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K1 pending background check
10:32 pm


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I've had a pending K1 application (received 2/2/2017) since August.

My application was received 2/2 and sent to the CA processing center.

Checking the dates on the USCIS website, they reached our PD in July. I called the customer service center and they put in an inquiry. In early August they told me that we were stuck pending ongoing background checks.

I waited a month and called again in September- to find out that USCIS had updated its dates on its website, they were so far behind and couldn't catch up, we weren't late anymore!

But two weeks later, we were indeed "late" again per the USCIS website. I put in another inquiry.

Again, I received the same email: "We have placed your case on a processing hold because the required security checks remain pending. Until we receive the results of these security checks, we cannot move forward on your case. We require the results of security checks before we make a decision on any pending case."

Given that in July when I called they were likely just very behind, I suppose that we are only just now outside of processing times.

I do work for the US government and have on and off for years as a contractor and have been subject to loads of background checks and finger printings in the past. I assumed this would be very quick as a result, but I'm learning (from USCIS reps on the customer service line and from one attorney I spoke to but did not hire, as she said she couldn't do anything about it) that likely my name set off some sort of alert.

I looked at the USCIS website and it indicated that of the 20% of us whose names pop up as either personnel or criminals (it's nice we're all in the same group :/ ) 99% are resolved in 6 months.

So... is there anything I can do at all? Is there any way to calculate how long I've been in a hold for a background check?

For what it's worth, fianc is from Belarus but is currently living in Asia (where I was also living on a contract with an int'l agency with him for a year, we decided to apply through that embassy since we thought it would be a lot faster and in any case he's got a job there for the time being).

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How long to get a CG once arrived?
11:10 am


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Hi all,

My wife has arrived to NYC yesterday through JFK. CBP officer told us that we should expect her Greencard in 6-12 months, no earlier than that. Is it true? Can someone please share their experience on this? Hard to believe that it takes 6 months to produce a piece of plastic even considering the amount of people there.


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Traveling to Europe and back to US while waiting for Green Card
2:48 pm


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Hi all,

my wife will come to New York as a spouse of USC by the end of this month and will be waiting for her physical green card.

However, we need to travel to Copenhagen for 1 week in October. I'm not sure that she will get her green card by mail by that date.

Is it possible to travel with I-551 stamp in her passport, will she be allowed to enter the US on our way back?

Another question: she will require to get a Schengen Visa, how do we do it in New York City? How to apply and how long does it take?

Thanks for all replies!

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Expedited passport return (embassy not in same country)
6:07 pm


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My wife is Belorussian. We will be traveling to Warsaw for her interview. I've read that some people have requested the passport pickup on the same day or next day. Can someone tell me how they did this?

When we registered through the website, there was a pickup option but not an expedited option. I spoke with someone at the visa scheduling help line, but they said return is 2-5 days and no other options, which I know is not correct based on some recent Warsaw Embassy reviews.

Thanks for your help.

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How soon will we get SSN after entering the USA?
1:36 am


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Hi guys,

So we have our interview for IR1 in 3 weeks and my wife and I will arrive to the USA in a month from now. My question is this: how soon will we know her social security number? I mean not a physical card (I know it may take a few weeks), but its number? I remember I read somewhere that we can call them up and just ask over the phone, is that true? When will it be available after she entered the USA?

Thanks for answers!

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