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  1. Don't do a fraud mis-rep waiver with a general Immigration Attorney. Get a specialist who deals mostly in waiver cases.
  2. I do expect it will come up in the interview and as Ricky Ricardo says, "you will have some splaining to do". My guess is the consular officer will take into consideration the setting and circumstance in which these charges occured and make a determination based on that. Indecent exposure is pretty vague (regardless of prison time or not). If I am the consular officer and its a nude swimming at a beach charge x 2, one when you were 17 and one when you are 19, that is youthful indiscretion and not moral turpitude in my book. On the other hand if you are cruising playgrounds exposing yourself to children we have a different outcome if I am the consular officer, and my thoughts would be this person can stay in the UK because we already have enough of that going on in the US without importing it. Its my understanding Consular Officers have wide discretion so who knows what the outcome will be.
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