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Reasons for RFE's/Denials?
2:10 am yesterday

Lucy F

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Hi all!

Just wondering if folks could weigh in on why they got an RFE or a denial at least at the I-129F stage and also at the interview stage. Thanks so much!!

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need a samples of affidavits by third party
6:15 am January 17, 2019


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hi everyone

can anyone pls give me an example for an affidavit by third party regarding the relationship of my n my wife

thank you

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filing i751..join bank account issue
5:38 am January 17, 2019


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hi everyone

so me and my wife r going to file the ROC form i751

we have join health insurance/join car insurance/i am the primary beneficiary of her bank account as she is for my bank account /we filed taxes jointly .

the only thing tht we do not have jointly is a bank account since we did not care to open one

anyone who had same issue or who have information regarding this issue , DO YOU THINK that this will be a problem ,,,????

thank you in advance

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Photo Paper or Images Posted on Doc?
9:10 pm January 13, 2019

Lucy F

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Hi all!

2 Questions!

I'm wondering how folks here presented their photos with their fiancees. Do photos have to be printed with photo paper? Or can I just put the images directly onto a Word Doc?

Secondly, I know we don't need to submit the G325 anymore, right? Can I submit it just in case or better to leave it out?

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How many screenshots of conversations
1:58 am January 11, 2019

Lucy F

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Hello there!

I've been in a relationship with my fiance for 2.5 years and I'm wondering how much evidence I should include in terms of ongoing conversations. Do I need a screenshot of a conversation every month?

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