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Fiance/Spouse. Which is better for Peruvians?
4:49 am yesterday



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Hey everyone, me and my fiance have been needing some help deciding how we want to do our marriage and her visa for our future. We have read a lot about both a fiance visa (K-1) and a spouse visa. I'm American and she is Peruvian. We understand that the process for both does take time and depends on the embassy of Per . We are looking for advice from anyone from peru thay knows how the embassy is currently functioning with fiance or spouse visas at the moment. We understand covid has put some delays on a lot of visa approvals but I beleive that they are still processing the spousal and fiance visas. We've come to understand that the spouse visa will probably take a minimum of 2-3 years however she will receive her green card and be able to work in the US and move in with me immediately after receiving the approval. The other options with the fiance is to wait a little less time, around a year, for her approval and get married in the US within 90 days of the approval. She would then have to wait 3-6 months ish for a status adjustment and receive, I beleive, her green card as well. During that period she can't work or leave the US is what we understand. The other thing we've read is I need to meet a certain income requirement. As I'm a student right now this might be hard depending on how high it is but not impossible. Does anyone know anything about the income requirement? I live in Oregon currently. In terms of how much is required and if they check house hold income or personal income? Do they check this through taxes from the previous year?

Here's where we run into trouble trying to decide. We're both currently in school right now. I'm working on my bachelor's with about 3 years left and she is working on starting her PhD or masters. We are trying to plan in a way that we can be able to live together as soon as possible which means we are looking into options for her schooling and mine to align.

Does anyone know if she can study while on the probation with the fiance visa at a US school? Or can she receive a student visa while waiting for either visa approval?

The other option we were considering is the spouse visa in which I would finish my degree online and she would attend a post graduate program. I am also attempting to maintain an online job as an English teacher with TEFL certification. Does anyone know if it would be problematical legality wise to work out of the country with an online job? (tax laws etc.)

Does anyone have any insight to our situation? On any part of it would be helpful. We've been debating what to do with constant research for 3 months now and haven't been able to make a decision so any help is appreciated. We have also looked at immigration lawyers as an option. If anyone knows if this is worth it and if so good references would be helpful.

Thank you!

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APRIL 2021 AOS Filers
4:57 pm April 12, 2021



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Hello, does anyone here filing in April? just to check and share timelines?

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I-485 Part 3
1:47 pm April 10, 2021



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For question 1 under Part 3 of the I-485 ("have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent resident status at a U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate abroad?"), I'm pretty sure applying for a K-1 visa doesn't count, but I wanted to check to make sure. I submitted an I-129F for my fiancee (now wife) but it only went to the NVC and we have withdrawn it. Since the K1 is a nonimmigrant visa, and we didn't apply at the U.S. Embassy, I am assuming the answer to the question is "no"?

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Filing Fee Checks
2:56 am April 9, 2021



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We have to send in a total of $1,760 in fees (forms 485, 130, and the biometric fee). Can I put it all into one check? Or should I write separate checks for each amount (i.e. $1140 for the I-485, $85 for the bio fee, and $535 for the I-130)?

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I-797 EAD approval notice for travel purpose?
9:41 pm April 8, 2021


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Hello! I read in https://www.uscis.gov/i-9-central/form-i-9-related-news/temporary-policies-related-to-covid-19 that because of pandemic delays one could start working with the EAD approval notice since the actual EAD is taking a long time (surprise to no one) to be mailed.

My questions are:

1) is this still valid? The last related entry is from November 2020 and I think it was until February 2021. https://www.nafsa.org/regulatory-information/temporary-use-i-797-approval-notices-due-covid-19-ead-production-delays

2) I know the EAD is used as both an employment authorization and a travel authorization, so can the I-797 EAD approval notice also be used for traveling outside the country? or do we need either the EAD or the AP?


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