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  1. If you have upcoming travel, you can call the passport agency and say so, they will ask you for date of travel and will get you an appointment at the closest passport center. They can often do same day or next 1-3 biz days, depending on your date of travel. You will be expected to submit proof of travel (such as airline reservation, could even be fully refundable) and you'll have to pay an extra $60 for the quick turnaround. This page has more information, look for "urgent travel" https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/get-fast.html
  2. Had my naturalization interview last week. Was approved and got same-day oath ceremony. Applied for a passport on Saturday and picked it up today.
  3. 5/20 filed 5/26 bitometrics appt notice 5/30 biometrics walk in 7/20 interview appt notice (for mid september)
  4. All naturalization cases are at NBC at the stages of receipt and biometrics. They get passed to a local office once your file gets sent there for an interview after the background check is complete. You may get biometric reuse, I saw (here and on reddit) that people normally see it within a few hours of receipt, not everyone sees it right away. You can attempt a walk-in (and still save 1-2 weeks compared to waiting for your bio appt) but only after you receive the biometrics notice; they won't be able to let you in and take your fingers without the barcode on biometrics notice. If your local office won't take you as a walk in, you can try the next day, or you can drive to another ASC center. At the biometrics stage, it really doesn't matter which office you go to since it gets sent to NBC.
  5. Read that you can try to walk in for biometrics. Didn't fly in Seattle ASC, but I went to a town 2 hrs away and the USCIS/ASC office there was pretty nice, everyone was so kind, and they took my biometrics today (aka two weeks earlier). Case status immediately changed to "case being actively reviewed"
  6. Received a biometrics appointment notice today, for 6/12
  7. Filed online on 5/20 under the 5 year rule (a few weeks early). No biometrics reuse or appointment notice yet
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