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When does the NVC send an interview date emails?
2:22 pm


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Hi all, just curious: when does the NVC send an interview date emails? Do they do this by EOD every day or it's somehow connected to the embassy timezone?

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K-1 Waiting (patiently) For NOA2
5:01 pm


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My Girlfriend and I have filed for K-1 back on April 17th. I have been watching the USCIS site everyday waiting for NOA2. As the day comes closer, we both get more nervous! we want to make sure we have what we need and there will be no surprises. I will say what I know we need and anybody with any other advice please feel free to help!

Copy of Original I-129F

Proof of ongoing relationship since the I-129F was submitted.

Affidavit of support (I-134, W-2, Letter from bank, Letter from employer)

medical check for her

criminal background and birth certificate for her (original and translated)

I will go to the interview with her. I have read that they will mail you your passport or you can request to pick it put at a different location. I am a little confused about the process after the NOA2 is issued. I know it will be sent to the NVC then to the embassy. the NVC gives you a pack that has a number that you use to schedule you interview? Does it include information on how to pay for the interview? She is in Belarus and the interview has to be in Warsaw, Poland. I know there are thousands of threads on here. If anybody can direct me to a thread with theses answers or help me here would be more than appreciated!

Thank you for your time and help!

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The sponsor's income not enough - ideas?
11:53 am


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Hello. I am a green card holder and I submitted an I-485 AOS Form for my wife along with supporting forms and documentation. I'm the only sponsor.

On February 14th, 2017, I received a Request for Initial Evidence (I-485) - "The sponsor's income on Federal income tax return does not meet or exceed 125% (100 %if military) of the poverty guideline".

I started working in the US in 2016. It was my first tax year in the US, and I earned only a fraction, about 1/4 of what I will earn normally in the future. My total income (line 22 on IRS Form 1040) was $12,299 for 2016 tax return. I know that this is not enough, so, because my wife also working (she employed by an overseas company and receive income from outside of US) I added a Form I-864a - Contract between Sponsor and Household Member and listed her income of $26,400. I have also attached a letter from her company stating that she will receive the salary of $26,400 for foreseeable future.

On April 18th, 2017, I received the same letter - Request for Initial Evidence (I-485) - "The sponsor's income on Federal income tax return does not meet or exceed 125% (100 %if military) of the poverty guideline".

What am I doing wrong? What should I change in my next reply?

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Case completed 18 days ago, still no interview letter?
7:38 pm


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Hi all,

My case was completed at NVC on June 20, today is July 7 and I still have no interview letter from NVC. Getting really upset. Is this a normal waiting time? I called NVC a hundred times, they keep telling they're waiting for the dates from embassy (Warsaw, Poland). Our visa is IR1 which should be a priority. How long could it take to receive a freaking email? I've looked up the CC spreadsheet and the average timing is 10-14 days for Warsaw, we're already waiting 18 days. Geez.

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NVC: How long for interview date after CC?
1:04 pm


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Hi all,

could you please share your experience, how did it take you to get your interview date after case complete at NVC? Mine was completed at Jun 20 and still no interview date. I called them and they said they are waiting for the available date from embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Any users here who have been through the same embassy? How long does it usually take in Warsaw to schedule an interview?

Thanks for all replies.

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