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US Immigration from Algeria

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will age diffrence will cause a problem ?
5:20 pm


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hey i would love to ask you to help me about my k1 visa process

i'm a guy from algeria i fall in love with a women from usa and she loved me back she's 50 years old and i'm 21 but i can say for sure we are deep in love i know for some people think it's weird and they say i'm crazy but sometimes love is in a beautiful way

we've met once befor here in algeria (15 days ) and soon we will meet each other again it's amazing how we understand each other all my family noticed that lol also people around

we didn't start the process yet but we are wondring will the age diffrence will cause us a problem . because i asked many people and you can omagine how much negative ansewrs i got . honestly we can't live without each other .. also if they denial it we can live here in algeria or they wont let here live here with me too ?

i hope you read this and reply

thank you and have a nice day

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Embassy of Algeria
4:10 pm


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quelqu'un peut-il me dire combien de temps il faut pour avoir un entretien avec l'ambassade d'Alger

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Nvc process
3:50 am


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Hello everyone... I got approved from uscis (cr1 visa) in 11 September 2018.. And I am waiting for them to send the file to nvc... The question is how long it will take for them to mail us??.. And should i call them or wait till they send a mail? Thank you

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Husband had GREENCARD interview.
3:36 am


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So my husband and I went to the interview this morning and we had our son with us and a translator in the room as well. The whole interview was around 30 minutes. They got our marriage certificate, birth certificate for our son, rental agreement for our apartment, photos of our little wedding, And after the whole thing was over with the lady said she s not making a decision now but we ll hear from them within 90 days. If anyone has anything new to share please let me know!

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Question about sending Documents
11:47 pm


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hi , every one

for CR1 process i received NVC welcom letter (ACL)
i live in Algeria i want to know if i can scan my documents and send them to my wife in USA by email , and then she who makes the package and sends it by MAIL ? or I have to send it from my country in MAIL directly to NVC

, thank you

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