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  1. No, lol I actually listen. I decided not to file N600K and just wait and try to get in contact with my congressman. Thank you for your help!
  2. Hmm, interesting, i'll take a look at the online AR-11. Actually the N600K is for children residing abroad as well as their citizen parent who want to obtain their citizenship and come to the US.
  3. Hi Susie, Well the child is adopted, so even with her I130, she doesn't have to be sponsored, only my wife. She qualifies for I864W form as she becomes a US citizen upon entry to the US, she doesn't get a green card. I do intend to move back to the US certainly and would have done so a long time ago if I didn't have to be separated from my family. The child lives abroad as well as myself at the moment, so that would qualify her for N600K, but I don't want to start the process since like @Family mentioned, it's a long process. At the same time, I don't see anywhere that it's forbidden to file these two at the same time.
  4. Well actually I think it would have to be sent to NBC, since Potomac is done with us. What confuses me is that large yellow warning that it cannot be changed during the adjudication process.... But I will certainly try, they also said I have to file AR-11 to do this, is this what you mean?
  5. God knows I've tried this multiple times, it won't let me do it. It says I can't change the address during the adjudication process and everything's greyed out, here's what I mean:
  6. Unfortunately I can't use my US zip code as on my i130 I listed my overseas address as my physical and mailing addresses.
  7. Thank you for the info. You're correct about the N-600K processing time, for Philadelphia, PA office it's at 12.5 months right now. My domicile is established since I have my sister's address as my address on my current bank account statement in the US. Also both of my children attend an accredited Florida-based US online private school. Also I have paid taxes to the state on Pennsylvania. I don't have a DMV DL, because it expired and I would have to travel to the US and pass the computer test to get it back, this is not a problem in itself, but I don't think is strictly necessary. My other domicile proof is as I mentioned a bank account with a sizeable amount in it and a job in the US with the salary going to this account, as well as a credit card and a good credit history. I believe I can still contact the Congressman in this case, I don't suppose a DL is a requirement here. It's just frustrating not knowing anything about he case and not being able to contact the NBC.
  8. Hello, I'm completely at a loss. My adopted daughter's I-130 has been stuck at the National Benefits Center for 14.5 months now. My wife already got an approval for her i130 at Potomac. Currently I cannot get any information about NBC processing timeline because they don't post it for NBC and I'm not in the US, so USCIS won't open an advanced inquiry if I have a foreign zip code. My only option is to send them a message through the inbox system to which they haven't responded. I have found that I was able to file an N-600K application for my daughter. She meets all the criteria. The only problem is I would have to get her a B2 visa for her interview in the US, but I'm ready to do this if I need to. Can I file an N-600K if her I130 is processing at NBC? Note to mods: Please please don't merge this thread to my wife's case, it has nothing to do with the question I asked there! Thank you.
  9. So I called USCIS and the rep told me 14 months for an NBC i130 did seem out of range, where the average in the US is 6. But she couldn't lodge an outstanding timing complaint because I'm not in the US. The only thing I could do is write them through the inbox system. 😢😢
  10. @Chancy Could you please move my thread back. This topic isn't even related to my daughter, it's about my wife's case. Plus I can't change the title of the thread anymore and this in NO way relates to the IR1 DHS expedition! Thank you.
  11. OMG I wish I knew about N-600K, NOBODY mentioned this to me, not even a lawyer I consulted. 😔 I had 5 years presence in the US. Thank you for the information.
  12. I see. So the fact that my wife got approved, will not trigger any action on NBC part at this point from what I understood. So I guess we need to keep waiting. It's frustrating as NBC doesn't provide any details on processing time frame. Thank you.
  13. While that is true, all adopted children get processed at NBC, per conversation with a USCIS agent. And yes, NOA1 has her processing center as NBC. She also received a notice of actively reviewed case on February 22nd of this year.
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