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K1 - Naples, Italy Interview - ? Italian Documents ? Advice Needed
5:08 am today


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Hello! My fiance and I are close to the interview step in Naples, Italy. We began the process in June 2018. Thank you for those that have gone before and posted information here. It has been a life saver for me and an insanity saver too! I appreciate you sharing your experiences and answering questions. Now I am hung up and need feedback on a few details please....

1.We have gotten almost all of the documents needed for the interview. However, the Italian birth certificate and divorce certificate we acquired last April 2018. Will they accept these two documents with this date on it when presented at the interview? I have seem some mention of the documents needing to be less than 6months old from acquiring, but I can not find clear confirmation about this detail. (I also saw that the birth certificate needs to say the parents name on it which it does. If that sufficient for a marriage certificate in the US?)

2.My Fiance from Rome is having difficulty finding any immunization records anywhere. He thinks he can just get all the shots again. For the Italians out there....do you have any suggestions about what he can do to find some proof or how to proceed with a doctor in his town before going to the medical exam/interview? I've read about some blood tests possible to reveal what he has already in his system. How should he proceed with a doctor about getting the proper documentation for the vaccinations that are required? Please any guidance would be appreciated on this topic.

Thank you very much and best wishes to all of you going through this incredible, torturous, joyful, life changing process!

: ) K

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NOA2 Approved, what next?
1:23 am January 17, 2019


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Our petition has been approved in 148 days. The process has been much quicker than expected, and this brought us excitement and some fear.
This website helped us a lot in filling the initial petition, however I didn't gather enough information on what to do after the NOA2 yet. I'm sure this topic has been posted many times and I'm sorry if I post it again, however it would be very helpful to have some briefly information on what to prepare (documents, etc..) before NVC sends everything to the embassy in London.

I will carry my researches tomorrow, I'm just thrilled about the news and want to be prepared for the next step!

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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Passport releasing delay after APPROVED K1 bisa
1:17 pm January 11, 2019


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Hi everyone.

On Jan. 8th I had my interview at the US Consulate in Naples.

I was told that we provided all the needed documents and that our case was approved ?

The Consul said to expect my passport in the mail in few days.

CEAC showed Application Received on the same day of the interview and the header changed to Non Immigrant.

Startin from the day after the interview (Jan. 9th) CEAC shows ADMIN PROCESSING and it s never been updated since then.

Anyone has any idea on why my visa hasn t been issued yet?

Previous experiences with the Consulate in Italy show that it shouldn t take more than 3 days to get the passport in the mail.

I m a little upset, I really thought I would have spent this weekend with my fianc but no, I m still stuck here in Italy ?

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Form 221g and ds5535.
4:00 am January 8, 2019


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Please do anyone know if this US govt shutdown will affect the administrative process? I had my interview on 11 dec 2018 in Naples consulate Italy and my interview wasn t bad and they have my passport which some say it s a good sign but I m Nigerian who married my wife in Italy who is also Nigerian and USC. Is that also reason for AP? Please help

thank u God bless

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Opted for SSN to be received automatically after entry on DS-260
12:28 am January 4, 2019


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Asking this question for my husband who entered the USA on 12/13/2018. On the DS-260, we opted for the SSN to be automatically sent upon entry. It says on the SSA site if the SSN is not received within 3 weeks, to inquire further. I just spent 2 hours on hold with SSA to receive no answers and to speak with a very confused representative, so I will ask here and hopefully get some advice.

1. Is the DHS affected by the government shutdown? The representative at the SSA told me this is the cause of the delay in transmitting information from the DHS to the SSA.

2. My husband received his green card within 2 weeks of entry into the United States, however, still no SSN on week 3.

I figured it would take longer than 3 weeks, especially with Christmas and New Year holidays, however, he wanted to seek more information and we will go to the local SSA office next week. Should he just wait patiently, and is it normal to receive the green card before the SSN?

Thank you!

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