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k1 visa holder and student loan
9:27 pm yesterday

Sara and Joaquin

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I am a K1 VISA HOLDER and I'll be moving to the US soon. I'd like to start community college this summer, but my fiance would have to get a student loan for me from a private bank. Would it affect my Adjustment of Status?

thanks for answering!

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About to file I751 to remove the conditions of residency after divorce
4:39 am April 15, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I hope some of you in the same situation can give me some advices.

Here is my story and I will try to make it short lol ?

I came here with a student visa and I got married in June 2018 with an American citizen. Everything was perfect and we got along so well and I thought I was gonna have kids with him etc.

Sadly after we got married things started to change and we would spent most of our time arguing. My ex husband neglected me and had more than one affair. he confessed that he was cheating on me for six months but that he was willing to change and that I should give him another chance. So I did. Unfortunately things did not change much and on July 2020 we finally decide to file for divorce. My divorce is now finalized and I am looking into hiring an attorney to file a waiver of the jointly I751.

Who had or is going through a similar experience?

Do you think I should mention that he cheated on me?

How should I write my explanation letter?

Which evidence should I submit?

I have some affidavit letters from my ex husband, my ex mom in law, my ex sister in law and two of my friends who knew both of us.

Bank statements, health and life insurance, pictures, AAA card, Costco card, auto insurance, contract letter and other things we did together and bought together. text messages with him and his family.

Also, I am planning to travel out of the country. Should I get a passport stamp other than my extension letter?

How long does the whole process take?

How are the odds to succeed since we were only married for 2 years and with no children? (he didn't want any that was another reason why we argue)

Oh also I forgot to mention than when things started to fall apart I started to see a psychologist as I felt lonely and betrayed, should I show those reports or not?

Thank you so much in advance and I hope I can help someone else along the way.

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Military spouse overseas under section 319(e) n-400
1:42 am April 15, 2021


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Is there any military spouse that applied or is applying for Naturalization under section 319(e)?

if so, I would like to hear more from you!

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Biometrics appointment far away from where I live
3:20 pm April 13, 2021


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Hello, I just got my appointment notice yesterday and it says that I'm going to have the appointment in Miami on 4/26/2021, the only problem is that I live in Jacksonville which is 6-7 hours away from Miami and right now, it's not impossible, but it's a little bit complicated to go. I was wondering if I can go to the center here in Jacksonville, without having to wait again 4 to 8 weeks. I sent everything back in August 2020 and I just got my biometrics appointment, so I don't wanna wait that long again. I read about people with the same problem and they just went to the nearest office, like a week before the appointment, and they had no problem. I really don't know what to do.

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getting green card on k1 visa
6:49 pm April 12, 2021



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hi guys

does anyone know after entering US on k1 visa and be interviewed

how long does it take to get our green card on average? is the time frame based on the USCIS centers that you filled your case like California center (which is the center which is processing almost all k1 visas) or is it depend on the state you live and how crowded that specific state is

thanks in advance

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