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Citizenship implications of working for different company than sponsor
10:20 pm June 24, 2022


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I recently became a permanent resident through the employment-based category. When I came to the US, the company (aka the sponsor) wanted me to work for a different company that the owners had setup. I believe it was something to do with retaining all software intellectual property in the second company. Some important details:

All the work I do is for the sponsoring company, I just get paid by company B. I'm under the same roof as the sponsoring company, and company B has the same address as the sponsor. The ownership of both companies is almost, but not entirely the same.

I'm worried that when I go for the citizenship interview that USCIS might turn around and say that fraud was committed or something like that. Has anyone been in this situation before?

I've tried to be proactive about things and managed to get the sponsoring company to issue me a check for one of the months I worked. This was to maintain a trail of a connection to the sponsoring company. Also I managed to get a letter from the sponsor stating '...even though we sponsored this person, he started work with an affiliate company under similar ownership as we deemed his work to be more suited to that company".

I've been thinking about this for months and don't want to spend the next 4.5 years worrying about it. If anyone had any guidance that would be great. Thank you!

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First Time US Passport
10:04 pm June 22, 2022



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If you have recently passed your Naturalization/N-400 interview and have received your Naturalization Certificate, you can apply for a US passport. I dont want to send in my original Certificate, so what is the easiest way to get a certified copy of the certificate? If the only way is through USCIS, what is the easiest way to book an appointment to get this done? Thanks!

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Has anyone got a CR1 visa after a K1?
8:02 pm June 22, 2022


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I went to the US on a K1 visa last year but my fianc and I felt extreme pressure to get married. We didn t want to rush anything so I went back home. We are still together, we have a 2 year old and another baby on the way and are now thinking on going down the CR1 route.

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Medical - vaccinations
4:10 pm June 7, 2022


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Hi guys,

quick question, I can t seem to find anything online about it. I have my medical exam booked for august however I now see it s a requirement for everyone under 59 years old to get the hepatitis b vaccine. I ve looked into it and it seems to be 2/3 shots over a course of 6 months.

if I will only have the first dose by the time of my medical will they mark it incomplete and will I have to do a new medical for the AOS process.

thanks In advance!

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new medical required at AOS (merged)
9:41 pm June 6, 2022



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Hi all. I had my AOS from k1 interview. The officer said we were approved and then called me to say I need to redo my I-693. I had given him a copy of the vaccination sheet and the other signed sheet and he said he still needs the whole thing redone. He said that the state department must have lost the longer medical report. Does anyone have any advice on this other than just redoing the medical again because this guy seemed to know about the k1 exemption and still is requiring a new medical. TIA

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