

The whole process took less than 10 min. with him and was very painless. Pamela was very comfortable and said she thought the man was very nice.

As we walked down the stairs I grabbed her and we hugged and started to cry.

We're so happy she passed her interview and will get her visa! We also want to thank all of you on Visa Journey for helping us along this heckuva rollercoaster ride. We could've done it without you! Also special thanks goes to Carol and Bruce for helping me with all of my questions! :):dance:

A big hug,

andy and pamela


AOS Process

3/10/06---Pamela and I arrive in the states from Brasil

3/23/06---We got married!!!!yeh!!!!!

4/11/06---Our first NOA for the I-485 and I-765

5/20/06---Our green card interview was scheduled for 7/28/06

6/03/06---We moved to Phoenix, AZ and had to cancel our interview

7/15/06---Our rescheduled green card interview (WOW! Only 10 days after our initial 1st interview)

8/07/06---Green Card Approved!!!! (Now only the wait by mail)

8/14/06---Received "Welcome to the USA" letter in the mail.

8/18/06---YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! Received Green Card today!(actually it should be called

the White Card, ha)....immigration free for 2 years!!



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Filed: Country: Netherlands

:star::dance: I am so happy for you both :dance::star:

Fingers crossed for :star: US :star: now for a smooth journey! Although we have some ways to go ( our packet has only today been delivered to Mesquite :hehe: !

Regards and congrats

~Michele (F)

Liefde is een bloem zo teer dat hij knakt bij de minste aanraking en zo sterk dat niets zijn groei in de weg staat




Take a large, almost round, rotating sphere about 8000 miles in diameter, surround it with a murky, viscous atmosphere of gases mixed with water vapor, tilt its axis so it wobbles back and forth with respect to a source of heat and light, freeze it at both ends and roast it in the middle, cover most of its surface with liquid that constantly feeds vapor into the atmosphere as the sphere tosses billions of gallons up and down to the rhythmic pulling of a captive satellite and the sun. Then try to predict the conditions of that atmosphere over a small area within a 5 mile radius for a period of one to five days in advance!


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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Nigeria

congratulations.This step has been passed over.

My Fiance's is tommorrow and i hope for positive results too.

Congratulations again and welcome your fiance to the United States.Hope she really enjoys it.There is nothing more than being with your loved ones.

love conquers all things

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05/16/2005 I-129F Sent

05/28/2005 I-129F NOA1

06/21/2005 I-129F NOA2

07/18/2005 Consulate Received package from NVC

11/09/2005 Medical

11/16/2005 Interview APPROVED

12/05/2005 Visa received

12/07/2005 POE Minneapolis

12/17/2005 Wedding

12/20/2005 Applied for SSN

01/14/2005 SSN received in the mail

02/03/2006 AOS sent (Did not apply for EAD or AP)

02/09/2006 NOA

02/16/2006 Case status Online

05/01/2006 Biometrics Appt.

07/12/2006 AOS Interview APPROVED

07/24/2006 GC arrived

05/02/2007 Driver's License - Passed Road Test!

05/27/2008 Lifting of Conditions sent (TSC > VSC)

06/03/2008 Check Cleared

07/08/2008 INFOPASS (I-551 stamp)

07/08/2008 Driver's License renewed

04/20/2009 Lifting of Conditions approved

04/28/2009 Card received in the mail

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Canada

Congratulations! :dance:


09/16/2005 Mailed I-130 (CSC)

09/21/2005 NOA 1

02/07/2006 NOA 2 (Day 143)

02/25/2006 Petitioner receives AOS Bill in U.S. (Day 161)

02/27/2006 AOS Bill (regular USPS) and DS-3032 (Canada Post regular) are mailed out

03/21/2006 Petitioner receives I-864 package (Day 185)

03/22/2006 Beneficiary receives IV Bill and sends payment - regular mail (Day 186)

03/24/2006 Petitioner sends back I-864 (Day 188)

04/13/2006 Beneficiary receives DS-230 (Day 208)

05/10/2006 Beneficiary sends back DS-230 and docs to NVC via Fedex (Day 235)

05/19/2006 NVC issues RFE on Question # 20 on the DS-230. (Day 244)

05/29/2006 Beneficiary receives RFE and sends it off (Day 254)

06/02/2006 NVC receives RFE (Day 258)

06/16/2006 Case Complete! (Day 272)

07/07/2006 Case forwarded to Consulate in Montreal (Day 293)


08/14/2006 Picked up visa and crossed the border.

