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To schedule an interview or not?
11:53 pm March 14, 2020

Ben and Jen

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Hi everyone,

My fiance and I are looking for some advice based off of the current pandemic.

My fiance just completed the medical exam 2 weeks ago (Feb. 28th) and we're wondering whether or not to proceed with scheduling the interview (we haven't submitted the Notice of Readiness or DS-160 yet). We thought we could wait out this craziness but realized that the validity of the medical exam is going by each day that we're waiting. So, we've come up with 2 options:

Option 1: We continue as planned and schedule the interview, assuming they're still being held. If all goes well, we'll have to enter the US 6 months after Feb. 28th. We're crossing our fingers the travel ban will be lifted soon.

Option 2: Don't schedule the interview knowing that the medical will expire in 6 months and do the medical again if needed.

Your thoughts/advice? Thanks so much in advance!

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Coronavirus and currently visiting in the US (K1 Approvdd)
3:46 pm March 14, 2020


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Hi everyone. Strange situation here at the moment.

I am currently in the US visiting my fiance. We had our K1 approved a few days before I left. My original flight home was on the 17th of March but as I work in schools, I have been temporarily laid off until the end of the month with my boss saying I will probably be out of work for 12 weeks in total.

I entered the states on my esta and was granted the usual 90 day window to stay as a tourist.

My question is: as the airline are offering free flight changes, I would love to stay an extra 2 or 3 weeks here. Could that cause an issue?

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My K1 visa appointment got cancelled today - Dublin
3:39 pm March 13, 2020

Ní hUisce

Ní hUisce

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My K1 visa got cancelled today. No reason was given. It was supposed to be on April 14th at the American Embassy in Dublin. I'm at a loss as to what to do now? I wonder was it because of the coronavirus?

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Visiting Europe with US passport
6:54 pm March 7, 2020


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I have Swiss, Irish and US citizenship, but my Irish and Swiss passports are long expired, and due to kids and finances I haven't visited Europe for many years, so I am no longer an experienced traveller.... I have two questions a quick google couldn't find answers to, so I thought I'd ask here:

- Do I need a Schengen Visa/ ESTA equivalent for Europe if I am travelling on my US passport but am a citizen of the country I am visiting or a nearby Schengen/ EU country? I can take my old Irish and Swiss passports with me but like I said, they are expired.
- Does the "US passport needs to be valid 3/6 months past your return travel date" thing still apply if you are a citizen of the country you are visiting (but your EU passport is expired?

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Correct fee for filing I-485
4:05 pm March 6, 2020



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Hello everyone. I ve been filing for my adjustment of status after receiving a K1.

Yesterday I got word that my I-485, I-131 and I-765 were rejected for an incorrect filing fee . I included the form for credit card Authorization and I put $1,225 on it. I ve called UCSIS twice about it, the first person I spoke to said it actually costs $1,885 because I have to pay for the right to travel separately. The second person said that my $1,225 was correct and it was probably an issue with the card (the card shouldn t have been rejected it s always had the money for the filing on it, but I m not ruling out that I put an incorrect number down. I ll definitely use a money order this time ) I m worried that I got two different figures from two different agents. Should I just put $1,885 down to be sure or would that be rejected for being too much?

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