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  1. Used to be broken

    esta overstay

    Also, likely if there is a weather situation in parts of Europe the airlines will probably be pretty flexible with moving connections around at the stateside end of things. Just don't go check in for the flight and hand in luggage. Only use carry on and volunteer for any connection that will get her out on time. Its easy to get a inter-Europe cheap flight once she gets over there..if she is not going to ever use ESTA again..ie coming on family visa etc, it really doesn't matter as the bars for overstay kick in after a year. take a picture of the weather for today and keep it handy if you ever apply for a dfferent visa and it comes up explain it and show the details of the weather. Should be no big issue
  2. Used to be broken

    esta overstay

    I think the most sensible way to avoid a ban on future ESTA use would be to have her get out on any flight overseas and wait the weather out in Ireland. Also at the connecting Airport have her go out and come back in Passport Control and get a Stamp with the date so she can prove she left US when she was supposed to.