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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Russia


I just received phone call from Natalia, she was successful at her interview!!!!!!!!

She called me at 2:30 a.m. (10:30 a.m. Moscow time) and I could tell by her voice she was very happy.

She said she was first in line this morning. When they let her in the embassy she went through security similar to an airport process but they kept some of her items especially cell phone until her departure.

Then she took a number (number 1) and waited. When she was called she went to a window and gave a man documents (her DS-156, medical etc, my I-134 with 2004 taxes and 3 previous W-2's, bank and work statements, and he asked for only one photo of us together). Then she sat again.

She was called again and begain her interview, she said she had a nice younger woman that was very pleasant. Natalia said she had the interview primarily in English but sometimes in Russian when the ConOff needed to explain something precisely. She was asked:

Are you married?

Do you have children?

Tell me about your fiance' (Natalia said this led to a few other general questions as if two qirlfriends were talking together so I suppose as Natalia explained our past, present and future she answered the standard questions about how we met and trips together and our future, but it was not so formal and ridgid.

She said they also discussed my divorce, my child, my job, when she plans to travel to America and when and where we plan to marry. She said they never asked for phone records, ticket stubs, more photos, or anything out of the ordinary.

Natalia said it was very easy and she felt at ease after if began. She said the ConOff told her she would have the Visa by February 22 and DHL Moscow. She said the woman was very, very nice. She asked me if American people were always this friendly and helpful, I smiled and said no unfortunately not always.

She also said she did not notice if any other women were successful or not since she was first. But when she was finished and walked back to the waiting area she said the other women were very interested in her experience with the ConOff.

In all I think she was in the embassy about 2 hours. She said now she needs to sit and relax over a coffee.

Looking back this seems very easy and anti-climatic but I know it is because of this website and all of you helping each of us with your experiences. I doubt I could have done this as quickly or error free. I think if I had to just read the directions on the USCIS forms we would have made some mistakes and forgot something. And as we begin the next phase of the paperwork I will continue to read the forum postings.

I smile now because I remember when I started this process I would be in the K-1 forum every few hours to analyze other's timelines (from CA Service Center via TSC) to try and predict when I would receive the NOA2. And I am sure if I returned I would see the typical e-mails of people complaining about the slow processing time of CSC. It was only a few months ago but seems like forever.

Thanks to all of you for your help,

Warren and Natalia

Met in Finland Dec 2001

29 Apr 2005 Met in Dominican Republic 9 days

10 Aug 2005 Mailed I-295F to TSC (case transferred to CSC because of TSC case load)

19 Aug 2005 Met again St Petersburg Russia 10 days

30 Aug 2005 Received NOA 1 from CSC (Dated 17 August)

26 Oct 2005 Received NOA 2 approval via website

09 Nov 2005 Received MOS # from NVC

22 Nov 2005 Application in U.S. Embassy Moscow

22 Dec 2005 Visited Moscow for 12 days

27 Dec 2005 Medical Exam Moscow

28 Dec 2005 Received Medical Results

16 Feb 2006 Interview Scheduled

24 Feb 2006 Received K-1 Visa at DHL Moscow

25 Feb 2006 Arrive in America (Atlanta)

07 Mar 2006 Married!!!!

10 Mar 2006 Applied for Social Security Card

17 Mar 2006 Received SS Card

16 May 2006 Mailed AOS and AP documents to Chicago

05 Jul 2006 Completed Biometrics in New Orleans

22 Aug 2006 She received Driver's License

05 Sep 2006 AOS Interview (Green Card) Scheduled

15 Dec 2006 Sent letter to USCIS requesting status of AOS

02 April 2007 Received Green Card in mail

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Czech Republic

Congratulations! It must be a great relief...... We are just at the beginning of the journey and it seems to be endless, still waiting for our noa2 :crying:

Good luck to you both.


AOS journey

09-29-2006 getting married

10-20-2006 send AOS + EAD

10-26-2006 NOA

11-01-2006 touch AOS

11-14-2006 biometric appt.

11-03-2006 email from CRIS about RFE

11-27-2006 RFE sent back

12-06-2006 email that they received RFE

12-07-2006 touch AOS

12-12-2006 touch AOS

12-13-2006 touch AOS

12-26-2006 letter about AOS Interview date

01-25-2007 AOS touched

01-28-2007 email from CRIS EAD approved, card is being issued

01-28-2007 AOS touched

02-01-2007 recieved EAD card in mail :-)

02-06-2007 Interview, not approved FBI name check pending

02-08-2007 touch

03-20-2007 email from CRIS: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident

03-21-2007 touch

03-23-2007 email from CRIS: card production ordered

03-26-2007 touch

03-30-2007 Welcome to the United states of america letter received

03-31-2007 Green card received (for 2 years)

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Canada

Congratulations! :star:


Sept 10 I-129F sent to TSC


Interview - February 13th APPROVED! day 152

April 6 - wedding date day 204

Aug 22 - AOS interview date day 101-total days 342

Sept 29 - green card arrives, done until June 2008 day 140-total days 381


June 30 - I-751 mailed total days 1025


March 9 - Removal of Conditions approved! total days 1277

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Philippines
:dance::dance: Congratulations :dance::dance:

mike & jemema

7-28-05 first met online

10-4-05 engaged-in phills

12-19-05 filed I-129-f



1/25/06 nvc recieve's petiton

1/27/06 forward to manila

1/29/06 manila recieved

5/18/06 medical exam



5/26/06 Visa in Hand

6/5/06 Back to the States Together

6/13/06 Applied for SSN

6/26/06 recieved ssn

7/28/06 Wedding planned

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada



Mailed Sept 20th 2005 ( EAD & AOS )

Chicago recieved packet Sept 22nd ( the day my I-94 expired )

Sept 29th 2005 NOA 1 ( AOS & EAD ) Recipet date Sept 27th

Oct 1st 2005 touched ( AOS & EAD )

Dec 12 th 2005 touched ( EAD)

Dec. 29th 2005 touched ( EAD)

Jan 27th 2006 inforpass Had Biomterics for EAD & AOS

Jan 27th 2006 EAD & AOS touched

Feb 3rd 2006 EAD Approved

Fed 6th 2006 recieved EAD

Feb 10th 2006 recieved interview letter for AOS

April 17th 2006 AOS Interview 12:30

April 17th 2006 AOS Approved

April 21st 2006 Received Welcome Letter

April 27th 2006 Greencard in my hands!!!!

