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  1. @Cyberfx1024, kumusta na imong asawa..? Kay nahibal-an naku bisaya pud imong asawa sama naku bisaya pud 😅
  2. So just maybe Davao is having the terminal collected with the airfare purchase the same as NAIA ? It would be nice if they all handled the terminal fee that way. @Hank, well it’s better if also in Cebu they include the terminal fee in your airfare. Coz my friend she flew from Cebu back to Lafayette, Indiana. So my husband&I was surprise for no terminal fee in Davao..
  3. Walang anuman.. walay sapayan @GF.🙂
  4. Just to add @Hank, your right it’s about terminal fee the pay. But me&husband didn’t fee either the terminal fee when we’re flying back to TX, exiting from Davao International Airport.
  5. Just to add of what Hank said yes you can update your new address at POE like I did back in 2017. Good luck and have a safe flight.
  6. Congrats John&Rose.🙂
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