08/25/2006 SS card arrives in the mail

09/07/2006 GC arrives in the mail.


02/01/2006 Mailed I-129F

02/07/2006 NOA1

04/14/2006 I-129F is approved!

04/24/2006 NVC forwards the application to the consulate in Montreal

05/01/2006 Packet 3 is received from consulate & is sent of 3 days later

07/07/2006 Medical

08/08/2006 INTERVIEW- cancelled bec. of CR-1

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: Italy

Congratulations and thanks for sharing :thumbs:


Got married in Killeen, Texas on April 27 2004

*°K-3 Visa°*

Oct 12 2005 - Sent I-130 to NSC

Oct 24 2005 - NOA 1

Nov 7 2005 - Sent I-129F to Chicago

Nov 9 2005 - NOA 1

Dec 5 2005 - NOA 2 - I-129F Approved!!! (28 days)

Dec 13 2005 - Application Forwarded to NVC

Dec 16 2005 - Application received by the Consulate in Italy

Jan 4 2006 - Packet 3

Jan 10 2006 - Sent "Applicant's Statement" to Naples

Jan 27 2006 - Packet 4

Feb 22 2006 - Medical and Interview

Feb 22 2006 - Interview... APPROVED Got the Visa!!!

Mar 2 2006 - I-130 case *touched*

Mar 6 2006 - RFE for the I-130 (Marriage Certificate)

Mar 14 2006 - Sent RFE to CSC

Mar 21 2006 - RFE received by CSC

Mar 30 2006 - Detroit POE - Got the I-94

Mar 31 2006 - I-130 NOA 2 - APPROVED!!! (170 days)


Mar 31 2006 - I-765 sent to Chicago

Apr 5 2006 - I-765 NOA1

Apr 7 2006 - Vaccination Supplement appt. in Cleveland

Apr 13 2006 - EAD Biometrics Appointment Letter

Apr 18 2006 - EAD Biometrics in Pittsburg

Apr 22 2006 - I-485 sent to Chicago lockbox

Apr 28 2006 - I-485 NOA1

May 3 2006 - EAD Approved!! (33 days)

May 5 2006 - EAC received (NOA2)

May 5 2006 - AOS Biometrics Appointment Letter

May 8 2006 - Applied for Social Security Number

May 11 2006 - AOS Biometrics Appointment in Pittsburgh

May 18 2006 - Social Security Card arrived in the mail

May 18 2006 - Interview Appointment Letter

May 31 2006 - Flew back to Italy

Jun 24 2006 - I-485 *touched*

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Brazil

Whoa, guys!!!

Parabéns!!! :dance:

That's interesting cause I was looking at your profile about three hours ago and thinking... "Gosh, it's the day of her interview! She must be so nervous!" rsrs

A thousand kisses and all happiness for you two! (L)



K-1 Journey

--> Jan 27th, 2006 - Sent the petition to Nebraska SC.

--> Jan 31st, 2006 - 1st NOA received by mail.

--> April 20th, 2006 - 2nd NOA in snail mail!

