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Case transferred from Nebraska to California


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Same 3 emails here... Michigan resident.

09-Mar-06: Visit Tatiana in Omsk

13-Mar-06: Propose to Tatiana, she says yes! :)

11-Apr-06: Send I129F

18-Apr-06: NOA1

01-Jun-06: Transferred from Nebraska to California

15-Jun-06: Visit Tatiana and Celebration in Omsk

03-Jul-06: Receive IMBRA RFE

05-Jul-06: Return IMBRA RFE

11-Jul-06: RFE accepted email

31-Jul-06: APPROVED NOA2!!!

07-Aug-06: Touched (Send to NVC touch?)

10-Aug-06: NVC received

16-Aug-06: NVC letter sent

21-Aug-06: NVC sent to Moscow

23-Aug-06: DHL delivers to embassy

12-Sep-06: Rcvd Packet from embassy

25-Oct-06: Interview at embassy - VISA APPROVED!!!

03-Nov-06: Reunited again in Detroit!

25-Nov-06: Married =)

04-Dec-06: Filed AOS

07-Dec-06: NOA1

26-Dec-06: Biometrics

19-Dec-06: RFE requested

26-Dec-06: Received RFE

27-Dec-06: Sent back RFE

03-Jan-07: Email of RFE acceptance

06-Mar-07: Interview - 'Green cards should arrive 1 to 2 weeks in mail' =)

09-Mar-07: Received welcome emails

10-Mar-07: Received K2 welcome letter

12-Mar-07: Received K1 welcome letter

15-Mar-07: Greencards arrive!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Brazil

I think this is unrelated to IMBRA, and is being done in belief it will be faster to process. I hope you all get approved soon. :)

(Puerto Rico) Luis & Laura (Brazil) K1 JOURNEY
04/11/2006 - Filed I-129F.
09/29/2006 - Visa in hand!

10/15/2006 - POE San Juan
11/15/2006 - MARRIAGE

01/05/2007 - AOS sent to Chicago.
03/26/2007 - Green Card in hand!

01/26/2009 - Filed I-751.
06/22/2009 - Green Card in hand!

06/26/2014 - N-400 sent to Nebraska
07/02/2014 - NOA
07/24/2014 - Biometrics
10/24/2014 - Interview (approved)

01/16/2015 - Oath Ceremony

*View Complete Timeline

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Thailand

Count me in the "I've been transfered to CSC club".

5 e-mails.

08/07/05 - Traveled to Bangkok on business.

08/23/05 - Met Paveena in Bangkok.

03/25/06 - Spent a total of 6 months in Thailand, back to USA.

04/12/06 - Sent I-129F to NSC

04/19/06 - Check cashed

04/22/06 - Received NOA1

06/01/06 - Case transfered to CSC.

06/02/06 - Touched

06/03/06 - Touched

06/05/06 - Angry as hell at the government for its incompetence in handling the IMBRA law

06/14/06 - Touched with a NOA1 notice from CSC. Great. Next time the government decides to take over health care or some other important/large enterprise, remember the IMBRA fiasco and be glad you were not waiting for a heart transplant.

06/15/06 - Touched

06/16/06 - Touched

06/17/06 - Touched

07/03/06 - RFE for IMBRA

07/05/06 - RFE Sent back to CSC

07/11/06 - Touched

07/17/06 - Notice that IMBRA RFE was received and is in the system

08/05/06 - NOA2 Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey guess what...

Ive only got 3 e-mails.

I live in the UK and my fiance in IA... perhaps this is an attempt to clear the backlog of forms??

Ah well heres hoping.. at least we know that our pettitions arnt just sitting somewhere forgotten about

29/12/06 Married
05/01/08 Alexander Mark is born 16:27
07/05/08 Alexander Mark is offically an USA citizen
21/05/08 Alex's passport arrives
02/06/10 I-130 sent to London
22/08/08 I-130 Approved
09/22/08 Packet 3 Recieved
10/04/08 Packet 3 Sent
11/01/08 Packet 4 Recieved
11/14/08 Interview APPROVED
12/03/08 Visa Recieved
12/16/08 We Arrive Back In USA
08/01/10 Isadora Rose is Born
12/17/10 ROC Filed
01/25/11 Bio Appointment Sioux Falls SD
08/03/11 Conditions Lifted
10/10/12 N-400 Mailed to Phoenix
10/24/12 Fee Waiver Approved
10/26/12 NOA Recieved
11/06/12 Bio Appointment Sioux Falls SD
03/08/13 Interview and Testing, Sioux Falls SD

04/04/14 Oath Time APPROVED

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Brazil

Yep, count me in as another one transfered. NOA1 date of May 9th. I'm in Ohio.

