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  1. Well I got a new card being produced notification for my EAD yesterday! Hopefully I get it before my interview on the 18th!
  2. Hello, I was wondering about the time frame of interview has been scheduled to recieving the mail and iff there was a way to find out my interview date before the mail arrives? My interview was scheduled on the 17th and I have no documents tab on myuscis. Thank you!
  3. Hello! I have my interview coming up soon and I have a few questions. My wife and I moved a few months back and we both updated our addresses through the online forms but for the interview would I need to bring an updated i485 and i765 as well or would it already be updated on their petitions through the ar11 forms? We are already goong to prepare an updated i864
  4. Howdy all! After submitting my rfe my case is ready to be scheduled for an appointment!
  5. Oh goodness thank you! This is very relieving to hear! Maybe I could use some of that charm during my interview!
  6. The workers at the bank told us. We have and they just wont allow it, I have been persistent too.
  7. We filed that way through our accountant :/ we were just following that! I am just looking for suggestions outside of what I currently have cause I would like to make up the lack of a joint bank account and joint taxes
  8. I have a health insurance card but it has her name on it I am just on her plan. I feel like I am misunderstanding I'm sorry. I tried to get an ssn card but they were closed when I arrived in the USA because of covid and I went in for my SSN appointment just for them to tell me I cant get it a few weeks later
  9. She filed taxes as head of household as we were married in 2020. Amending our taxes? And Its her married name on the health insurance card but I have a letter stating that I am on the health policy
  10. Hello! I would like to know what to bring to my interview once I get it because I don't have an SSN. I have my name on the lease and I am registered as a beneficiary under my wife's health insurance alongside a copy of my most recent bill from my doctors appointment in august. My wife has her name on all of the utilities but I am an authorized user on the electric and internet bills, and my name is on the phone bill. I have my Canada Revenue Agency account updated with my most recent adress but since it isn't USA based idk if it matters. Since I can't be added to my wife's taxes, credit card and bank account without an SSN what else can I do?
  11. Oh good. Im just a little nervous because I know it doesnt ask for a marriage certificate at all in the instructions but I am so scared of being denied
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