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  1. First time I applied my DL in TX few months ago and the requirements they asked me: - GC - passport - Birth Cert. - SSN - Proof of residence in Texas - 2 Different Proof of Billing under your name in the same address and not expired in 90days - State ID I surrender - Proof of Car Insurance but I don’t own car so my husband’s Car insurance I got my real DL, 2weeks after my road test. if you have all the requirements then your good. Good luck.
  2. Hi I’m from Davao too, but took my seminar at Cebu last 2016. I have a name also that you can call she is the Head on CFO Office and she is a speaker too. She told us that is you have a problem just make a call for me. Her name is: Lucille Ronda cellphone # 09178877908 telephone # 0322555253, 025524712 I hope still working.
  3. Yes you can go to your wife’s interview at the USEM. Like me my husband petitioner he is with me on the time of my interview. Me beneficiary asked first then my husband too asked about our income & that’s it I got approved on the spot. Same day of my interview I check my status and says ready and at night change to issued. yahoo😀 I am DCF cr1 and become ir1 at the POE 😃
  4. You can also ask for help in Philippines forum because your wife is Pilipino. Like Hank, greenbaum & others so many can give you a help and advice.
  5. @HRQX thanks for the link & quick response. I will check it now. Yes I am Filipino citizen.
  6. Hello guys. I just have a question about the requirements to Europe for vacation? I have 10yr GC. I just don’t know where to ask & my English is little. Thank you!
  7. You better go to the Philippines Forum coz I don’t know how to move your question. Ask Hanks coz he knows a lot and he can give you advice of what to do and he is good. Good luck..
  8. Just to share my experience. Got hit also from NBI, Davao & they said I need to come back in 10days for my NBI clearance. I went to NBI Manila, got my NBI clearance in less than an hour then went to do my medical in the afternoon of the second day. Got the result of my medical & flied back to Davao😀
  9. @Cyberfx1024, kumusta na imong asawa..? Kay nahibal-an naku bisaya pud imong asawa sama naku bisaya pud 😅
  10. So just maybe Davao is having the terminal collected with the airfare purchase the same as NAIA ? It would be nice if they all handled the terminal fee that way. @Hank, well it’s better if also in Cebu they include the terminal fee in your airfare. Coz my friend she flew from Cebu back to Lafayette, Indiana. So my husband&I was surprise for no terminal fee in Davao..
  11. Walang anuman.. walay sapayan @GF.🙂
  12. Just to add @Hank, your right it’s about terminal fee the pay. But me&husband didn’t fee either the terminal fee when we’re flying back to TX, exiting from Davao International Airport.
  13. Just to add of what Hank said yes you can update your new address at POE like I did back in 2017. Good luck and have a safe flight.
  14. Congrats John&Rose.🙂
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