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Marrying a new US citizen – any issues with CR1?
7:21 pm December 2, 2018


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I couldn t find this type of situation from earlier posts and wonder if anyone has experience. I m worried our case looks rushed so if anyone has any pointers I d be grateful.

My fianc just got his US citizenship (after 10 years in US with GC) and we plan to have our wedding now. Does that raise any red flags, marrying right after the naturalization?


I am Scandinavian (EU passport) and worked in the US on L1 visa. We met there and after dating for a year we moved in together (still have a lease with both names) but my work assignment ended suddenly and I returned to Europe. I still have US SSN, bank accounts and credit cards and I ve visited twice under the visa waiver program since I left. I hope it s not a complication!

We d rather do the CR1 than K1 because I d like to work as soon as I can return to US. Thanks for any advice!

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Status between applying and notice
4:34 pm October 30, 2018


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So we sent our AOS papers almost 2 weeks ago, we haven t heard anything back from the USCIS. My visa expires on Tuesday (6th November) so what s my status now? ? And how do I prove my legal status?

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E2 Approved
7:37 pm October 5, 2018


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I'm new here and haven't seen too many E2 AOS cases so I thought I write about mine...

So I'm a veterinarian educated in Finland, working with race horses and got this idea of coming to Usa and start my own veterinary practice when one of my clients moved here 5 years ago.

I needed to take a lot of exams to get my Finnish education accredited and it took a lot of work, sweat and tears. But luckily I passed them all.

So finally this year it was time to get the working Visa. I went for coming to Usa with B1 business visa in the beginning of August and apply for AOS to E2. So about $150 000 invested, and after have answered not one but two (!) requests of evidence, a horrible moment 22 situation, I finally got my Status adjusted yesterday! Yay! I am beyond happy and my American dream is coming true. I am lucky to have a lot of clients waiting for me to get started so the future looks bright :)

Good luck to all who struggles with their cases!

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Sudden Change in Plans
9:36 pm July 28, 2018


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So me and my fianc have been going through this K1 process for about a year now, we had just recieved our NOA2 when something extravagant and dramatic happened that has changed our plans from her coming to the United States to me going over to Finland instead. Is there something we have to do to abandon to K1 without repercussions, or do we just leave it and let it expire?

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USCIS received our case, what next?
12:31 pm July 17, 2018


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Hi everybody! We got an email from USCIS that they have received our case; Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fianc (e), on May 9th and provided us the Receipt number.

What would be the next step after this? Do we get any other receipt numbers etc. or this the only number we track our case until approval?

And if they have every paper they need there, is the interview the next step or do we have to do something before that?

Thousands thanks for all of you for your help! :)

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