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Vermont Service Center Processing Times
4:45 pm yesterday



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Please feel free to move this somewhere else within the forums if this is not the suitable place for it. ?

My question is: What is going on with the estimated processing times for Vermont for I-129F? I see that the NOA1 to NOA2 timeframe is off. https://www.visajourney.com/content/times/

Have there been any changes as to which service centers process the K1 petitions that I'm not aware of?

Thank you very much!

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Family part (beneficiary) on the DS-160
3:46 pm October 11, 2019

Gabriela Vera

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Hello to everyone, I'm going to expose my case and i hope someone could help me in some way.

I'm having a little bit of trouble in the family part of the DS-160 , where they ask the name of my biological father. My 'dad', for, me is my uncle and also the one that figures on my birth certificate, i have his surname and the one from my mom's. My uncle took care of me since my birth and in all my documents he's the one one that appears as my dad. With my biological father i don't have a close relationship, he added me on facebook in the past but we don't talk at all and i haven't seem him since i left Ecuador when i was 11 years old.

The fact is that now i'm thinking to put my uncle in the father's part because legally, he is and i also put him in the form i-129f. Anyways, i'm kinda worried because, on the other hand, he is an american citizen and he didn't include me, as her daughter, when he applied to be citizen. I'm scared that the CO may can see it, in the system, and this could be a risk for a denial visa.

You guys have any advise in what could i do or if i should ask for help to a lawyer? Me and my fiancee are so close to achieve our goal and if something bad could happen would be devastating.

By the way, i wish good luck to everyone that are waiting for the interview and going through this hard process!

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And the new executive order about health insurance?
8:59 am October 11, 2019



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What can we do to meet the requirements? I have just paid the NVC taxes.....what can I do?

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Infopass and expedite request
2:07 am October 11, 2019


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Hi everyone,

tomorrow i have an infopass appointment and I would like to know if i can expedite my case at my visit. (I have good reasons so please don t start saying stuff like what makes you so special that you need to expedite? )

Good Luck everyone! ??

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Traveling for work to home country every 5 months or so
3:37 am October 10, 2019


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Hello everyone,

I am a 10 yrs green card holder, and I am about to file divorce with my husband.

I will probably return to my home country in the next few months to stay closer to my family and recover from this harsh situation. Regain my mental health.

My employer may offer the option to be able to work remotely from my country and I was thinking to work from USA half time of the year or so.

Would something like that possible without giving up my residency in the USA?

Thank you!!

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