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  1. My document uploaded, Sept 26th is my date. 334 days from filing.
  2. It was on both Case Status and Check Processing times log-ins on https://www.uscis.gov/
  3. I have finally received notice that my Oath has been scheduled. The document hasn't uploaded yet but I'm assuming it will be on 09/26 or 27 as that's when the next ceremonies are for this area. Filed Oct 27, 2018 Interview May 20, 2019
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic start to your weekend. May your interview date be soon and your journey almost over 🥂
  5. At the top of the page is Immigration Timelines, you can filter this to show your local office and sort the data by Oath, Interview, filing etc. Filling in your personal timeline helps other members get a general idea of how long things may take.
  6. If your ceremony will be in Austin/San Antonio, you shouldn't have much of a wait, mine is in another city that is very slow to get things done. No name change, no criminal record. This was my status the other day, it still says the same thing
  7. Yep. Another member and I have been keeping each other updated. She knows a few that had a 5-7 month wait, I know one that waited 6 months and someone I found on FB was the anomaly, her interview was 4 days before mine and she only waited a month. Based on searches, they used to only do them twice a year, they seem to be doing a few more now.
  8. Even if my closest office still did Infopass appointments, they are 3 hours away. I did submit an inquiry online and got a mostly form letter reply, I haven't called them yet though. Based on other members, and people in my community, the standard wait time in my area is 5-7 months. I did call the courthouse yesterday, the next ceremony is September 26th, now I need to figure out how to make sure I'm scheduled for that date.
  9. I remember reading about your scheduling, descheduling and rescheduling, I'm glad it all got sorted. I've always been annoyed, and partly mystified, that geography plays such a big part on how fast each step takes.
  10. Thanks! I hope you receive yours soon as well.
  11. I'm in Texas. Approved interview on May 20th, still waiting for an Oath date. It all depends on where yours will be.
  12. I was wondering what would happen today as my countdown timer was going to hit 0 days. There is now this
  13. My interview was on May 20th and I'm still waiting for an oath date. I did get the interview approval notice the same day but there hasn't been an update since, I'm not even getting the "no updates on your case" generic emails anymore. I know there was a flurry of ceremonies at the end of June in the city where mine will be held, one was even with someone who interviewed 4 days before I did, but now it's crickets. sigh.
  14. Congratulations! So happy to see some movement for those of us that are left from October, 2018 😊
  15. Yes, I am still waiting. My interview was May 20th, I was approved then. My Oath will be in Corpus.
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