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arrowCR1 with child (consent timing)
January 1, 2016, 2:48 pm Last comment by bond226

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In the next week or so, I'm filing CR1s for my wife and her child. She doesn't (yet) have consent from her ex to leave her country with her child. Does anyone know if this consent needs to be sent in with the initial application or provided at the interview? I'm asking because we may need to remove his rights if he won't just sign. He happens to be in jail for another 3-4 years, so she will have the ability to do this. I don't want to delay the application iff it can be submitted now without the consent.

Thanks for your help,

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arrowSeeking Advice about Belarusian Fiance wanting to find Work in the USA
December 25, 2015, 4:18 pm Last comment by Yoveeta
Corey and Katia

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My fiancé from Belarus and I are currently working on a K-1 Visa, which has already been approved by the USCIS.  She is excited to come here, but is very nervous about job prospects and wishes to feel better about this after she arrives here in the USA.  I have explained that there will still be a 2-3 month wait after we marry before she is authorized to work, and she is fine with this, but the largest worry in her mind is being able to find a job after this time.


She is currently an MD (Psychiatrist) in Belarus and has been doing this for 10 years.  She is also fluent in several languages (English, French, Belarusian, Russian, and Lithuanian).  She hopes to find work in either Psychiatry or language translation (maybe in the medical field).  Can someone provide advice on this that may have gone through a similar situation?  I'm not sure what she would need to do to continue her same line of work in the USA (or transition to something else like interpreter), and I thought I could get help pointing us in the right direction.


Thanks much,



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arrowi 864 - only 1 year of tax return when worked 3 years
December 8, 2015, 12:55 pm Last comment by slvrfx576
new american

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hi :)
I have all my package ready before adjustment of status based on marriage and i'm stuck on one thing which is my wife's tax return. 
she has only 2014 tax return and 2013-2012 she doesn't have one because the employer paid her only cash. (she were 18-19 years old  back than) 
and they asking for last 5 years of employment and of course we added that job because she worked there over 3 years, 
is it going to be a problem? 
of course we have joint sponsor which makes over 80k and he attached the last 3 years of tax return.
the past 6 months she working for a corporate and have a steady tax withdrawal and pay stabs as a proof that she already made 12k this year and paid the tax that needed.
so is it going to be a problem that we will attach only 1 year of tax return and not 3 Aldo she worked 3 years in a job? thank you

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arrowNo tax job. Need advise for K-1
November 11, 2015, 1:28 pm Last comment by aaron2020
Maryna and Justin

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Hello guys!


Hope you can help.


I am waiting for the interview for K-1 visa and have a trouble with the financial paperwork from my US fiancé. The thing is that he is working on a cruise ship contracted by UK company and pays no taxes. His tax guy says that as far as he makes money from outside the country (the UK) and is out of the USA for the most of the year, he doesn't have to pay the taxes.


Any ideas what kind of paperwork we can submit at the interview instead of these tax papers (W2 and 1040)? I will have his bank statement, employment letter and Affidavit of support. Do we need anything else?

Any advise will be appreciated!

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arrowAmerican child traveling to mother's home country
October 2, 2015, 4:20 pm Last comment by Boiler

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Hello All,

Need advice for child traveling to Belarus.  He was born here in the USA 10 months after my wife POE.  We are trying to get a visa for his American passport so that he may visit his grandmother in Minsk.

The Belarusian keeps insisting that he needs a Belarusian passport, and not a visa.  They are saying he will not be able to return home without it.  They are nice enough, but this sort of talk makes me very nervous.  

We're talking about apostiles for our passports and his birth certificate.  The whole nine yards, rather than simply mailing them the passport and invitation for his visa.


Has anyone, particularly Eastern Europe/Slavic immigrants, ever ran into this sort of thing before.  Belarus does not recognize dual citizenship and already they are claiming his is a Belarusian citizen by birth.  They will not issue a visa and insist he must have a Belarus passport to return home.  Many thanks for any help and replies in advance,



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