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US Immigration from Ireland

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Request for filing refused
2:29 pm yesterday

Hugh G

Hugh G

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Hello All,

I am a USC resident in Ireland. I have been made a job offer from my existing job which requires immediate relocation to Chicago. I understood that a short job offer relocation was grounds for direct consular filing (for my infant daughter), which would need to be made via the London USCIS field office, which has jurisdiction for requests coming from Ireland. I emailed the Dublin Embassy asking how I should go about making an application and they advised to make a written request to the same mailbox.

I then submitted my job offer letter which was made contingent upon me relocating to the US by December of 2019 together with a further letter of support from the US employer explaining the nature of my role and why it was required that I was physically present in the US to undertake it. I received the following email back today:

"Thank you for your recent email regarding your request for direct filing. We have reviewed your supporting documents and your request and in its entirety and after careful consideration of all supporting evidence and all other factors including our current staffing and workload, we wish to inform you that we are not in a position to accept your I-130 for direct filing. As you are currently resident and physically present in Ireland, you should send the I-130 petition directly to the Chicago lockbox. After the I-130 has been approved by USCIS, you may then wish to request an expedited review of the case through the National Visa Center. If the case qualifies for expeditious processing, we will then work with you in processing the case to conclusion as quickly as possible."

Does anyone know where I can go from here in terms of DCF? I find the reasoning of the Dublin unit very frustrating - I appear to meet requirements for DCF set out by USCIS to review my accept my application in London, but I cannot get past the Dublin embassy.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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K1 Interview October 15 - Will new rule apply to me
11:19 am October 8, 2019



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Hey All, so I've been reading a bunch on this new rule being implemented on October 15th. I have my interview at the embassy on that same day - will these new changes apply to me? I know it will affect us when we adjust status once my fiance (USC) and I are married but I just can't see anywhere if it will be implemented for my interview.

Any insight will be much appreciated.

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I-134 Filling Out Part 3 of form
8:43 pm October 7, 2019



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Looking for advice on Part 3 of the I-134 Form. This section asks for Sponsor's Employer, Income, and Assets. I have substantial annual income and savings. Given this, I am not sure if it is necessary to answer additional questions regarding assets and real estate. For folks who have been in similar situation, did you answer the following sections? And did you provide supporting documentation/evidence? Really just trying to determine if necessary to provide this info. Would like to avoid the extra work for providing evidence for these sections if not an absolute must.

I am wondering if necessary to provide the following:

5. Value of Personal Property- should i include value of cars and other large assets I own? And if you have done so, what kind of documentation, if any, did you provide as evidence?

7a. Life insurance Sum - I do have life insurance but not sure if necessary to list here? If you have listed your life insurance, did you provide documentation for this?

8a. and 8b. Real Estate - Should I list home value and my mortgage? For folks that have done so, did you provide evidence to support this? Would an appraisal from previous re-fi suffice? And/or should I add comps of similar homes in my area that have sold recently? I have already included information of my mortgage with my bank statements/documents.

Thank you!

i-134 (1).pdf

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my EAD and advanced parole card was lost in mail
10:32 pm October 4, 2019



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Hi everyone,

So I'm freaking out a little, my EAD and advanced parole were approved last week and USCIS mailed me the card, I booked flights to visit Ireland with my wife next week expecting the card to arrive based on the tracking number but the post office seem to have lost it, I'm just wondering if I travel with the notice of approval will I be able to get back into the country? I can't find the info online anywhere, can anyone please help?

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Had GC interview, but wasnt given a yes or no answer
8:36 pm September 26, 2019



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Not sure if I'm in the right sub, so apologize in advance. Had green card interview last week with the husband. Wasnt given a yes or no answer just told decision will be made within 90 days but then officer did go on and explain when I get greencard it will be the 2 year conditional one..... still very confused. 20 min interview, didnt ask to see any personal documents only photo album.... freaking out. My friend had hers two months a go and she got her card within 2 weeks.

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