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Spelling changes of name after moving to USA
1:32 am September 4, 2018


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My fiance will be moving here in a few weeks and I'm wondering about how he can change the spelling of his last name from what it says on his Croatian passport, to a more phonetic representation of his name in English. His last name is (similar to, not exactly) Dela?i?. On all of the K-1 visa paperwork and the visa itself his name is written "Delacic". After moving here, he'd like for his name to be spelled "Delachich" in the US, because that's how the name is pronounced. At what point can he make that change? Will they let him get a Social Security card with his name spelled differently from what is on his I-94 and visa? Green card?

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Physical presence in the USA requirement and how does it affect filling date?
1:16 pm August 1, 2018


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Hi guys ??

a friends of ours (K1) will soon be eligible to file for N400. When we talked about process and our immigration journey we came to a halt when we talked about the USA presence requirement. Out of 3 years of their marriage they traveled back and forth from USA to Croatia. Both being retired, they enjoyed the beauty of both worlds (never longer than a month or 2). Our question is- does the time spent outside the USA pushes eligibility date to file for N400 for the time spent in Croatia?

thank you all

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Disturbing ad
4:20 am May 26, 2018


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I keep getting redirrected to some kind of you won $1000 Amazon gift card website when I visit the forums. Hipstarclub dot com is the link. It happens cca 2 out of 5 times. It s quite annoying and makes me have to close the tab and start over, find the thread I was reading, where I left off...

Is there anything I can do to prevent this? Could the admins do something?



PS Upload of the screenshot failed, it s too large.

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AOS interview went bad
9:00 pm May 8, 2018


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Hello guys,

First of all, good luck to everyone.

My wife and I, we are together for 2 almost years, she moved in to my place year ago.

Today I had AOS interview and it went bad, consider that officer was really nice to us. I did fine today, but my wife didn't have a good day today, not even yesterday ( she lost her US passport day before interview). She missed 4-5 questions. Questions like:

Do we have cable box at home (she said YES; but no we don't have it);

Is street in front of our house one way or two way? ( She said two way and its one)

How many floors is your building? ( She said 4, he ask her is that included with basement she is answering I don't know)

Questions simple as they can be, questions she knows answer on. Last couple weeks she is on pills, she is losing concentration, sometimes she is feeling depressed. Last couple weeks thats not my wife I used to know. I didn't mention that to officer because I thought she can handle interview, but she can't.

And also I did some mistakes filling I-130, some informations doesn't match with other records. In the end officer told me that he will mail me if he needs something from me, and that its gonna take a while to review my paperwork.

Is here anyone who can help me with some advice what should I do? To take a lawyer? Get a medical documentation for her? I will appreciate anything.

Thank you, and one more time, good luck!

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September filers 2017 updates
3:35 pm April 12, 2018


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I was approved on 4/9/2018.

Priority date: 9/1/2017.

So happy, good luck to all !???

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