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IR1: Filed taxes as single. What should I do now?
10:21 am


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Hello everyone!

Here's my situation: I am USC, filed I-130 for my wife, it's already approved and has been sent to the NVC, so I am here preparing all other documents to be sent. I know, that I have to prepare and send Affidavit of Support (I-864), I have made more than enough on 2016 so I'll be sponsoring my wife. I've already did my taxes a few weeks ago. However, during filing, my accountant stated that I am single, as he said he could not make it "Married" because it is requires my wife's SSN and she does not have it because she has never been in the US before. I've read that it could be a problem or some issue for the CO who will be interviewing my wife once the case is complete. So I am really worried now.

What should I do now? Could it be a real problem? Does CO know that "Married" status required SSN while filing taxes? Is there any way she can be denied on her visa? Please share your experience and thoughts, I really need your help here. I would like not to change anything, as everything has been already filed and sent. Thanks.

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IR1 question: Got our i130 approved. Next steps?
5:02 am


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Hi everyone,

I'm a USC bringing my wife to the US. Our petition i130 has been approved a few days ago, what's next?

I've read this http://www.visajourney.com/content/i130guide1 guide, but it seems outdated, as far as I know there's no more OF-169 or OF-230, etc. Could someone please list all steps I should take with the NVC now prior our interview and some time frames for all this? What documents should I send, when should I pay all fees and when and what my wife should do (filling ds-230 online, medical tests, civil documents, etc)?

Thanks for all replies!

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Strange Green Card Interview Experience
10:46 pm


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Hi everyone!

I just had my interview in Hartford,CT and I wanted to know if what I experienced was OK.

The interviewer was very strict and overly professional with us - a stark contrast from our previous USCIS experiences. He didn't ask any personal questions apart from how we met.

Then, he wanted to know everything about my travel history. All these questions were addressed to my husband. I traveled to the USA three times on a tourist visa and my husband remembered all these dates correctly:

- September 2014 when we met (stay for 11 days)

- January 2015 (stay for 12 days)

- March 2015 (stay for 5 months)

We also mentioned that in May 2015, we applied for a petition for fiance visa. Once it was approved in August 2015, I went back home to collect documents.

Plus, all the other dates of our trips to other countries together were mentioned as well. The officer took notes very meticulously.

Then he asked me: "so how many times I entered the USA on a tourist visa?" - I answered: 3.

In the end, the officer said that he was going to verify my travel history and that I'd probably need to comply with some medical regulations. He said that I don't have all the tests results, only vaccinations, and that I would need to take the gonorrhea test. I responded saying that I definitely passed all the necessary tests. He still insisted that something is missing and that they would notify us by mail in two weeks. In addition, he said that they would include information about a USCIS-approved doctor.

When I came home, I remembered that I intentionally didn't do the full medical exam (only the vaccines). Furthermore, since I had my medical testing done in 2015, I was exempt from having to take this recently introduced gonorrhea examination.This was before we submitted documents for a Green Card in February 2016.

Now our case is being held for review. We've already waited more than a year to get an interview. The reason is not entirely clear. Was it due to the fact that we moved from NY to CT about 8 months after the submission?

Anyways, does anyone have an idea why our USCIS officer (interviewer) was more interested in travel history & medical examinations instead of asking about our marriage? Is this strange/has anyone experienced this before? Should we just wait again at this point, or try to contact USCIS to clarify the situation?

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Is W-2 enough when filing I-864? [merged threads]
5:15 pm


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Hi all, I am a USC, filed I-130 for my wife and soon will be filing I-864 to NVC.
Question: what exactly do they want to see as my income so I can meet requirements? Do they want to see all money that I earned or they want to see IRS transcripts only?
THe thing is that in 2016 I made more than enough (70K+) and I have my W-2 from my employer. I do not own IRS anything because taxes were already cut off from my checks. By circumstances, I won't be able to file 1040 for 2016 to IRS before I send my I-864, so I won't have tax return transcript while mailing I-864 to the NVC, so I can only show W-2 for 2016. It makes no sense to show 2015 because I did not work that much to make enough that year.
So, can I show just W-2 and my explanation letter that I don't owe anything to IRS so I will file my taxes later and thus there's no tax return transcript for 2016? Or I MUST 100% show tax return transcript for 2016?
After all, is it correct that they need to know how much I made? Is W-2 enough for them?
Please clarify. I've read I-864 instuctions but it's not that clear there to be 100% sure.

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Instructions for Form I601
6:03 pm

Used to be broken

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Link to instructions for I601 note form will potentially be updated later this spring.


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