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  1. AFPC denies many of these requests, don't be surprised if he still goes.
  2. Almost exact circumstances for my wife and I. I volunteered for Lajes right around the time it changed to unaccompanied - if I had known it changed I wouldn't have volunteered. My wife is from the Philippines so I had to get her a visa to enter for 90 days and they allowed one additional 90 day visa, so she left just short of 180 days. Poland is in the EU (I think?) so you probably won't have that issue. When I left there in Dec 2015 everyone inbound had to stay on base. Not sure if that changed between now and then, but might want to be 100% sure because depending on the rank, some were put in dorms, which wouldn't work for a family to stay. Also, there were issues with keeping BAH if you stay in Lajes past a certain time (it was either 90 or 120 days). Might want to contact the Lajes finance office for that info. But Lajes was great, one of my best assignments. Miss it there.
  3. 8 calander days from date of interview until receiving the visa for us, in northern Luzon. But it had an error, so we had to send it back and wait again.
  4. Thanks. Under the "I have urgent international travel plans." catagory, do they issue the passport on site same day?
  5. I am going to report to an overseas federal job in Oct. USCIS told us they will expedite my wife's naturalization so it will be complete before then. She'll need a passport quickly after. USCIS mentioned that there are offices that will allow for same day passport processing, he said Tucson & San Francisco are the closest offices to my location (SLC, UT). He wasn't sure about Denver (would be closer). Anyone have info as to what office to contact or the procedure for this?
  6. At the infopass appointment at first they asked questions about how we applied (3 or 5 year), asked how long my wife was out of country since becoming a perm resident (we are barely under the threshold for the 3 year application), then advised us to submit a N-470 before departing. He then asked to see proof of my future employment overseas and told us to take a seat in the waiting area while he spoke to his supervisor. About 15 minutes later he called us back up and said they will expedite the case. He said it'll be scheduled before Oct 7 and that if an opening comes up to be ready within a 24 hour notice for an appointment anytime before then. If anyone else is in this situation, I highly advise you to make an infopass appointment after receiving your firm offer letter.
  7. Kevo

    N400 filed online!

    The advantage is a non-Philippine citizen with a Philippine spouse or parent can stay longer than whatever the current limit to stay visa-free is (30 days?). When you enter through customs ask, they see this all the time and will know.
  8. Kevo

    Non taxable income

    For military and other federal employees there are many non-taxable incomes. Housing & Food allowances the most common.
  9. I believe a Philippine citizen must get a visa to enter Japan. Might be a problem getting a visa that fast. As far as your question though, I wouldn't think so but I don't know.
  10. Kevo

    N-400 Paper Filers

    That's prior to USCIS scanning in paper files. I can't say for sure if the scan all of them now, but I did read somewhere on this site that they do. My wife's documents were scanned at the very beginning and an IOE receipt was issued. Paper filing may have set us back a week due to waiting for the USPS to deliver and waiting on USCIS to scan. Otherwise the process is the same.
  11. Kevo

    N-400 Paper Filers

    You'll probably get notification soon saying that your application is being transferred/scanned and be issued an IOE receipt. I think regardless of filing method we're all processed the same.
  12. I should've said easy instead of easier, as I haven't used another service to compare. For my wife, when she was in the Philippines, WU was the only option. She's from a pretty secluded place and WU was the only service available, that we knew of.
  13. Western Union, in my experience, is the easiest. They have WU everywhere in the Philippines. Yeah, you get jipped a little on the exchange rate but unless you're sending a large amount it won't hurt that bad. Sending a few hundred dollars won't make that much of a difference.
  14. Kevo

    New website .... Old website....

    They should do away with one. It's ridiculous, I've been checking both weekly.
  15. Kevo

    Copy of taxes for interview...need all 33 pages?

    When you download there's a drop-down for your reason for getting transcripts, one option is immigration. Pick that one obviously.