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Request name change during interview - Can I change my mind?
10:41 pm April 1, 2020


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Hello, this is my situation.

I got married in October 2019. At that time, I decided to change my last name, so I received the marriage certificate with my new married name.

Right after, I filed for AOS, requesting a name change in all the documents (I 485, I 130, I 131, I 765).

My SSN, driver licence, passport and everything are still on my madein name.

After few months, I am considering to go back to my maiden name. There are multiple reasons: avoiding the troubles of changing my bank accounts, credit cards, passports, SSN.

Moreover my home country doesn't make it easy for a person to change their legal name

Could I request to go back to my maiden name during the AOS interview even if I filed the documents with my married name?

Thank you!

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NVC Expedite Request
3:44 am March 31, 2020


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Hi everyone,

Due to military reasons, today my fianc (US citizen and petitioner) has sent an email to NVC requesting an expedite processing, including a letter that explained the circumstances and several supporting documents.

He already received a response, which stated that correspondence indicates that you may wish for the processing of this petition to be expedited. Unfortunately we are unable to submit an expedite request to the U.S. Consulate General, as K1 petitions are already processed expeditiously.

Now my question is, is that correct?

I actually believe I read of several people that were able to expedite their cases at NVC and don t really understand.
My fianc had already submitted an expedite request while waiting for our NOA2, and was approved the same day. He never received any email as response. Could it be possible that it went through and our case has been already expedited?
Does anyone have any idea?

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134- Affidavit of Support - Unemployed Student Sponsor
10:48 am March 19, 2020


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I have a question for you as I would like to understand what should I put in the Part 3 of the Affidavit fo Support.

My US fianc is currently an unemployed student and I don't know what boxes I should check at the question 1.a (I am currently employed as an - Name of Employer) ...any info?

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1:07 pm March 12, 2020


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Ciao guys!

I am submitting this topic as the Coronavirus situation is serious and I need to get in touch with all the Italian beneficiaries (K1/K3) who are about to schedule their appointment at Naples US Consulate during this DIFFICULT period.

I was not able to find a sub-forum so if anyone has some info, please advise me.

Thank you.

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AOS interview and questions upon arrival in US
5:00 am March 4, 2020



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When I first crossed the US border in December at the airport and passed through CBP, I declared that my intentions were to travel and to visit friend from college, which was true, but I never mentioned I have wife in US. Only eventually in February me and my wife decided to opt for AOS through a lawyer. I was held at CPB office at the airport, anyway, for further information like how much money I had, why I have had crossed the border several times in 2019 etc.

Is there a chance that what I declared at the border would come up during the OAS interview? If so, I will tell the truth undoubtedly but can it affect my AOS application?

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