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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Jamaica

:dance::dance: WE WERE APPROVED :dance::dance:

This is what we brought to the interview....

- Both of our birth certificates, social security cards, passports, drivers license

- Certified copy of our marriage certificate

- Vaccine Supplement Copy

- EAD Card

- All NOA's from our whole journey (K1, EAD, AOS, Biometrics)

Financial Stuff...

- Updated I-864

- 2005 Tax Return

- Update Employee Letter

- Payroll History for last 4 months

- 3 months of bank statements

Evidence of a relationship

- Lease Agreement in both names

- Lease (rent) reciepts in both names

- Car Title in both names

- 401K statement with Andre as beneficiary

- Power bills in both names

- Phone bills in both names

- Letter from our pastor

- Half dozen mail items sent to our address in both names

- Handful of cards from our wedding

- Wedding Album with 20 or so pics

- 15 random pics from the last few holidays/birthdays

Ok....So we got there about 45 mins early and got through security no problem. Our appoinment was for 9:30 am. There was a lot of people in the waiting room and I could pick out some couples that you knew were there for AOS stuff because they had wedding albums and things like that. The interesting thing was out of the 4 couples that we saw there, 3 of them had lawyers. They were all dressed up like it was Easter Sunday and Andre and I started to panic cause we were dressed casual but nice...but definitely not our Sunday best. There were a lot of people of Russian descent in the waiting room and we didn't understand what they were saying but a lot of them were coming out the doors looking really sad and some were teary so that was a little unnerving...all these sad people who were obviously denied something. We were finally called in at 10:00. The lady was polite but not friendly. We were sworn in and took a seat. She asked to look at both our ID's...she specifically asked for drivers licenses. After that she looked at Andre's passport and took out the I-94. She had a huge file of all our information. She went through asking if things were correct (address, birthday, etc), then she asked all those "No" questions...Andre started to snicker when she asked if he was a prostitue or had ever harbored a prostitute After that she asked how we met, how many time I visited JA, when we got married, where we got married, who was there. Then she looked through our album of our wedding. She asked some questions in the pictures...who is this? who is that?

Then she asked what proof we had of our relationship. I started to give her copies of the things we had and she said she didn't need to see them, she just wanted me to tell her what we had. I listed off a couple of things and she said that was fine. She said we were approved but the FBI clearance didn't come back...when it does the green card will be sent in the mail. Have a nice day! She said the last few sentences as she was ushering us out the door. In all we were in there for 11 minutes. She talked extremely fast and never beat around the bush or cracked any sort of smile...no real emotion at all...It was all business. She didn't say anything about lifting conditions...good thing I know about that from VJ.

I was a little pissed that I spent a million hours getting this HUGE AOS package together and making copies of everything and stressing about getting all this evidence and all this stuff together and she looked at NONE of it. NONE!!! I filled out all these stupid forms, got all this update #######, saved mail for ever and she didn't look at a thing. Honestly she only look at our ID's in the beginning and our wedding album. I am grateful that it was easy but I was so prepared I wanted to show someone I think she knew we were prepared and we weren't sweating it or anything so that she wasn't worried about some sort of scam. She also mentioned that we had one of the most detailed AOS filing package that it made it easy on her.

So that is that...just waiting on the name check to get that green card. I can't believe we are "done" so to speak...what am I going to do while we wait for the next set of forms and petition we have to file???

Thanks for all the help and advice from everyone :thumbs:

See you over in the "Removing Conditions" forum :lol:

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Filed: Citizen (pnd) Country: Ireland

Congrats!! Happy Days!!

(But I bet no one will be able to beat our 4 minute interview :lol:

03.04.2009......Posted I-130 to U.S. Embassy

03.04.2009......Ordered Police Certificate for Visa Purposes from Local Garda Office (ordered over the phone)

03.05.2009......I-130 received at Embassy

03.06.2009......Received Police Cert

03.18.2009......I-130 Approved

09.10.2009......Medical Exam

09.23.2009......Embassy receives Notice of Readiness

10.13.2009......Received our interview date

10.29.2009......Successful interview!

