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Northern Ireland police certificate issue
6:46 pm today



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my case is currently being processed by the NVC. I live in Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK. I submitted all the relevant documents including the UK ACRO police certificate, which have all been accepted. However they have asked for a police certificate for Northern Ireland. On the Northern Ireland police website it says they do not issue police certificates but instead people should apply for the ACRO UK certificate. I have responded to NVC with this explanation but I have heard nothing back in over a month.

Does anyone have any experience of this issue?

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Visa refused due to lack of income
7:27 pm June 11, 2021


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Hi everyone. Due to CoVid 19 my fiance only made ~$18k in 2020, and our visa petition has been "refused pending a review of the following documentation". We have been advised to provide examples of additional savings and a job offer, but were not given a dollar amount for what would be considered sufficient savings. Does anyone have experience with this? Our families are willing to gift us the required amount, but we do not have another US citizen willing to be a co-sponsor.

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Immigration Fee: PAID; do I need a new USCIS acct for address verification?
1:22 pm June 11, 2021


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I have an extant account as the petitioner, the beneficiary does not have one. The instructions on the fee pay confirmation page state to confirm/verify the US address for delivery of the GC. I tried to do this via my existing account but couldn't find any place to.

Seeing as how the US address hasn't changed since filing the I-130 (and was documented at the interview), do I need to do this address verification step?

If so, do I need to make a new USCIS account for the beneficiary in order to verify the address, or am I missing where I can do it in the petitioner account on myUSCIS?

For additional information, I wasn't signed into my account when I paid the fee. I don't think that matters though.

Thanks a million, friends. So excited to be close to the end of this part of the process.

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DS-160 Question K1 fiance visa
11:19 am June 4, 2021

L 1974

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Hi there

I cannot find any information on this and have queried with embassy but no reply..

Question on DS-160 - regarding have I been in the US? Do I need to enter every date I have been to the US? I have been a lot of times even as a child with family. And over the past 10 years probably 3/4 times a year. It s alot of info to put in and I don t have all the dates etc.

Any advice appreciated thank you ?

Yes No

Provide information on all U.S. visits:

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NVC documents qualified
2:22 pm May 31, 2021


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A couple weeks ago the NVC started reviewing our documents and approved all of my husbands documents, some of mine (sponsor) and a couple of my moms (joint sponsor). There was a couple small issues so I fixed them within the hour and uploaded new documents. The next day we got an email that there was an update so we logged on, but nothing was changed and there was no updates. It's about two weeks since that last email and we're concerned that we aren't seeing something or that they couldn't see our new documents for some reason.

I have read a lot about there being glitches with the NVC website. We've tried to call a few times but can't get through. Also we've checked the NVC timeframes posted on the website and our date has passed.

Is this normal? Just curious if anyone else has experience the same thing.

Thanks in advance!?

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