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How long does it take for an approved K-1 to be issued?
4:57 pm June 23, 2022

Beth Moskov

Beth Moskov

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Greetings all We just want to get a sense of folks experience. My fiance's k1 Visa was approved on June 5th. The embassy said it would take about 5 days to process the visa and then he could pick it up from their processing center. It is still not ready and CEAC shows that the application is ready for interview but hasn't been updated since the interview to show that the interview has happened and that the visa has been issued. I've heard all kinds of crazy stories about the time it can take. Would love to hear from others about how much time it takes. Thank you!

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No response since I submitted i130 form
4:36 pm June 15, 2022


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Hello beautiful people.

(I am permanent resident waiting for appointment for citizenship. And I am applying for my wife)

I submitted the i130 form on June 6th and until today I only get "your case is being actively reviewd" , how can I know if they accepted my application or no?

And what's the next step? (Because I only did this I130 form, is there any other forms that need to be done?)

Thank you in advance.


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Working on my K1 visa packet....
4:12 am June 15, 2022


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and honestly I'm nervous as hell that I'm not going to do something correctly and get denied. I've got just about everything together and filled out but I have a couple of questions especially with the I-129 form

1. On many of the videos I've watched on YouTube about assembling the packets, they included the terms of service to the dating site they met on to proove it wasn't a mail order bride kind of thing. We didn't meet through a dating site, we met through a mutal friend and talked (and still talk) to each other on Facebook and Messenger. Should I include a terms of service for Facebook in my packet?

2. I work a full time job but I also do Doordash part time as a 2nd job. I was told to include that but I've was told since I'm technically self employed with doordash I should put in my own address in under it. Should I use my address or should I put in the address for DoorDash?

3. under Information about your parents, my father is deceased so what do I put under City of Residence? Where he last lived?

4.The section on page 7 "Your Beneficiary's Name and Address in His or Her Native Alphabet" confuses me. Am I suppose to write his name and address in the Arabic language? Because I have no clue how to write those letters. All the videos I've watched on YouTube they left that section blank.

5. When seeing samples of items such as the letter of intent to marry, The thank you letter, declaration of how we met, etc. I have seen 2 different addresses for the USCIS listed on them. One of them was a PO Box in Dallas TX and the other was a suite in Lewisville TX, which one do I use? I've also seen 2 different addresses on where to send the application to listed on their website on Both in Dallas.

Thank you in advance

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Blue 221g what to expect!! K1 visa
7:17 pm June 8, 2022



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Hello Vj

my fiance and I have been together for 4 years now we love each other deeply. we have a strong bond. we have seen each other for the total of four months and three weeks

I had my interview May 22th, 2022 in the us embassy in algeria the CO didn't take the evidence of the relationship i brought with me ( texts, pictures, rental contract, affidavit from parents and family) he wasn't friendly at all and he kinda focused on one perticular thing which is the age gap we have 25+ years but it's not something that bother us not to mention that she doesn't look her age AT ALL I answered all his questions correctly. the interview was short around 10 to 15 minutes

in the end he gave me a blue slip 221g and he said he will need to further review my case or something like that and didn't ask for any additional documents

he kept my passport, the medical, my birth certificate, police records of her and mine, my fiance divorce paper work, 2 passport pictures.

- Now the case status in CEAC hasn't changed AT ALL since the interview it still shows refused, and the last date the case has been updated same as the date of the interview meaning no change at all

- my passport status changed from your passport is still at the embassy to Document Delivery Information:

I have so many questions like:

are we denied or approved?

what actualy the blue slip 221g color stands for?

why he didn't take the evidence of the relationship?

why there's no update on our case (18 days now)?

where's my passport?

Please any insight will be very apprecieted.

Thank you all for taking the time

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i130 form, Where did you and your spouse last live together?
3:19 am June 5, 2022


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Hello everyone I hope you are doing well,

my wife and I married at the end of March in Algeria, and we stayed together only 15 days since she studies in a European country, and then she was obliged to fly back for school reasons, now I am applying for her spouse visa,

while filling i130 form I encountered this question: Where did you and your spouse last live together?

what should I put there? knowing that I didn't put that address in my 5 years history since it was a short stay.

any pieces of advice, please??

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