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Case completed 18 days ago, still no interview letter?
7:38 pm


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Hi all,

My case was completed at NVC on June 20, today is July 7 and I still have no interview letter from NVC. Getting really upset. Is this a normal waiting time? I called NVC a hundred times, they keep telling they're waiting for the dates from embassy (Warsaw, Poland). Our visa is IR1 which should be a priority. How long could it take to receive a freaking email? I've looked up the CC spreadsheet and the average timing is 10-14 days for Warsaw, we're already waiting 18 days. Geez.

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NVC: How long for interview date after CC?
1:04 pm


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Hi all,

could you please share your experience, how did it take you to get your interview date after case complete at NVC? Mine was completed at Jun 20 and still no interview date. I called them and they said they are waiting for the available date from embassy in Warsaw, Poland. Any users here who have been through the same embassy? How long does it usually take in Warsaw to schedule an interview?

Thanks for all replies.

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What does "At NVC" status mean?
10:06 pm


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Hi all!

I am doing IR1 for my wife (I am USC).

So my case at NVC has been pending for a while, I've submitted all documents on May 5th and since then my status was "We received your DS-260 on... Action required: Submit Required Documents". I've been calling NVC several times to make sure they got all documents and they said yes they have it and I have to wait up to 11 weeks.

Now I went to check my status and it says "At NVC" ("Please follow the instructions you received from the National Visa Center (NVC) that list the six steps you must take before NVC can schedule your visa interview appointment."). Does it mean that my case is NOW under review or they finished its review and it is in line for interview scheduling? How do I know when my case is complete?

Thanks for your replies!

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Taxes for IR1 -- what to do?
4:50 pm


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Hi everyone,

So I am USC filed for my wife (IR-1 visa). So far we have our case pending at NVC for 5 weeks already. I've submitted all forms, paid all fees and mailed all evidence (financial and civil documents). With my I-864 Affidavit of Support form, I included emploeyer letter and tax transcript for most recent year (2016). When I filed my 2016 taxes in March, my accountant submitted everything electronically through software and he could not put NRA when filing as married, so I filed as single. I will amend my taxes when my wife is here, however, on my tax transcript it says "single". I have read a lot of topics here on VJ and online, and some people said it should not be a problem for NVC and CO. Again, everything is already submitted. Can you tell me what to do now:

1) Leave everything as it is and explain to CO that accountant filed electronically with no ability to put NRA and that we will amend taxes (I have this right for 2-3 years since done with taxes)
2) Amend taxes now, wait for it to appear in IRS system, order new transcript and bring to the interview (we are expecting to have it in August, so I have about 2 months for all this)
2) Amend taxes now (takes at least a month) and submit to NVC (it will reset our counter back to 11 weeks)

Last option is sucks so I need to avoid it. Do not tell me "fire your accountant", I know it. As far as I know, the only way to put NRA when filing as married is to file taxes by mail. He's not using TurboTax or something, he filed everything online.

Can someone tell me from their experience, how critical is it to have Single status in tax transcript? I think CO will look at everything else (evidence, marriage certificate, photos, trips together, etc) than this tax document. I make $100K a year so it should be enough for approval.

Appreciate all great answers, thanks.

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NOA1 returned to USCIS
3:45 pm


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Hello! We sent our AOS documents with advance parole and employment authorization to USCIS March 7. We have been waiting for our NOA1 letter about our paperwork. My husband by accident saw mailman n asked if it is something for us n he gave him letter for biometrics n said it was other emails on my name from them but he thought i am not exist n then it back to USCIS. So finally April 4 we got mail with appointment notice for biometrics (form i-485 and i-765) for April 20. We went to post office n they already sent it back n could not explain why they put other mails on my name in box but USCIS mails were send back. We was wondering where is other emails n called to USCIS to find out if they r returned. They said that we have to wait until they comes back coz they dont do copies. We checked our case status online n it says it already came back on May 25 and 27, that it could have serious affect on our case and we need to do chance of dress or ask them to resent them. I did form online to get them back n waiting for answer until May 24. When we called they said it is nothing we can do but send this form online n wait for answer on our request. Anyone had such problem before? I afraid that we might missed some steps. We did biometrics for i-485 and i-765. All we can do now is wait?

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