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  1. It will not come with SSN. I recieved my greencard and i set up an appointment at the SSA office right away to apply for SSN
  2. Here in Michigan one of the requirements in getting a drivers license or state id is valid SSN. So different states, different required documentation.
  3. Hi. How long does it take for you to recieved your green card after status changed to " New Card Being Produced"?
  4. Mine took a day to change the status to "fingerprint taken" and 5 days after that status it change to "ready to be scheduled for an interview"
  5. I see that your local field office is Detriot which is my local field office also. My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview as of Aug 2 after 5 days of my biometrics appointment. Hoping to get interview date soon. Congrats to you.
  6. Missed my biometric appointment on Monday (7/26) We were out of town and when we check our P.O box on Monday, my appointment letter for biometric was there only to find out that my biometric schedule was on that day (7/26) Didnt have enough time to travel for my appointment because we are 2 hours away. This morning i walked in and explained my side, and they take me in. Done for my biometric today and feel relieved! Hang in there you guys, im sure your biometric letter is on the way. ☺
  7. Im glad it work out for you. 🙂 I will do the same thing first thing in the morning tomorrow and explain a thing.
  8. How did it go? We are in the same boat. Missed my biometric appointment today because we just got the letter in the PO box today. I was wondering if i can take walk in to our ACS office.
  9. Hey everyone. I sent my AOS packet on June 7 and reached the lockbox on June 9. Yesterday (June 20) i got a text that my case was received with the receipt #. Goodluck to all of us here! And sending positive vibes with this AOS journey.
  10. Just send your DS-3025. That medical exam is still valid up to 1 year. You dont need the I-693.
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