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US Immigration from Ireland

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Notice of an Interview Date
6:45 pm today


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Can anyone advise me how far in advance do you get notice of your interview date, please and thank you kindly?

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Traveling on Advance Parole
6:48 pm today


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Just returned to USA from honeymoon in Thailand. Flew into San Francisco. Was sent for secondary inspection as I was traveling on advance parole. Spoke to 2 DHS officers who stated it will happen every time I return to USA after a trip abroad. Just wanted to share this info as I had read here prior to leaving there was no set rule what happens on returning some people were waved through others sent for secondary. Maybe this is just the case for SFO or new guidelines.

After waiting for 1hr&1/2, missing a connecting flight my passport was stamped and I was free to go. I wasnt asked anything this time or required to show any documents I had with me.

If you have a connecting flight after entering the States my advice is give yourself a good window of time to allow for secondary inspection. Here on out I expect every time to be sent.

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Entering US on CR1 first time. What to put in API?
11:48 am today

Kevin Bolger

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Hi All,

My VISA was recently approved. I intend to travel to the US soon. Im curious - for the first time travelling to the US on CR1, do you specify yourself as 'Non-Resident' or 'Landed US Resident' on the Advanced Passenger Information?

Thanks in advance

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Submitting two documents simultaneously
9:43 pm today


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When submitting an i-130 and an i-485 simultaneously, they require similar supporting documents - does this mean that I will need to send two copies of a birth certificate for example or will one suffice for the two? Similarly, when attaching a check, is it better to give individual checks for each document or will one check with the accumulated fee be ok? Thanks in advance.

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1:22 am today


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I got married, and I'm applying for a work permit. I don't think they'll wait 90 days to process, is it possible to work on H-1B and then apply for a work permit after I join on pending H-1B amendment with a company or wait out the 90 days?

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