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I-130 petition for parents with 10 year ban entry to the US
8:16 am May 23, 2023



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I am a U.S. citizen and looking into helping my parents migrate to the US. Long story short, my parents do not live in the States; however, they have a 10-year ban on entry into the US. They left in 2013, making it exactly ten years this year (They left the US voluntarily). For me to petition them and give them a Green Card, can I apply for an I-130, or do I need to do something else before?

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3:27 pm May 2, 2023


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Good morning.

I have a problem, maybe it's not the biggest...

I went abroad last month, and on my way back I lost my Green Card. I only noticed it when I was at home, because I showed it together with my passport at the counter of Immigration at Newark Airport.

Assuming I've lost it on my way out from the airport, I asked the "lost and found" service, after going to the Police and signing my report, but no results.

Consequentially, a couple of days ago I filed a I-90 form for requesting a copy. It takes around 8 months to obtain a new document, and 4 months for a biometric appointment.

Considering that I should leave for Italy, and I already have a ticket to leave on July 17 and return on September 15, my question is: what to do?

It will be easy leaving to Italy in July, because I am returning to my country. But which document do I have to show when I come back?

I've been searching and searching on the USCIS website for two days, but so far no response...

I hope you can give me an advice on the topic. Thanks in advance

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What’s the next step after getting my fiancé I-797 notification t
11:14 pm May 1, 2023

Kathy Anne

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We got my fianc letter saying that there sending it to the NVC can you tell me what our next steps should be

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Possible RFE?
11:19 am April 29, 2023



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Hello everyone!

I'm a professional over thinker and I just realised that we sent, in the initial I-129F packet, the passport photos in the wrong size. Instead of the US version of 2x2 in we sent the European size. What are the chances we receive an RFE because of that?

Thank you

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What where your Questions in the interview
3:24 pm April 26, 2023

Kathy Anne

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Anyone from Albania have there interview and what questions did they ask and did they provide an interpreter

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