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Question about the K-1 visa medical exam
8:58 pm June 17, 2024

Korede Temi

Korede Temi

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Hi everyone,

I recently completed my K-1 visa medical exam in Helsinki. The doctor told me that everything looks good, but the blood test results will be ready in a week. They also mentioned that I need to come back to collect the test results on the same day as my visa interview.

Is this a normal procedure? Has anyone else experienced something similar?

Thanks for your help!

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K-1 Interview, How Strict are They?
8:27 pm June 14, 2024



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My fianc and I are getting close to scheduling an interview at the Helsinki embassy. He is nervous for the interview, he's afraid if he takes a moment to think about a question they will see that as suspicious. He has a language processing disorder and sometimes takes a moment to think/ tell his answer. I told him the questions should be easy enough, as they are all about ourselves, family and our relationship, but he's also afraid they will throw a question he wont know the answer for.

Is the interview relatively easy? I have confidence he can do it, but he seems nervous that he will fail.

We also have a co-sponsor since I am a student graduating soon, hopefully that's ok for Helsinki.

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Questions About K1 Visa Process: Documents, Paystubs, and Interview Preparation
8:46 am May 24, 2024

Korede Temi

Korede Temi

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I am the beneficiary of a K1 visa, and my NVC status currently says in transit to the embassy in Helsinki. I have already completed my DS-160 form and am about to book my medical appointment. I am also in the process of gathering my criminal records. I have a few questions:

1. Petitioner s Paystubs: Does my petitioner s paystubs need to reflect a salary that is close to the interview date?
2. Visa Appointment: Can I book my visa appointment now? What other fees should I expect to pay moving forward with this application?
3. Required Documents: I know I need to fill out the I-134, and take my passport and photos to the interview. What other documents are required?
4. NOA1 Approval: My fianc does not have a second copy of the I-129F filed, and her NOA1 approval only came via text message, not by mail. Is it possible for me to scan the text message?
5. K-FTP Letter: Do I need to present my K-FTP letter at the appointment? What other documents or items will I need to bring?
6. Income Standard: What is the standard for showing income?

Thank you for your assistance!

Feel free to adjust any details if necessary.

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Does Short Courtship Affect K-1 Visa Approval for International Couples?
1:12 am April 1, 2024

Korede Temi

Korede Temi

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Hey everyone, I m a Nigerian guy (30) currently living in Finland, and my fiancee is a US citizen (27). We crossed paths at the Italy airport back in August 2023 during layovers, and the connection was instant. She admired my dedication and ambition, plus the fact that her father is Nigerian made it even more special to her. Since that day, we ve been talking non-stop, falling deeper in love with each passing day.

I proposed when she visited me in November 2023, and it was a beautiful moment.

She filed for the K-1 visa in December 2023. Now, I m wondering if the relatively short duration of our relationship before getting engaged could affect our visa process. Also, does anyone know how long it typically takes to get the K-1 visa approved? By the way, we recently had an amazing trip to Paris together this month!

Thank you.

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Is it possible to get a credit card while doing an AOS?
10:12 pm February 17, 2024



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We are in our AOS process right now.

Is it possible for the immigrant (greencard application) to sign up for a credit card?

What are the processes? Does she need to establish credit and sign up for creditkarma or something first? Because she has no credit history in the US.

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