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A few questions about I-751 form
2:09 am July 24, 2019



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Hello everyone. I have a few question about how some things need to be filled in the I-751 form. I have gathered all of the evidence (using CookieCat's helpful guide) and just need to clear up a few things regarding some answers on the form itself before I send everything to the USCIS.

I will sort the questions by the parts in the form (1 to 11)

Part 1

-I don't have a middle name. Do I leave it blank or put 'N/A'?

-Under "other names used". My last name contains a letter than does not exist in the English alphabet ( ) and all of my US documents use 's' instead. Should I put my full first and last name as originally spelled in my country of origin under that section?

Part 5

-No children here. Should I put 'N/A' for all of the information or leave it blank?

Part 8

-My wife is a US citizen born in the US to two parents who were also born in the US. Does she have to sign the 'Acknowledgement of Appointment at USCIS Application Support Center' where she agrees to give her biometrics? She has not had to do anything like that before and the form filled out her name on it's own (and won't let me remove it) when I entered other information into the pdf file. This is the first time I have seen this mentioned as something she needs to do so I am confused.

Did I fill out something wrong and the file automatically assumed that she is not an US citizen?

Part 10

-Does this information only apply for when a lawyer or third party is preparing the paperwork or do I have to give my own information since I am doing this on my own?

Part 11

-I have changed addresses once since moving to the US. I notified the USCIS of the change as requited and have the confirmation email printed out as part of my evidence.

Since I answered question 22 in Part 1 I need to put that information into Part 11, but I do not understand how I am supposed to label it.

Like this?
'3.a. Page Number' '3.b.Part Number' '3.c.Item Number'

'2' '1' '22'


'Old and new adress information'

Any help is appreciated.

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Law enforcement job prior to citizenship
1:13 am May 8, 2019

Dani and Alex

Dani and Alex

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Hi everyone,

My fianc will be moving to NYC with me once our K-1 visa is approved. He has been working as a police officer in Croatia for 10 years and has specialized training (including bachelors degree) to work as a documents specialist at the border there. He loves his work in law enforcement but is open to a career change. He will likely look for a "temporary career" during the few years we wait for his citizenship before applying for a police officer jobs.

-Any suggestions for similar work he could do without citizenship?

-Has anyone else been in his position and waited to go back into law enforcement?

-In my search almost all states require citizenship but with the national shortage of police officers, since it's a state and not federal requirement maybe it could be evaluated case by case?

Thanks for any insight, opinions, or suggestions!

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Applying for k-1 twice for same beneficiary
10:51 pm April 12, 2019


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Last year my fianc came to the US on a k-1 visa. We had every intention of marrying but things fell apart between us for various reasons, and he ended up moving back to his country before we married. Fast forward half a year and lots of therapy, and we want to try again. Just wondering if USCIS will have any problems with me submitting another petition for the same beneficiary? Or are they just happy to take my money and not raise any eyebrows?

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Wedding planning
3:06 am February 27, 2019

Dani and Alex

Dani and Alex

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Hi everyone! My fianc and I submitted our I-129F in early January 2019 and *hope* to have him in the US with me by the end of 2019. We plan to get married in the courthouse in the US right when he moves here and apply for his work and travel authorization while awaiting his green card. Ideally, we would like to have an actual wedding ceremony in Croatia (where he's from) in the summer of 2020. We need to be sure he can travel back by then. We will also be married on paper but call each other "fianc " until after we've celebrated in the ceremony with our family.

So... are there any major holes in our plan? Anything we should predict could go wrong? We're hoping to look at wedding venues when I visit this summer but could wait to book anything for our wedding until he has his travel authorization. Thanks for your help!

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Spelling changes of name after moving to USA
1:32 am September 4, 2018



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My fiance will be moving here in a few weeks and I'm wondering about how he can change the spelling of his last name from what it says on his Croatian passport, to a more phonetic representation of his name in English. His last name is (similar to, not exactly) Dela?i?. On all of the K-1 visa paperwork and the visa itself his name is written "Delacic". After moving here, he'd like for his name to be spelled "Delachich" in the US, because that's how the name is pronounced. At what point can he make that change? Will they let him get a Social Security card with his name spelled differently from what is on his I-94 and visa? Green card?

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