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10:23 pm April 11, 2023


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My Processing Time until deciosion says 2 weeks. How accurate is this? Also before the normal processing time for I-130 it said 10.5 months and now they have changed it u til 18 months. Is this some type of game with this Immigration or what?

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I-130 for spouse in Finland
5:14 am December 28, 2022


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Filed I-130 for my wife on March 8 2022 the processing time has been overdue still no answer. The case center is in California.
Does anyone know the time it will take until the decision? We have two children who are a US Citizens and my wife is a Finnish Citizen.
To me this is a absurd to take so long for a simple immigration procedure.
In Finland it took only 3 months for me to get a Family Resident Permit and they told me i can even wait in Finland with the tourist visa until the case is approved because they didnt want to put stress on my wife being without me. How thoughtful of finns.

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I-485 approved, how long to receive the GC?
1:22 pm November 2, 2022


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Hi all,

Our (K1+K2+K2) I-485 got a case status update "Case approved" on 28th Oct 2022. I am wondering what we are expecting next? Will the GC arrive in mail, or will there be another case status update before?


K1 + K2 + K2 AOS

Received 12/09/2022

Biometrics 06/10/2022

K2 EAD approved, card was produced 06/10/2022

K2 EAD and SSN received 15/10/2022

I-485 approved 28/10/2022 (K1/K2/K2)

Still pending:

EAD, AP K1 + K2


NOTE: We did not expedite, and we are amazed how fast I-485 was approved, our local office shows average 18months processing time (Raleigh, NC). Also we were expecting different timelines for K1 and K2, not that it would all get approved on the same day.

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I-134 instructions
4:34 pm May 11, 2022


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I just noticed that the instructions for I-134 on the USCIS webpage are for the old edition?? There is the new edition of the form, but the instructions are not for the new edition. Where can I find instructions for the new edition?

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Expedite request approved
5:20 pm April 21, 2022


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Our expedite request got approved 2nd April.. It has now been 20days and still we are waiting. Anyone else had to wait this long after gotten approved for expedite?

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