3dflagsdotcomusa2fawm8fa.gif 3dflagsdotcombrazi2fawm8bu.gif

NOA1 Date Received - 5/09/2006

Petition Transfered from NSC to CSC - 6/01/2006

Touched - 6/02/2006

Touched - 6/03/2006

IMBRA RFE Received - 06/30/2006 (Dated 06/23/2006)

IMBRA RFE Delivered - 07/01/2006 (USPS Next Day)

Touched - 07/03/2006 (Email saying they sent RFE)

Touched - 07/04/2006

Touched - 07/05/2006

Touched - 07/10/2006 (Recieved RFE Response)

Touched - 07/11/2006

Touched - 07/12/2006

Touched - 07/13/2006

Touched - 08/03/2006

NOA2 Approved - 08/03/2006

Touched - 08/06/2006

NVC Entered Case into System - 08/21/2006

Consulate in Rio de Janeiro confirms receipt - 08/29/2006 (may have arrived sooner, only got around to calling today).

Fiance sent Packet 3 to Embassy (Before she actually received it) - 09/01/2006

Fiance receives actual Packet 3 - 09/06/2006

Fiance receives Packet 4 - 09/22/2006

Medical Scheduled - 11/06/2006

Interview Scheduled - 11/07/2006

Fiance should be on her way to me! 11/10/2006

Visa Approved!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: China

From what I have read about the reorganization of the service centers, this was planned and is not related to IMBRA (also known as STINKY).

I got my notice today also. I hope they will actually start processing some petitions now. It looks like things have been stalled for several weeks at NSC.



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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: China

I just joined the CSC club too.

August-December 2004---------Together my baby.

June 2005-----------Together again.

November 2005-----Together again.

March 2006---------Together again.

July 2006------------Together again.

October-November 2006-------Together again.

April 28, 2006--------NOA1.

May 2006-------------IMBRA.

May 27, 2006--------Touched.

June 1, 2006---------Touched.

June 2, 2006---------Touched.

June 3, 2006---------Touched.

June 14, 2006-------Touched.

June 15, 2006-------Touched.

June 16, 2006-------Touched.

June 17, 2006-------Touched.

July 3, 2006---------Touched.

July 4, 2006---------Touched.

July 5, 2006---------Touched.

July 18, 2006--------Touched.

July 22, 2006--------Received IMBRA RFE.

July 24, 2006--------RFE returned Next Day Air to CSC.

July 25, 2006--------CSC receives RFE.

August 1, 2006------Touched 3 times.

August 1, 2006------Preliminary processing completed email.

August 2, 2006------Touched.

August 3, 2006------Touched.

August 7, 2006------Touched.

September 7, 2006---Touched.

September 7, 2006---Approved.

September 8, 2006---Touched.

September 11, 2006--Receive NOA2.

October 12, 2006-----Left NVC.

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Canada

Wow. Give even more work to an over-burdened Service Center. :huh::blink::wacko:

I hope this means good news for all of you and that you all hear something soon! (Trying to find the positive) :)


Sept 10 I-129F sent to TSC


Interview - February 13th APPROVED! day 152

April 6 - wedding date day 204

Aug 22 - AOS interview date day 101-total days 342

Sept 29 - green card arrives, done until June 2008 day 140-total days 381


June 30 - I-751 mailed total days 1025


March 9 - Removal of Conditions approved! total days 1277

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Yes, add me to the "Transfer club" :whistle: .

I wonder if there is anyone that hasn't been sent to CSC yet, and is still in NSC? Ah well, good luck to everyone in this process.

K1 Journey:

April 13/06 NOA1 from NSC

June 1/06 - Moved to CSC

August 12/06 APPROVED - NOA2!!

August 28/06 Left NVC. . . Vancouver Bound!

September 27/06 Interview APPROVED, with visa in hand

October 29/06 Moving Date

December 30/06 Married!!

AOS Journey:

January 16/07 Sent out AOS, EAD, and AP docs

January 23/07 NOA1's for AOS, EAD and AP

February 13/07 Biometrics in Portland, OR

April 7/07 EAD and AP Received

April 24/07 Interview Scheduled . . . and APPROVED, stamp and all!

May 7/07 Greencard is in my hands!

ROC Journey:

February 17/09 Sent I-751 to CSC

February 18/09 NOA1

March 14/09 Biometrics appt.

April 22/09 Date of Approval!!

June 25/09 Greencard arrives in the mail!

*Everything I post is just my .02 cents, seek a lawyer for anything beyond that.*

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Peru

Yep, me too. I hope this means something good not 6 months of delay.

