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I-134 instructions
4:34 pm May 11, 2022


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I just noticed that the instructions for I-134 on the USCIS webpage are for the old edition?? There is the new edition of the form, but the instructions are not for the new edition. Where can I find instructions for the new edition?

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Expedite request approved
5:20 pm April 21, 2022


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Our expedite request got approved 2nd April.. It has now been 20days and still we are waiting. Anyone else had to wait this long after gotten approved for expedite?

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Maternity leave while still waiting for removal of conditions
10:14 pm April 2, 2022



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Hello everyone ,

My husband and I have been approved for 2 years now, I'm currently waiting for my removal of conditions to be approved (which i learned can take a long time). Anyways, I have been working with the same employer since May 2020. My husband and I have recently decided that it is time for us to start a family, and so we've recently conceived. My husband and I are wondering if I would qualify for "maternity leave pay" from the EDD office when I am due. Because when we filed for the "Adjustment of Status", im pretty sure my husband signed that he would be responsible for supporting me financially. I think i recall the forms saying something about not being able to rely on governmental aid until some # of quarters worked or until i become a citizen. I'm unsure if this statement was directed towards those who are applying for government welfare? However, I've been working for almost 2 years now and have been paying taxes just like every other American. Would the government grant me unemployment pay for the months that i take off when I am on baby bonding time? Or would they expect my husband to be supporting me. If so, this would be so unfair :(

Thanks in advance everyone!

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I751 concerns
2:44 am March 20, 2022



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Hi everyone,

My husband and I applied for the I751 last November (2021). A few weeks after that, we had received a notification letter that the form I751 was received (December). The letter doesnt say much besides being a receipt and extending my temporary green card. Its been nearly 5 months now and we have not received any updates on the process. We are a little concerned because we don't want any letters they may send us to get lost in transition. At the same time, we can't even contact USCIS on the phone any more to address this situation. We are hoping that you guys can shed some light on this. Any information is greatly appreciated.

How long does it usually take for USCIS to get back to you on removing the conditions?

Thank you in advance!

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”Influencer” without EAD receiving free items from companies
7:35 pm January 4, 2022



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I know this is something to ask from a lawyer but maybe someone here has actual information regarding this issue.

I am currently waiting for my EAD and I was contacted by a company on Instagram who wants to send me free clothes. They said they label them as gifts and don t expect anything other in return than if I choose to wear the clothes in my own Instagram posts, they would have a permission to share my pictures on their own Instagram account. I am mostly concerned whether this could be interpreted as work since basically I would be modeling for their products and the compensation for that would be those free items, even if I would primarily just wear the clothes in my own posts that I don t get any money from. Since the company would be sharing my pictures to promote their products there is an expectation from the company that I would be doing something in return for the items, which means that the gift is actually not a gift anymore in the eyes of the IRS.

Please note that I am not an influencer who would make any money with their current content. I m just posting stuff that the company s target audience follows so they were interested in sending me their clothes. I actually turned down their offer and said that I would contact them once I have my EAD because now it looks like we would be operating on a very grey area. I am too scared to risk anything for some free items but would like to know if someone had had first hand experience with a similar situation.

Thank you.

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