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  1. It's no surprise to me that Biden's policy is to allow the Justice Department operate independently. This is the way it's been for decades, with the exceptions of Trump and Nixon. What is surprising is that so many people haven't bothered to check to see if Hunter Biden id under federal investigation.
  2. In this Administration's Justice Department, nobody is above the law. What a refreshing change. Giuliani brought all of this on himself, just like he did with his lies about Dominion. I hope Dominion hammers him in their civil case.
  3. Yes, my wife was given one year admission.
  4. There's no need for her to show her Philippines passport to prove she's a former Filipino citizen citizen because her U.S. passport shows her place of birth. My wife and I have traveled to the Philippines numerous times, with my wife using only her U.S. passport, and I have always been granted the balikbayan privilege.
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