.oO - Jake & Kathe - Oo.

the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them - Einstein

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Colombia

I just recieved the same above email 3 times from NSC, I live in Colorado. Does anyone have any idea how long we have to wait now for the processing?? Do we all have to wait essentially 4 months now??

3/21/06 I-129F sent to NSC

3/24/06 NOA1

3/28/06 Touched

6/1/06 Case transfered to California Office

6/2/06 Touched

6/3/06 Touched

6/9/06 Received 2nd letter from NSC telling me that my case as been transefered

6/14/06 Received 3 emails today saying that CSC has my application

6/15/06 Touched

6/16/06 Touched

6/17/06 Touched again

7/3/06 Received RFE today in mail along with 2 emails

7/3/06 Touched

7/6/06 RFE received in California

7/13/06 Received email saying RFE had been received

7/31/06 Received (3) emails saying my application has been approved

8/1/06 Touched (hopefully that means that my application has been mailed to NVC

8/15/06 NVC mailed application to Bogota

8/25/06 Luisa received Packet 3 from Embasssy!

8/28/06 Luisa hand delivers Packet 3 to Embassy!

9/6/06 Luisa receieved Packet 4 from Embassy

9/18/06 Medical Exams

10/3/06 Interview Date!!!

10/4/06 Have Visa in Hand!!

10/16/06 Return to EEUU

01/06/07 Married..... Now trying to complete the EOS stuff!!!

07/02/07 Green Card Interview, we were approved!! Now we wait for the actual card!!

07/18/07 Recieved Green Card in the mail!! Yippeee!!!

Carl y Luisa

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Brazil

oh man .. everybody is being transfered. Has anyone contacted them to know what's going on?

We were transfered too.

Edited by nessaandcharles

* K1 Timeline *
* 04/07/06: I-129F Sent to NSC
* 10/02/06: Interview date - APPROVED!
* 10/10/06: POE Houston
* 11/25/06: Wedding day!!!

* AOS/EAD/AP Timeline *
*01/05/07: AOS/EAD/AP sent
*02/19/08: AOS approved
*02/27/08: Permanent Resident Card received

* LOC Timeline *
*12/31/09: Applied Lifting of Condition
*01/04/10: NOA
*02/12/10: Biometrics
*03/03/10: LOC approved
*03/11/10: 10 years green card received

* Naturalization Timeline *
*12/17/10: package sent
*12/29/10: NOA date
*01/19/11: biometrics
*04/12/11: interview
*04/15/11: approval letter
*05/13/11: Oath Ceremony - Officially done with Immigration.

Complete Timeline

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Filed: AOS (apr) Country: Russia

Someone previously posted a letter they recieved from their congressman about nebraska. I will cut and paste it here:

"Here is the response that I received from my congressman, today:

"Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts regarding immigration issues.

The legislation to which you referred, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, was not considered in the House of Representatives as a stand-alone bill. Instead, it was included in a much larger bill, the Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization Act of 2005, which was approved by the House by a vote of 415-4 on September 28, 2005, and was signed into law on January 5, 2006.

Per your request, I contacted officials at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) service center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Nebraska service center accepts and processes the applications and petitions from people residing in Minnesota, as well as Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

According to USCIS officials, there has been a slow down in operations at the Nebraska regional service center because of an ongoing reorganization of USCIS field offices. Currently, the USCIS four regional service centers, as the name suggests, process visas and petitions filed in the states within each of the centers’ assigned region. USCIS is restructuring its regional service centers so that each center specializes in certain types of visas and petitions. For example, the Nebraska center processes petitions for alien workers filed across the nation, rather than just in its own service region.

Unfortunately, while USCIS continues its restructuring efforts, we can expect to see more delays. USCIS officials are hopeful that once the reorganization is completed, the service centers will be able to process visas and petitions more quickly and efficiently.

Rest assured that I will continue to monitor the situation."

Perhaps this has come to pass. You will notice there are cases before March 6 that have been tranasferred (though not mine oddly) so that rules this out as an 'IMBRA thang'.

If this is the case, California should not slow down because some of its workload (non-immigrant visas?) has moved to Nebraska.

K1 Visa Process long ago and far away...

02/09/06 - NOA1 date

12/17/06 - Married!

AOS Process a fading memory...

01/31/07 - Mailed AOS/EAD package for Olga and Anya

06/01/07 - Green card arrived in mail

Removing Conditions

03/02/09 - Mailed I-751 package (CSC)

03/06/09 - Check cashed

03/10/09 - Recieved Olga's NOA1

03/28/09 - Olga did biometrics

05/11/09 - Anya recieved NOA1 (took a call to USCIS to take care of it, oddly, they were helpful)

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