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Can I travel before my oath ceremony date?
1:47 pm December 1, 2023



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I recently got approved for both my I-751 and N-400 at my combo interview. The interviewer told me it would be 4 to 6 weeks before I got a letter inviting me to the oath ceremony.

I have read elsewhere that it could take 2 months or longer to get that letter. The only letter I got since the interview was one saying my I-751 was approved and that I wouldn't be

issued a green card because my N-400 was approved as well.

I am planning to travel home next year and if I'm still awaiting an oath ceremony date, am I allowed to travel outside the country? My two-year green card has now expired (including the date on the extension letter),

so I'm guessing just travelling with the I-751 approval letter and no green card might be an issue?

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Visa Bulletin December 2023
5:14 pm November 13, 2023



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Hi, I have been looking at the US Visa Bulletin and for December 2023, it says for all Family Preference Categories please refer to the date for filing chart. The date for the F2A category is 01 Sept 2023 across the board and has been since October 2023. A priority date on or before this date can file there application although the wait will still be there for a Visa to come along.

I have a priority date of September 2022, should I be nearing a decision to file my paperwork then based on the information on the Visa Bulletin, documentarily qualified.

Am i reading this wrong? any reply appreciated.

Thank you.

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Medical after Interview Date
9:50 pm October 17, 2023



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My spouse was just given her CR1 visa interview date for November 10th. The two medical clinics were booked to till December 20th. After the interview will they be holding the passport for the whole time until they get the medical results or will she need to give it when the medical is done? The medical exam says she much bring her passport. If she doesn't need to give the passport she was planning on traveling for a week in between the two appointments as she has a pre existing trip from earlier this year.

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US Embassy interview scheduled before medical exam appointment
4:01 pm October 17, 2023



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Hi everyone, I'm in a similar situation to a few others who have posted on here. I received notice of my US Embassy interview appointment today at the embassy in Dublin, Ireland for my marriage-based green card to a US citizen residing in the US. It is scheduled for November 16. However, when I called the Mater Hospital (the only approved medical provider to do the exam), the earliest appointment date is December 6, and I was placed on a cancellation list. I believe this is common, albeit a little unnerving.

Just wondering if other people went through this process and would be willing to share their experience. For example, what happens at the Embassy interview when this scenario occurs, and how long does it take to be adjusted once the medical examination results are sent to the embassy.

Any and all information is greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

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I don't understand!
2:24 pm October 8, 2023



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Filed for spouse visa 4 days ago and got this:

Can someone explain?? Thank you! Seems too quick.

~picture with full case number removed~ You really don't want your info floating around internet.

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