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  1. https://jgoldlaw.com/blog/green-card-marijuana-possession/#:~:text=How to Apply for a,at the appropriate USCIS location. above link from attorney office discusses waiver for marijuana possession
  2. Believe an actual conviction is a different scenario than a positive drug test for THC.
  3. Advise you read as much as possible about the process and how to develop the narrative and evidence related to the hardship. Prove both sides why you cannot live there without the spouse and why you cannot live in their country and why separation is extreme hardship ..not just the regular hardship anyone in separate living situations endures. The starting point is the government has rules, they universally enforce them on all of us so what hardship or unique circumstance arises from your particular case and what makes that extreme......(Google hake hardship scale, not the same waiver type but the concept of developing the case is the same in terms of what you are proving in the hardship case) the evidence gathering will be largely your job but partner with a great attorney who specializes in waivers to assemble , review , advise and slap a cover letter on that package for you.
  4. Here is a bit more clarification... Marriage is a Merger of 2 corporations all the money goes in ONE PILE.. after Marriage. Regardless of if your Spouse is out of status ect. You are in Divorce Court and 99.9% of cases have no Immigration history and although your spouse is pleading you signed an affidavit of support in her pleadings.. that is not material to the case....although the Judge may have to make a ruling on her assertion. Once married legally and morally you have an obligation to support a spouse that isn't "if" they have legal status every married person has this legal obligation. This is why instead of pleading she has not status or foolishly paying to drag an Immigration Attorney into court to explain Immigration Law to a Divorce Judge ..you should bring a copy of your Pre-Nuptial Agreement saying you didn't have a future financial obligation if the Marriage fell apart. I'm guessing you didn't get a Pre-Nup ? Now regretting that mistake.. Love is Blind is a saying for a reason its true. What you are arguing will go nowhere with the Judge .. whether you signed an affidavit of support or not is not a factor in the Divorce negotiations. Its like saying to the Judge my kids are not US Citizens so I don't have a Moral or Legal obligation to support them. Advice don't waste money paying an Immigration Attorney to go to court to explain things ...if your Divorce Attorney has not told you this is a bad idea and going to court solo without an Attorney is a NO NO ... then get a new Divorce Attorney. This isn't an Immigration issue and nothing about her status is material to the Divorce Case. Your money is better spent on Marital Counseling and/or Mediation. Thanks for posting this so other K1 folks can see the problem here... GET A PRE_NUP people
  5. I am not convinced just because the application for adjustment of status or green card was denied that you no longer have a financial obligation to support a spouse. This has nothing to do with the Immigration proceeding its marital assets being split up and support obligations apart from the Immigration Case. Her status is not material to the proceeding if you are married then support obligation and property division is on the table good luck if you are divorcing in a state that has community property rules.
  6. Sorry my mistake misread you were trying to go to Warsaw at the time of the interview. Agree with above poster definitely get non refundable tickets the situation over there is not optimal.. lots of issues with transportation and deliveries and relations between Poland and Russia.
  7. If it were me after the BS we went through I would not spend a dime trying to plan anything. The staff at the Embassies are notoriously rude, unhelpful and its not possible to plan anything or get a straight answer why fight it, it will never change. Also Frankly .there is no need for you to be at the interview, the Embassy really doesn't want you there anyway. I would let her go to the interview, and then once she has the US VISA see her once she gets over to the US. Worse case is the possibility she will have issues with VISA for Poland if she doesn't already have a Shengen Visa ... in order to get to the interview. If you think its a pain dealing with the US Embassy wait till she deals with the Polish Embassy for that VISA. Do Russia and Poland even still have ongoing diplomatic relations? Its not exactly a friendly time for these countries. I do recommend Polonia Palace Hotel which is directly across from the train station if you decide to go anyway. Good Luck
  8. I have been out of the loop on this stuff for quite some time but we did transfer in the other direction from Warsaw to Russia way back when because the knucklehead at the Polish Consulate in Belarus asked for, then insisted to see the "envelope" for the visa interview apt which came via email and would not issue the Shengen VISA to attend the appointment. I had no luck actually speaking to anyone in Warsaw to try to get a resolution so we asked for a transfer to Moscow. (I know this is not an option at this time) I do not think this is the optimal time for getting in touch with Polish Embassy Consulate regarding Shengen VISA's ... they are overwhelmed with the Ukraine situation. I forget which Embassy in Germany deals with cases but its a hassle to get a Shengen VISA there all reservations have to be prepaid ect ..but it is doable if they accept the case and the German Consulate has a process ... very strict and methodical of issuing VISA's so you will get an answer on a reasonable timeline if you have the massive amount of evidence for the VISA they will request.
  9. Hi, I don't think we currently have Diplomatic relations with Belarus. The US Consulate in Minsk is not processing anything last I heard and Poland did other types of VISA's but not sure if that relationship is also not active. But if the person can get to a US Consulate to apply for a VISA appointment that would be a start. The challenge as you know is you have to get a VISA to just about any other country except Russia to access a US Consulate and not sure what the status on US Consulate in Russia is either. Hi, I think there is no Embassy Relationship with Belarus right now ..if
  10. I would do both because I am "extra" on everything but also it likely will double the chance of approval if you can prove both
  11. Don't do a fraud mis-rep waiver with a general Immigration Attorney. Get a specialist who deals mostly in waiver cases.
  12. I do expect it will come up in the interview and as Ricky Ricardo says, "you will have some splaining to do". My guess is the consular officer will take into consideration the setting and circumstance in which these charges occured and make a determination based on that. Indecent exposure is pretty vague (regardless of prison time or not). If I am the consular officer and its a nude swimming at a beach charge x 2, one when you were 17 and one when you are 19, that is youthful indiscretion and not moral turpitude in my book. On the other hand if you are cruising playgrounds exposing yourself to children we have a different outcome if I am the consular officer, and my thoughts would be this person can stay in the UK because we already have enough of that going on in the US without importing it. Its my understanding Consular Officers have wide discretion so who knows what the outcome will be.
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