11.5.2009........Visa received in post

11.7.2009........All the family flew to the US together :)

12.20.2009......Received Welcome to America letter

12.24.2009......10 year Greencard received in the mail

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada


26 January 2005 - Entered US as visitor from Canada.
16 May 2005 - Assembled health package, W2s.
27 June 2005 - Sent package off to Chicago lockbox.
28 June 2005 - Package received at Chicago lockbox.
11 July 2005 - RFE: cheques inappropriately placed.
18 July 2005 - NOA 1: I-485, I-131, I-765 received!
19 July 2005 - NOA 1: I-130 received!
24 August 2005 - Biometrics appointment (Naperville, IL).
25 August 2005 - AOS touched.
29 August 2005 - AP, EAD, I-485 touched.
15 September 2005 - AP and EAD approved!
03 February 2006 - SSN arrives (150 days later)
27 February 2006 - NOA 2: Interview for 27 April!!
27 April 2006 - AOS Interview, approved after 10 minutes!
19 May 2006 - 2 year conditional green card.
01 May 2008 - 10 year green card arrives.
09 December 2012 - Assembled N-400 package.
15 January 2013 - Sent package off to Phoenix.
28 January 2013 - RFE: signature missing.
06 February 2013 - NOA 1: N-400 received!
27 February 2013 - Biometrics appointment (Detroit, MI).
01 April 2013 - NOA 2: Interview assigned.

15 May 2013 - Naturalization Interview, approved after 15 minutes.

10 June 2013 - Naturalized.

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: India



2006-02-xx - AOS Packet Sent

2006-02-15 - NOA1 Received

2006-03-11 - Biometrics Appointment Letter Rec'vd for (04/05/2006)

2006-04-05 - Biometrics Done for both EAD+AOS

2006-04-05 - Another Biometrics Appointment Letter Rec'vd :-0

2006-04-05 - AOS + EAD Touched

2006-04-06 - AOS + EAD Touched

2006-04-14 - Interview Letter Received (5/16/06)

2006-04-28 - EAD approval e-mail (whopping 18 days before AOS interview)

2006-05-03 - ANOTHER EAD approval e-mail!

2006-05-03 - Received EAD card in mail! - this is getting really really weeeiiirrdd!!!

2006-05-16 - AOS Interview went pretty smooth IMO. Hopefully will see GC soon.

2006-05-16 - Touched (Still no change from original AOS receipt status)

2006-05-19 - Received WELCOME LETTER in mail. (No change in online status)

2006-05-23 - "Approved and Card Ordered" - E-mail received and online status changed.

2006-05-25 - "Approval Letter Sent" - E-mail received and online status changed.

2006-05-26 - Received GREEN CARD in mail.

There is NO Substitute for Common Sense, especially not a Lawyer.

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Canada

Congrats on a successful interview. Hopefully the GC won't be too long in arriving.

Both myself and my daughter went to the Seattle office and were in and out in 10 minutes too.


KURT & RAYMA (K-1 Visa)

Oct. 9/03... I-129F sent to NSC

June 10/04... K-1 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

July 31/04... Entered U.S.

Aug. 28/04... WEDDING DAY!!!!

Aug. 30/04... I-485, I-765 & I-131 sent to Seattle

Dec. 10/04... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport stamped)

Sept. 9/06... I-751 sent to NSC

May 15/07... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Sept. 13/07... N-400 sent to NSC

Aug. 21/08... Interview - PASSED!!!!

Sept. 2/08... Oath Ceremony

Sept. 5/08... Sent in Voter Registration Card

Sept. 9/08... SSA office to change status to "U.S. citizen"

Oct. 8/08... Applied in person for U.S. Passport

Oct. 22/08... U.S. Passport received


KAELY (K-2 Visa)

Apr. 6/05... DS-230, Part I faxed to Vancouver Consulate

May 26/05... K-2 Interview - APPROVED!!!!

Sept. 5/05... Entered U.S.

Sept. 7/05... I-485 & I-131 sent to CLB

Feb. 22/06... AOS Interview - APPROVED!!!!! (Passport NOT stamped)

Dec. 4/07... I-751 sent to NSC

May 23/08... 10-Yr. PR Card arrives in the mail

Mar. 22/11.... N-400 sent to AZ

June 27/11..... Interview - PASSED!!!

July 12/11..... Oath Ceremony

We're NOT lawyers.... just your average folks who had to find their own way!!!!! Anything we post here is simply our own opinions/suggestions/experiences and should not be taken as LAW!!!!

