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US Immigration from Algeria

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US Citizen name change
9:00 pm February 2, 2024


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I m the US citizen and my husband arrived here on a K1 visa. We were married the following month and I took my husband s name. Do I need to inform USCIS of my name change prior to submitting the AOS paperwork?

Also, some of my documents such as passport still have my maiden name. Will that be an issue?

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USCIS account login issue
3:54 pm December 12, 2023


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Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue login into my USCIS account, I am not receiving the verification code email. I always did with zero issue, but since yesterday I am unable to receive the verification code email.

Anyone knows how I can fix this ?

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Leaving us before get green card (Merged Threads)
2:56 pm November 10, 2023



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hi plz i have a question...i have immigrant visa dv lottery and I enter to us and stayed there 2 months and payed gc fees but i back to my country emergency without green card so now wanna back i just stayed in my country just 3 months and my visa expired and i know my visa convert to i551 temporary so plz i Can back without problems?

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Mistake on submitted i-751 form
6:47 pm November 8, 2023


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Hi all,

I filed my i-751 a year ago and I'm preparing to apply for citizenship. We just found out that my attorney made a mistake on my I-751 form and had me as unemployed despite me being employed. Did anyone have a similar situation and how did you fix it ?

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Documents required for interview
3:44 am October 17, 2023


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Hi everyone. My fianc has his interview (Algeria) scheduled for Oct 29th and I have a few questions. What documents or info do I need to provide to him for him to take along? From his understanding on what he was told he needs to show them proof that I have an American bank account along with proof of employment and my tax return. I cannot find anywhere where it says I need to provide a proof of bank account. I saw the others listed but not that one

another question is for my I-134, when listening my employment. I work 2 jobs. One is a full time job employed by someone however my 2nd job is part time and it is delivering doordash orders. The form only leaves room for one job and doesn't provide or mention adding on anything. Another issue is delivering doordash is technically considered a self-employment job (I get a 1099 for this and not a w2) so how do I provide proof of employment for them that states how long I work for them and how much I make a year which varies depending how much work I do and how much the customer tips.

What are some current questions they are asking during the interview?

I am so nervous that I'm gonna forget something or give the wrong info and we've come so long to finally get this far and dont want to get a rejection

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