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  1. Hi everyone, just wanted to give everyone an update that my fiancé’s case is still in administrative processing. I’m guessing we passed the FPU investigation but there’s no real way of knowing. The only response from the embassy is that it is under going “necessary administrative processing.” I’ll be sure to let everyone know the final results when we get word. Thanks for all the feedback and support.
  2. Hey, no worries. Thanks for merging them. New to VJ so not aware of the rules or how the posts are viewed.
  3. Hi, thanks. I was looking for some experience specific to Kabul embassy but I understand your point. I am new to the platform and not sure how it is being posted. There have been updates 2 days in a row. I will be sure to provide a status update to all once there is a decision. In hopes that it helps others..
  4. Hi VJ members, anyone have experience with Kabul Fraud Protection Unit in Afghanistan? Any positive outcomes? Thanks (admin- please remove or move to correct category if it is wrong.)
  5. Thank you Villanelle. This was actually their 2nd interview and we didn’t realize it was with FPU until after. I’ve spoken to two lawyers and have decided to wait 1 month for a response. If I don’t hear anything, I will withdraw the application and go get married and apply for a CR1 with a lawyer. We’ve been stuck in AP for over a year already and at this point seems like there’s a slim chance of getting approved (high fraud country and complicated case). I’ll probably frontload the CR1 application with more evidence. Trying to be patient for the next month and hoping to see some change in CEAC updates 😩
  6. Hi thanks, we are not first cousins. We are distant relatives. Grandparents were something like 2nd cousins
  7. Yes, he was supporting the US govt and speaking against the taliban when a suicide bomber attacked and he was killed along with others. In Afg culture, he is considered martyred because of the type of death. This is common language there
  8. It is more common in Afghanistan to marry a relative than not. They did not question this fact. They were more interested in testing whether her late husband was alive and children’s ages.
  9. Thanks, I’ll take a look at these threads. I actually went back to the interview request email and noticed it was sent from KabulFPU. So I’m assuming my fiancé’s background is being investigated because mine was clear and no real questions about our relationship were asked during the second interview. They kept asking about her late husband and children’s ages. also, the 10 phone numbers they called also were only asked where her husband is and how old her children are. All said he was martyred and children were small/unmarried at home. And yes, it was a local staff member and there was no American Consul present. The more I think about the types of tricks they tried to play on her and the children, the more enraged I get. I am so glad they all stood their ground and did not sign anything. I have contacted 2 lawyers but they have advised that I wait at least one month before taking any steps. To see if there is any response from the embassy. They have all of their passports so hoping it doesn’t end up in a black hole and there is some traction. really regretting just not getting married. It is my first marriage and i wanted a big ceremony. Not normal customs in Afg for a widowed woman to have a large party for second marriage so I decided to go k1 route in hopes of having the ceremony in the US. Completely regretting that decision now!
  10. Does Fraud Protection Unit (FPU) make a decision at the end of interview/interrogation regarding denial or approval of visa?
  11. Thank you I appreciate the support. I have reached out to a lawyer as well. Thanks
  12. Hi VJ members, I am new to this platform so please excuse any errors or lack of info. Case-My fiancé is 7 years older than me and she has 5 children. She is widowed and her late husband was helping the afg govt against the Taliban when a suicide bomber killed him and others. We met as we are related and I fell in love with her resilience and faith. Formal engagement through family and visit to afg. Proof with Pictures and flight provided. All cultural formalities were completed related to the norms and customs of the country First interview was smooth March of 2020 with an American consular and translator. 4-5 general questions and answers were given. Was sent to AP due to medical examination needed for all of them. Medical exams completed and passports given back to embassy and sent over and then in AP for almost a year. Second interview was yesterday and it was terrible. This time it was an Afghan Consular who asked for 10 phone numbers of relatives and called each one because they were suspicious of her late husbands death and children's ages. For some reason, they were convinced that one of her daughters is much older than her age and is married. Specifically telling her she was 4 or maybe 5 years older (very strange).. They asked my fiancé to swear on her daughters life and said they would conduct a physical to see if she was a virgin. She told them they could conduct any physical they needed at any hospital and that they would see she is not married. They went to the extent of telling her to sign a statement that she lied about her children's ages and the documents were fake and if she did they would approve her case on the spot because she admitted her lie and was honest. Obviously she did not sign it and firmly stood her ground. Everyone they called also confirmed the death of her late husband and children. There were also death certificates and several news articles provided. Its also strange because they all have passports they submitted which is not something that is fake.. They separated the children as well and kept asking the daughter to admit that she was married. They went in to her room and told her that her mother just admitted that she was married and that she should confess, to which she replied, "why would my mother lie, I am not married I do not believe you." My fiancé had never said that. They then asked the children how they identified their fathers remains after the explosions and if he was in a pieces or whole.. at this point one daughter cried and said, "how dare you ask me that type of question, do you have no heart." and then the consular apologized and moved on. My fiancé along with her children answered all of the questions the same and all of them were obviously upset and humiliated. After persistently interrogating all of them, and my fiances refusal to sign the statement, they simply said.. the interview is complete.. no rejection or approval. Passports were not given back. I am still in absolute shock and at this point I am not sure if I should withdraw the application and go get married, or hire a lawyer. I wish I could do something about the treatment but no surprise when the second interview consular is a cruel local afghan man. I did know the age gap would be brought into question but did not think it would be so offensive and humiliating for them to experience this. Has anyone experienced something like this with a second interview for Kabul Embassy?
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