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Morocco


Tho' lovers be lost, love shall not... and death shall have NO dominion!



The will of God will never take you,

to where the grace of God will not protect you.

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Great! Congratulations :dance:(F)

3dflags_fin0001-0001a.gifSanna and Daniel's journey3dflags_usa0001-0001a.gif

December 13, 2007 - I-751 submitted to NSC (removing of conditions fun begins...)

December 22 - Received a rejection notice because the form was not "properly signed". Package itself was not returned.

January 1, 2008 - Received packet back from CSC. They are requesting we resubmit the packet (which is already organized by CSC) with a properly signed form.

January 2 - Packet resubmitted to California.

January 12 - NOA1 received (dated 01/07/2008)

January 19 - Biometrics appointment notice received (dated 01/15/2008)

February 1 - Biometrics

March 11 - Approved! Card production ordered (notified via e-mail).

March 20, 2008 - New card arrived in the mail :)

Done until 2018 :)

For more details including K1 and AOS journies check out "Our story" in my profile =)

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Hey don't be pissed just be happy :dance:

Hang on to that file for sending in with the removal of conditions in 2 years - from what I read you need to send lots of evidence :thumbs:

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Filed: Country: Nigeria

Congrats on your approval !!!!!


NSC, NOA1 September 26th,03

received NOA1 in mail Oct. 03,03

RFE - received in mail March 29th,04

RFE returned April 17th,04

RFE received April 21,04 at NSC online

NOA2 received April 29th,04 via online

NOA2 received May 03,04 in mail

NVC receives file May 6th,04

NVC sends file to Nigeria May 11th,04

Lagos receives our file, notified thru e-mail May 19th,04

Victor goes and picks up packet #3....May 20th,04

Sent request for earlier interview date via e-mail May 20th,04

May 27th, Lagos won't change date.

August 16th, 2004 fly to Nigeria for Victors interview

August 19th, 2004 Interview date, visa approved.

August 25th, 2004 Victor picks up passport with visa stamp.

August 26th, 2004 fly back to USA

September 18th, 2004 Victor arrives in USA, Lord willing.

October 9th, 2004, we become husband and wife

October 25th, 2004 I learn that I'm pregnant.

Feburary 25th, 2005 AOS Appointment

( went to appt. and requested a reschedule)

June 7th, 05 gave birth to a boy child.

July 5th, 05 Victor packs he suitcase and leaves for good.

July 2005 2nd AOS appointment

( went and requested a reschedule )

August 2005- I file for divorce. and withdraw immigration paperwork.

Washington State/ Nigeria

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Filed: AOS (pnd) Country: South Korea
:dance: Congratz :dance:

1/12/06 Mail I-129f express mail

1/13/06 TSC rec'd

1/23/06 NOA1 from CSC

1/27/06 - Check cleared

7/10/06 - NOA2

7/14/06- rec'd @ NVC

8/14/06- NVC sent petition to Consulate

8/17/06 - Korean Consulate rec'd Petition

8/23/06 - rec'd packet 3 from Consulate

8/25/06 - sent packet 3 back to Consulate

8/27/06 - got confirmation email from Consulate, they rec'd packet three

8/27/06 - requested interview date via Consulate internet site.

9/1/06 - Checked internet site for interveiw date, it was there

9/25/06 - Interview date - APPROVED

9/28/06 - Visa in Zaeems Hand - YEAHHHHH

1/6/07 - leaving for USA

1/20/07 - Wedding Date

1/20/07 - MARRIED!!!!!

2/10/07 - rec'd certified copy of marriage license


3/13/07 - AOS package rec'd at Chicago Lockbox

3/20/07 - Rec'd Social Security Card

3/21/07 - Checks Cashed and Case Status online

3/24/07 - NOA1 Rec'd for AOS and EAD

3/27/07 - rec'd Biometrics appt letter - scheduled for 4/20/07 @ 11:00am

4/02/07 - "touched"

4/20/07 - had biometrics appt.

4/21/07 - rec'd letter stating case was transferred to CSC

5/22/07 - rec'd Case Pending at CSC email

6/25/07 - EAD card production ordered

7/7/07 - EAD "touched"

7/7/07 - AOS "touched"

8-6-07 - Rec'd EAD Card in the Mail


7-2-10 - Received 10 year green card in mail

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