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    Pirates & Lost Treasure, Camping, Fishing, Computers, Beach, Reading, Learning all there is to learn, Human Nature.

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    IR-1/CR-1 Visa
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    Vermont Service Center
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    08/23/04........Met online Hot or Not Website.
    01/04/05........I arrived in US for 3 month visit with my Baby.
    03/30/05........I married the most wonderful gorgeous man.
    04/03/05........After only a few days together as man and wife I boarded a plane to travel back here to Australia. Missing each other like crazy.


    10-08-2005 Mailed Petition
    10-13-2005 NOA1 Receipt/Received Date
    10-20-2005 Touched (no change)
    10-24-2005 Touched (no change)
    10-25-2005 Touched (no change)
    11-22-2005 NOA2 APPROVED

    11-28-2005 Received Petition
    11-29-2005 Case # Assigned
    12-05-2005 AOS Bill & DS-3032 generated
    12-16-2005 AOS Bill paid
    12-21-2005 AOS Bill entered into system
    12-27-2005 I-864 generated by NVC
    01-03-2006 I-864 received by agent
    01-03-2006 DS-3032 entered in system
    01-09-2006 IV Bill generated by NVC
    01-14-2006 IV Bill received by agent
    02-17-2006 Returned I-864
    03-01-2006 IV Bill (DS-230) sent to NVC
    03-03-2006 IV Bill (DS-230) received at NVC
    03-14-2006 DS-230 Generated by NVC
    03-20-2006 DS-230 Received by Agent
    03-21-2006 Sent DS-230 Part I and Copy of Biographics of Passport
    03-24-2006 DS-230 received by NVC
    04-04-2006 Case Complete
    04-11-2006 Automated Phone Service states case mailed to Embassy
    04-14-2006 Date they actually mailed it to Embassy via DHL
    04-18-2006 Arrived and signed for at Embassy
    04-20-2006 Packet 4 sent by Embassy
    04-26-2006 Packet 4 Received by hubby in the US (how stupid is that when I am in Sydney)
    05-16-2006 Medical
    06-05-2006 INTERVIEW - CR-1 visa granted
    07-23-2006 Flight home to my Pirate

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