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arrowAddress Question - When is it safe to move?
January 14, 2016, 7:59 pm Last comment by SnuggleTheBear

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I am hoping some of you can provide some guidance.



Right now I am living with my parents, and I have been for a long time.  (We get along well, and I was just saving money.)

I have not filed the I-129F or G-325A yet as we are working on putting the remaining documents together.  I put my current address, where my parents and I live.  I was planning on getting an apartment after she received the K-1 Visa, but I would like to keep the option of buying a house or condo sometime during the filing process.  (I'm a little weary of buying a house/condo without my her, because I want her opinion.)



1. Is it safe to change addresses after she receives the K-1 Visa? Then on the AOS it would have a new address?

2. Is it safe to change addresses before she receives the K-1 Visa, and just let my parents receive the mail?  I would then pick it up, and then use the new address on the AOS.

3. Any other information would help helpful! 



I want to avoid telling them that I changed addresses, because I don't want it to slow down the process.  If I need to just wait, then I can.



Thanks in advance!!!

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arrowNeed for DS-260
January 11, 2016, 9:29 pm Last comment by aaron2020

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My step son is an LPR (his  mom..my wife is a naturalized USC). He is going for his citizenship this coming March (5 years).  He is 26YR old. Ok. He went and married his GF last July. Wanted to bring her in on a tourist visa. Cancelled and withdrew when it became obvious she was not going to get it. Now applying for a F visa and filing the I-130.( quota is now around 1year plus but should drop after citizenship to something a lot shorter). I understand this form and the other supporting docs (affidavit of support etc) but what is this DS-260? To me it sounds like you are applying for a GC before entering the country as opposed to adjusting status after you enter. Is it a necessary form after I-130 is approved? Nowhere in the guides is this form mentioned.When it should ( if needed) to be filed, etc.. I'm Kinda lost on this one. All help is appreciated. Thanks

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arrowDo I need a 2nd visit to my Fiance before filing
January 6, 2016, 7:48 pm Last comment by SnuggleTheBear

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I'm hoping someone of you can help guide me a little bit on making a decision before moving on to start the K-1 process.  I need to figure out if I should take more than one trip to visit my fiance before filing or if I should go ahead and file now.


Fiance lives in Belarus, which a visa is needed to visit.


Length of relationship from first communication is about 6 months.

I first contacted her after my friend in my church recommended I try to talk to her.  We both go to the same church as it is an international organization, which I'm hoping that will help my case.



1. Yes, all forms filled out, letter of intent to marry on both parties, and I'll make sure I lay everything out nicely

2. Picture of the invitation request from the fiance to visit in order to request a visa

3. Visa stamps

4. I didn't make a copy of the form sent in for the visa request where it was signed and dated, but did keep a copy of all of the other information on the form.  (I'm thinking that might be useless since it is not a copy.)

5. Boarding passes

6. Airline ticket receipts

7. Engagement ring receipt and appraisal

8. 200+ emails (including if we married each other, what we would want at a wedding, how we would build a family, where we would live, etc....this is all before the proposal!)

9. Skype call logs

10. Will have a pastor write a letter assuming the responsibility to marry us



Now here is what I'm worried about, since I only met her once.  I didn't do my due diligence researching and proposed first.  Because of this I have a limited number of pictures, because we don't like to take that many pictures.  Although the main reason it was REALLY, REALLY cold outside at the time. 


1st Potential problem: I stayed with my fiance and her mother.  I did not have a hotel bill, and we cooked almost every meal.  I didn't keep many receipts, as it was suggested that I pay with cash in the local currency.  I did charge one item at a mall in case I needed that for some reason, but that was the only purpose.  I do have a few bus tickets, but I'm not sure if that proves anything as she used a card while I used tickets. 


2nd Potential problem:  Due to the cold weather, I'm always wearing a coat, so sometimes it may not look like I am wearing different clothing!  I heard that we needed ten pictures on different days, and different clothing, and no SELFIES.  Based on all the information I have read, this is inaccurate.

Timeline of Pictures: (which I can describe each of the pictures)

1st day - No pictures

2nd day - No pictures

3rd day - Three selfie pictures at different locations all of them are selfies and can be identified at specific locations.

4th day - No pictures

5th day - No pictures

6th day - Three pictures at the time of the proposal with her wearing the ring at a restaurant (Two of them are selfies and 1 of them is not.  All of these pictures were taken at the same location)

7th day - No pictures

8th day - Four pictures with the family at her apartment (These were done with a selfie stick, but there was a problem.  When taking the picture the selfie stick accidentally cut off a small portion on the right side and is black.  Although everyone is perfectly visible.)

9th day - No pictures

At this point we just realized we might need to take a lot more pictures for the K-1 process

10th day - Three pictures in or around her apartment at different locations, 1 picture at a theater, 1 picture at a restaurant, 4 pictures at nearby easily identifiable building in the city, 1 picture in a mall, 1 selfie with us and her mom

11th day - 1 picture at the airport with her mom and friend.

I'm wondering if I should submit all of the pictures or just a few of them?  Is there a guideline as to which pictures to submit?


3rd problem:

We did write up an itinerary, but we didn't follow it because it was so cold!!!


I'm thinking that I would like to be over for the consulate interview to help the process, so that will be additional trip.  I am just uncertain whether I need a trip before I start filing the K-1.


Thanks in advance!!!

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arrowCR1 with child (consent timing)
January 1, 2016, 2:48 pm Last comment by bond226

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In the next week or so, I'm filing CR1s for my wife and her child. She doesn't (yet) have consent from her ex to leave her country with her child. Does anyone know if this consent needs to be sent in with the initial application or provided at the interview? I'm asking because we may need to remove his rights if he won't just sign. He happens to be in jail for another 3-4 years, so she will have the ability to do this. I don't want to delay the application iff it can be submitted now without the consent.

Thanks for your help,

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arrowSeeking Advice about Belarusian Fiance wanting to find Work in the USA
December 25, 2015, 4:18 pm Last comment by Yoveeta
Corey and Katia

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My fiancé from Belarus and I are currently working on a K-1 Visa, which has already been approved by the USCIS.  She is excited to come here, but is very nervous about job prospects and wishes to feel better about this after she arrives here in the USA.  I have explained that there will still be a 2-3 month wait after we marry before she is authorized to work, and she is fine with this, but the largest worry in her mind is being able to find a job after this time.


She is currently an MD (Psychiatrist) in Belarus and has been doing this for 10 years.  She is also fluent in several languages (English, French, Belarusian, Russian, and Lithuanian).  She hopes to find work in either Psychiatry or language translation (maybe in the medical field).  Can someone provide advice on this that may have gone through a similar situation?  I'm not sure what she would need to do to continue her same line of work in the USA (or transition to something else like interpreter), and I thought I could get help pointing us in the right direction.


Thanks much,



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