Lifting of conditions April 2008...

Removal of Conditions

Feb 6th 2008 mailed packet off

Feb 14th check cashed Saw that it was transfered to Californa ( Mailed to Nebraska )

Feb 16th got reciept letter in the mail with one year extension Receipt date Feb 11 2008

Feb 28th recieved Boimetrics appoinment

March 10th Boimetrics at 12 noon

March 10th 2008 Touched

March 13th 2008 Touched

May 15th Recieved e-mail 10 year Card Ordered!!!!

Done for 10 years!! Have not decided if i will become a citizen lots of time to think about that...

May 21st 10 year greencard in my hands!!!

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Cool :thumbs: Congratulations :dance: All the best to you both for your future together


You can find me on FBI

An overview of Security Name Checks And Administrative Review at Service Center, NVC & Consulate levels.

Detailed Review USCIS Alien Security Checks



View Timeline HERE

I am but a wench not a lawyer. My advice and opinion is just that. I read, I research, I learn.

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Hong Kong

Congratulations!!! i like hearing good news!!! :)

I'll also have my interview on 27 Feb... so nervous now. Hope i'll also meet someone nice there.

Hm... since you have just had your interview.. i'd like to know if they asked anything in detail about your wedding plan? I ask this cuz we dont really have any detailed plan. i just wonder if what they'll react.

For all the others who have had interview... pls kindly give me any opinions about the interview. i'm just so nervous.



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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Pakistan


Everything I respond to is from personal knowledge, research or experience and I am in no means a lawyer or do I claim to be one. Everyone should read, research and be responsible for your own journey.

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Congratulations!!!! :dance::D:thumbs:

> Texas have received out application and cashed the cheque!

We got our NOA1 as at 26 Oct 2005!

Sent to CSC 26 Oct 2005

NOA2 26 Jan 2006

Sent to Embassy 9 Feb 2006

Embassy sent pk3 21 feb 2006

Recd and return pk3 27 feb

Medical 8 March

recd pk4 11 April

Interview 10 May

Visa Approved 10 May

Visa Received 13 May

Fly to Memphis 21 june

Married 1 September

AOS NOA1 23 Jan 2007

Case transferred to Missourri

Case transferred back to CSC feb 01

Card in the mail March 05

Case approved March 005

Welcome to America Letters received March 08

Filed for lifting of conditions - received in Vermont Jan 20 2009

I-797C NOA received Jan 26 2009

Visit My Website

A Joy unshared is like and unlighted candle

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing the Interview story!. Number 1 in the queue ehhh? I bet I am nothing lke so lucky!

AOS/EAD/AP Filed:2006-09-23
AP Approved:2006-10-30
EAD Approved!:2006-11-02
AOS Approved!:2007-02-12

Remove Conditions filed:2008-11-13
Green Card Received:2009-01-30

N400 Filed:2013-01-25 (Phoenix)
Biometrics:2013-02-25 (Grand Rapids)

Oath Ceremony:2013-05-24(Marquette)

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Colombia

Hi Warren,

Congratulations fellow Floridian! Best wishes for Natalia and you and that you guys get together very soon. :dance::thumbs:

Peter Miami

Johanna & Peter

Colombia / U.S.A.

I-129F / K-1 Fiancee Visa

08-20-02 - Met Johanna in Armenia, Colombia

10-05-05 - K-1 Sent to TSC

10-14-05 - Received NOA1 by E-Mail (Day 9)

12-22-05 - Reveived NOA2 By E-Mail & Mail (Day 78)

03-03-06 - Interview Date! (Day 149) Approved

03-10-06 - Johanna Arrived

05-27-06 - Married

I-485 / AOS (Did not applied for EAD or AP)

06-05-06 - Sent I-485 application to Chicago via USPS (Day 1)

06-06-06 - AOS Package Delivered at 12:29PM

06-12-06 - Received NOA1 by Mail

06-14-06 - Check Cashed

06-22-06 - Received Appointment Notice for Biometrics

06-26-06 - "Request for Additional Evidence" Online, waiting for letter

06-29-06 - Biometrics Done!

06-30-06 - Received RFE Letter by mail. (Missing Birth Certificate)

07-10-06 - Sent RFE by Express Mail USPS

07-11-06 - RFE Delivered @ 10:54AM Sign by D. Atwell

08-28-06 - AOS Transferred to CSC E-mail & USCIS Website (Day 85)

08-30-06 - Touched #1

08-31-06 - Touched #2

08-31-06 - E-Mail from CRIS & USCIS-CSSO - CSC received AOS Application

09-01-06 - Touched #3

09-01-06 - NOA by Mail Regarding Transfer to CSC

09-05-06 - Touched #4

09-07-06 - Touched #5

09-13-06 - Touched #6

09-15-06 - AOS Approved by Online Status & E-mail

09-21-06 - Received GC and Welcome Letter (Day 109)

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