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US Immigration from Peru

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paying immigration fee- payer email address and payer
8:37 pm


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Hi All!

My mother-in-law is immigrating, she was successfully, petitioned for the visa. Yay!

I'm trying to pay the immigration fee. After entering the A-Number and DOS Case info, I have to answer payer email and payer contact information. Do I put myself, becuase it's going to my credit card information, or do I put my mother in law, since it is her visa? The address I think should be her immigration address (which is also our address), correct?

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PERU Vaccinations medical appointment
4:31 am


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Hi there. We are about to start our process. I've read so many posts about the Melichor (or something like that) doctor , saying she pretty much FORCES you to get the vaccines there with her clinic at a VERY HIGH COST.

1* Is there anyone who had the vaccines OUTSIDE her Clinic (other clinics, MINSA, etc) ?

2* Which vaccines are mandatory for the K1 visa ( I read somewhere : influenza, tb, hepatitis and neumococo, true?) ?

Thank you so very much!


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K1 Interview Peru - No Open Dates?
7:41 pm

Adam Zollinger

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We had our K1 Interview scheduled for Nov 2, 2018 but due to a needed medical treatment we had to cancel and reschedule for after Nov 23 after all results are back. I am looking and there is literally only 1 date available for the rest of the 2018 calendar year (Nov 9), and nothing shows for 2019 either.

Does anyone know how often they open up dates to interviews? Is it a couple weeks at a time? Judging that there is nothing available in the foreseeable future I am assuming that they open up dates gradually. Would love some insight if you have it. Thanks!

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Is there a time limit
5:05 am


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Hello, I am wondering once Embassy forwards papers with details on what to collect and fill out forms before interview. How long do we have to schedule the interview and finish DS-160 for her and her son. We need to renew her passport as it will expire in less than 6 months and she is busy with finishing university and has no real free time . Are we pressed for time or can we submit next month? She received the papers 30 September from the embassy.

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Medical exam in Peru 8 weeks wait for sputum test
2:21 am

Isa Gon

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Hi everyone, im in the process with my fiance for a K1 visa through Peru embassy. Recently he went to the doctor for the medical exam and they placed him in a 8 weeks wait period and gave him an appointment for sputum test.

I would like to know if anyone knows how is the process in Peru with this and if we can go to the interview before this 8 weeks finishes.

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