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Long distance relationship in the past: will this affect my K-1 visa process?
11:00 pm


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Hello everyone! I don't know if I should post this on the "K-1 Visa" section, but in the end this doesn't have (almost) anything to do with the process itself. It's more like I'm trying to get advices. This is my story, I apologize for it to be so long.

Back in August 2012 (I was 19) I randomly met a guy online from Canada and we became friends on facebook. A few months later we developed feelings for each other and we decided that eventually we'd meet in person one day. For some months things went alright but in time troubles cropped up. We faced some financial struggles, his family (and in particular his mother) became quite an obstacle, and I found that overall Canada was not to my liking between the weather and the less-than-welcoming locals in the area. Last and certainly not least, as I got to know him and who he really was our relationship began to sour. Eventually we moved back to Italy together for a month and then he returned to Canada and we broke up after 3-4 months, going our separate ways.

Perhaps the most pertinent event during this stay is that for some time we considered a common law sponsorship since at one point we met the basic requirements. We never did go through with this however.
At the end of January 2017, this happened again: same pattern, only different website. No dating sites to be clear, I never used/needed them, but I was randomly connected to a random person in the world and again, we started chatting, we became friends on facebook and fell in love later on.
To make it short, this person is my fianc now, but he's from the US this time. Even after everything I went through, I couldn't help but fall in love again with someone overseas, even tho it wasn't easy at first. The Canada experience taught me a tough lesson, so I decided to proceed with extreme caution and act very down to earth.
We met in person twice: he visited me last year in October and I visited him this September. He proposed on October 11th and I have never felt so happy in my life. I'm sure he's the right one, I can really feel it this time. Plus, I'm older, I'm an adult now, I come prepared this time. I was burned once but I decided to give this relationship a chance and I don't regret it at all.
I was happy with him in the States, I felt at home, everyone was so kind to me, his family loves me, his friends/coworkers were nothing but supportive so the "trauma" that Canada left me with, now feels like an open wound that's slowly healing.
We are about to send the I-129F now, we are just collecting the last info we need, but one thing that keeps bothering me is the fact that I previously had a relationship with a guy living in another country. This fear keeps hunting me since we had to fill out the section "Your Beneficiary's Address History". They ask for my address history for the past five years so of course I had to write down the address of my apartment in Canada, since my name was on the lease along with my ex's.
This past relationship is not relevant to me anymore, I mean it's been more than 3 years since I came home, I went on with my life since then and so did my ex. We sporadically hear from each other, for birthday wishes or happy "random holiday" wishes, but that's it.
My biggest fear is that the officer who will review our K-1 case, will question whether or not our relationship is genuine on my part. I don't want them to think that since my previous relationship didn't work out, then I just decided to try with someone else in another country. Especially during the interview, that's not the impression I want to give if they ask me questions about my experience in Canada, cause that's deadly wrong.
I know that rationally I've got nothing to worry about, cause we've got plenty of proofs, I know my love for him is genuine and we are sure we want to take this step together, but from an officer's point of view, this could be fertile ground for a red flag.

Let me know what you think, I apologize again for turning this post into some sort of "Harmony" book but I wasn't gifted with synthesis skills.
FOR CANADIAN READERS: I don't hate you and I don't hate Canada. I just hated my PERSONAL experience there so please don't feel attacked. You're well known for being polite and nice and I still like to think so :)
Thank you.


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Using maiden name and married name together
2:06 pm


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Does anyone have experience with keeping maiden name and adding married name after marriage?

We don't want to move her maiden name to a middle name or use a hyphen between the two last names.

Is she required to sign both names if we do this, can she pick and choose or sign first name initial of maiden name and married name?

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Court certified copies of arrest, etc.
9:08 pm


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My fianc , the US citizen, had a driving under the influence of alcohol by minor 9 years ago when he was 20 years old. He was released and paid a fine on the same night. We provided all the info requested on I-129f about the arrest, dates, fine. We also called the court and sheriff department of the place where it happened in Texas but they both said that they don't do certified copies and that the arrest record that is on the court website would be enough (we printed that and sent it with the form). Is this going to be okay for USCIS or will they still want that certified court copy of the arrest even though the court and sheriff department said they don't do that?

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F Visa for High School Student: is a renewal possible?
7:34 pm


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Hello there,

Asking this question for an Italian friend who doesn't speak English and needs some information.

Her 16 year-old son is in the US with a F1 Visa and currently enrolled in a private high school in NJ.

He started the 2018-2019 academic year there and is being hosted by a US family.
She has relatives in NY and they were thinking about extending his stay with 1 additional year of high school.
They would like to send him to public high school for the 2019-2020 academic year.
Is that even a possibility?

What are this kid's options for continuing his education in the United States? Can he have his Visa renewed, move to NY to his relatives, and complete an additional high school year?

I'm a K1 Applicant who's in her AoS phase, have no kids and don't know much about this Visa category. I apologize for sounding completely lost.

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I-129f - Birth Certificate front and back?
8:15 pm


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I could only find older posts about this and I'm a little confused: in those posts everybody says that the instructions for form I-129f say that USCIS needs a copy of front and back of a birth certificate. I checked the most recent instructions but they don't say anything about this. My fianc has a Texas birth certificate and all the stamps and watermarks are on the front of the BC and the back is completely blank and we did send just the front. It just seemed useless to take a copy of a page that is completely blank. Is this ok or did everyone send front and back even if the back was blank? Do birth certificates in other states of the US have a back?

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