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  1. Hello there! I'm Polina, a new member here, still figuring out how everything works here. It is very interesting to know your opinion about my situation. I am an F-1 student, who got married with a citizen inside the US. 2 months after marriage, I realized that it is difficult for us to pay for my college and now there is a threat that I will be left without status. We have not yet submitted the documents, we will send them in a few days. How do you think this will affect my case? Also, I'd be happy to get your advice about the evidence of the reality of marriage. In addition to many photos, we made a joint bank account and I am included in the car insurance. Since there are no joint rent bills or tax returns (now we live with his parents and before we lived with our friend and paid him cash), I have attached receipts for my husband's school and insurance payments for the year. What else do you think I can add to my documents? Thanks to all of you in advance!
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