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US Immigration from Algeria

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Experience traveling on K-1 through Schengen area?
4:27 pm June 8, 2021


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When my fianc had his interview on May 18, the officer "advised" him to fly through Qatar instead of Paris. This doesn't make any sense as he'd have to fly 6 hours in the opposite direction to start, then the trip would be over 30 hours instead of just 13 hours if flying through Paris. Does anyone know why he may have given this advice? I know it's less expensive to fly through Qatar but that's all I can think of.

I know that a K-1 visa holder is allowed to travel directly from the Schengen area to the US, but I was wondering if anyone has actually done it since the exception was put into place? My fianc plans to fly Algeria > Paris > New York next week (the transit through Paris is only 2.5 hours). We are nervous because he'll be flying on Air France but their travel doc site is not updated as it says "Passengers are not permitted to enter the United States using a K1 or DV1 visa if they have travelled to France with it, due to the outbreak of Covid-19." I'm wondering if this will cause them to deny him from boarding the plane?

I hope to hear from anyone who has had experience with this, thanks!

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N400 Application and Supporting Documents
2:14 am June 1, 2021

Habibati & Habibi

Habibati & Habibi

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Hi VJs

I am planning to apply for US citizenship based on the 3 years rule as being married to US citizen and I am collecting document supporting my application, but I have questions if anyone can assist please.

1- When they say submit any documents referring to you and you spouse? if we submit statements of joint bank account or utility bills, do we have to submit a one month bill/statement or we must submit statement/bills of the whole time since we were married?

2- what documents are strong and support my application?

3- what is the difference between : Tax return and internal revenue service certified copies of the income tax forms and IRS tax return transcript?

Any advise or suggestion is welcomed, and thank you all.

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Consulate officer refused and sent petition back to USCIS
11:38 am May 25, 2021


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Can anyone tell me if they have had this experience my family member said the officer has sent the I-130 back to USCIS for reconsideration to revoke petition can anyone tell me if this happened to you?

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3:47 am May 19, 2021



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Affidavit Support Income Requirements
2:47 pm May 18, 2021

Black Eagle

Black Eagle

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My question is if the Income requirements to bring someone to the US for the affidavit support income requirement $21,775 as a gross income or taxable income?

I made $43000 this year, the tax agent after applying deductibles it come to $20000 taxable income and $23000 expenses, so do I need a joint sponsor or I am doing okay? Please Help.

Thank you in advance.

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