--> May 5th, 2006 - NVC received and left

--> May 24th, 2006 - Pack. 3 received and left (never received package 4, so the Embassy sent me its content by e-mail)

--> June 26th, 2006 - Medical in São Paulo (Dr. Celso Rodrigues Fava)

--> July 11th - Interview APPROVED!! :D

--> July 13th - Visa in hand


--> Novr 11th, 2006 - Sent AOS and EAD forms

--> Nov 17th, 2006 - NOA 1

--> Dec 4th, 2006 - Biometrics (appt. letter rec. in 11/24)

--> Nov 28th, 2006 - RFE received

--> Jan, 8th, 2007 - RFE sent

--> Jan, 30th, 2007 - EAD card received

--> Mar, 13th, 2007 - Interview - Pending Security Checks

--> July, 16th, 2007 - USCIS site: Security checks cleared. Welcome Letter in the way!

--> July, 26th, 2007 - GREEN CARD IN THE MAIL!!! (done with USCIS until 04/2009)

Removing Conditions on Residency

--> April 16th, 2009 - Sent I-751 Application to California Service Center

--> May 8th, 2009 - NOA received (1 year extension letter]

--> June 1st, 2009 - Biometrics appt. letter received


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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Morocco


Tho' lovers be lost, love shall not... and death shall have NO dominion!



The will of God will never take you,

to where the grace of God will not protect you.

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Congrats !!!!

Interview date for jun26-2006 _ 03/13/2006 packet-4

fiance got her VISA on 06/26/2006 1:00pm

fiance wating for carta blanca/Permiso de salida from cuban Gov 07/2006

fiance receive carta blanca or exit permit from Cuban Gov 07/31/06

I am in the process to finalize everything and book the airline ticket one way to Miami baby

Fiance arriving on 08-22-06 From HAV,CUBA ....

Fiance arrive at Mia on 08/22/06 1230pm eastern

Mailed off AOS, EAD on 09/27/2006

package delivered at 5:21 am on September 29, 2006 in chicago,IL lock box

10/25/06 apply for SSN /she should be getting one in two weeks

11/01/06 receive email status from uscis Work auth is in the mail

Received NOA1 notices for AOS, EAD on 10/10/2006

Biometrics appointment on 10/21/2006 in hialeah Gardens,Fl

10/25/06 apply for SSN / should be getting SSN in two weeks

11/01/06 receive email status fromn uscis Work auth is in the mail

11/03/06 receive SSN number/car

11/06/2006 receive EAD CARD

11/06/2006 I-485 transfer to CSC Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident .I485 approved

green card in the mail on 11/29/06

Receive Green card/welcome letter 12/04/06 .I am done for the moment ,Thank Go

Mail I751 removing conditions on Resident card 08/25/2008

05/07/2009 permanet resident card in the mail I-551 GREEN CARD

07/03/2009 new greencard arrive good for ten years

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada


Sounds like a good interview experience!!!!

Best wishes to you both.


KURT & RAYMA (K-1 Visa)

Oct. 9/03... I-129F sent to NSC

June 10/04... K-1 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

July 31/04... Entered U.S.

Aug. 28/04... WEDDING DAY!!!!

Aug. 30/04... I-485, I-765 & I-131 sent to Seattle

Dec. 10/04... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport stamped)

Sept. 9/06... I-751 sent to NSC

May 15/07... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Sept. 13/07... N-400 sent to NSC

Aug. 21/08... Interview - PASSED!!!!

Sept. 2/08... Oath Ceremony

Sept. 5/08... Sent in Voter Registration Card

Sept. 9/08... SSA office to change status to "U.S. citizen"

Oct. 8/08... Applied in person for U.S. Passport

Oct. 22/08... U.S. Passport received


KAELY (K-2 Visa)

Apr. 6/05... DS-230, Part I faxed to Vancouver Consulate

May 26/05... K-2 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

Sept. 5/05... Entered U.S.

Sept. 7/05... I-485 & I-131 sent to CLB

Feb. 22/06... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport NOT stamped)

Dec. 4/07... I-751 sent to NSC

May 23/08... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Mar. 22/11.... N-400 sent to AZ

June 27/11..... Interview - PASSED!!!

July 12/11..... Oath Ceremony

We're NOT lawyers.... just your average folks who had to find their own way!!!!! Anything we post here is simply our own opinions/suggestions/experiences and should not be taken as LAW!!!!

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