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Interpretation and G-1256 form at AOS interview
4:00 pm March 16, 2021

Karina & Auli

Karina & Auli

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So, the interview instruction form says to provide an interpreter VIA PHONE only if applicant doesn't speak English fluently. We have one lined up, BUT there is conflicting information on how to get form G-1256 (declaration for interpretation) filled out. The interpreting company says since the pandemic has started, it has been filled out prior to the appt by both the interpreter and applicant, and we are to call the interpreter at the time of the interview. This seems in direct conflict to what the paper says and of course I can't get a hold of anyone at USCIS for clarification. This is sooo annoying and anxiety inducing. Does anyone have any experience with this recently. Our interview is next week on 3/23. Thanks

Karina and Auli

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Petitioner's divorce decree for the interview
7:46 pm February 10, 2021



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apologies if this is a repeated question, but there seems to be a lot of conflicting info.

Do I need to bring my husband's (petitioner) divorce decree to the interview? If so, does it need to be an original or would a photocopy be enough (i.e. the same one we submitted online to USCIS and NVC - I would just print it out)?

Then again, it says under "U.S embassy Helsinki, Finland" that only if I, the applicant, was previously married, a divorce decree should be brought to the interview.


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L-1 visa while K-1 visa is being processed
8:11 pm February 1, 2021



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Five months ago my fianc and I filed for a K-1 visa me being the beneficiery. I have been discussing about the unpredictable processing times and prolonged EAD process with my boss and today she had a call with a lawyer and some people from our US parent company and they were laying out the option of applying for a L-1B visa for me.

If I would qualify and decided to let the company apply for me, what would happen to my K-1 visa application? I was told that L-1 processing time is around 8-12 weeks, which sounds unbelievable as I am prepared to wait another 5 months for my K-1 visa to get to a point where I could move to US. The L-1 visa would seem to remove all the worries of having to wait for the EAD and not knowing when I am able to get back to work. Yet I am scared that if I withdraw my K-1 application for this and for some reason my L-1 application is denied I would have to start this process all over again.

Can I leave my K-1 as it is and withdraw it if I receive my L-1? The lawyer should be looking into this but I thought I d ask here while I wait him to get back to us.

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Returning to the US
10:56 pm January 7, 2021



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Hi everyone,

I have a PR card and I understand that I can stay abroad for a maximum of 6 months without the absence affecting naturalization timeline.

I left the US late August last year and so I should travel back in late February the latest. While the primary reason for returning back home was a health concern, the terrible COVID-19 situation in the US also affected my decision. However, my intention was always to come back within 6 months as my health improves. Now, the COVID-19 situation isn't any better and it's making me question what I should do. Then the coup attempt happened and I wonder if I should be worried about the potential for civil war.

Am I insane if I return to the US at this point? Should I willingly postpone my naturalization?

I have a job offer waiting for me but I haven't signed anything, yet. They would like me to start as soon as possible.

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CEAC shows application error after interview
10:47 am November 17, 2020



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Hi! Just wondering if anyone has had this happen before - had my interview exactly a week ago. CO gave verbal approval and said to wait a week for an email from the embassy with instructions to retrieve my passport.
So far the CEAC status has been ready even after the interview and I ve had two date changes but the status has stayed the same (no issued status unfortunately). Today however, I keep getting an error message could not find application .
Should I be worried? I ve checked multiple times and the case number is definitely correctly entered. Should I call the embassy or just be patient?

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