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US Immigration from Peru

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K1 visa with criminal record
12:46 am today

Susy Mendez

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Hi, my fiance who is my petitioner has some charges and a few convictions, some for domestic violence, can someone please tell me how do we proceed for the k1 visa.

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A debt with the bank can affect my visa?
8:50 pm January 15, 2019

Susy Mendez

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Hi, I'm from Peru and I need help, a have a big debt with the bank , people are saying that I can get the visa denied, please does anyone knows if this can affect my k1 visa.

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I-134 additional documents / K1 VISA
8:42 pm January 4, 2019


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Hello everyone. I'm really confused. I was reading the instructions of the form I134 and it's says for the additional documents to have "any" of the list...but everyone here says that 1040, w2 taxes are mandatory?. I just have paystubs, bank stuff and I think according to that I will be good. Where did you get that 1040, w2 and taxes are mandatory to have with the form .... Here is the updated instructions form. Maybe I'm wrong...... Can someone please help me?


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I-134 form joint sponsor urgent
4:19 am December 11, 2018


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Hello all. I need to know if someone has filled the I134 form with a joint sponsor if so please how did you do it? Did you fill it two times with your fiance's and the other sponsor or just one? Please, help, don't know who to ask. My fiance just finished college and he is working part time, he doesn't make it enough but his father can do it.....

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F3 process, NVC sent the LMA number but no steps
5:02 am December 6, 2018

Katherine P.

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Hello, I m asking for a friends.

her mom is US citizen, and she requested her on 2012, the process has been very long for both of them.

On february of the current year my friend recieved a message with her case number, asking her to follow SIX STEPS that has to take before the NVC schedule her visa interview. But she HASN T recieve any paper, email or call telling her what are those steps. Does she need to wait, or does she need to contact them?

what are those steps?

she is an adult and married daughter of an US citizen. Her brother has recently received his visa as a single adult.

And another question:

How much time aproximately takes to get an F3 visa? Thanks!!

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