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  1. judefabulous

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    Congrats, thats so fast. Whats your estimated month of completion pls?
  2. judefabulous

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    Case submitted on the 8th of January, biometrics scheduled on the 12th of January, biometrics done on the 13th of January, walked in.
  3. judefabulous

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    Can someone pls help me add my case.
  4. judefabulous

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    I got my biometric appointment yesterday online. It is scheduled for the 30th of January but I printed it out and walked in today for my biometrics. It took me 14 minutes to be done. As I was driving home I got a notification from USCIS that they are actively reviewing my application now.
  5. judefabulous

    N-400 Jan 2019 Filers

    I filed my N400 online yesterday.
  6. I received my approval notice and green card yesterday while the USCIS website was not updated.
  7. I got this notification yesterday. I really can’t believe it.
  8. That’s good. When did you guys file your removal of conditions? I filed mine on the 11th of September 2017 and am yet to receive any extension letter.
  9. judefabulous

    Change of status from B2 to F1

    Can I pls get a sample of the written statement for extension of status with pending change of status.
  10. During the last government shutdown in 2013, the impact for most customers of USCIS was minimal. Naturalization interviews, citizenship ceremonies and most of the other day-to-day work of the agency continued as normal. That is because USCIS is a fee-based agency. Its funding is not dependent on annual appropriations from Congress. The exception is E-Verify, the component of USCIS that checks the work eligibility of employees being hired by U.S. employers. According to USCIS, more than 500,000 employers currently use the system. E-Verify depends on annual appropriations and therefore would be unable to operate if there were a lapse in funding.
  11. I got my biometrics letter on the 24th of September. My biometrics is on 10/03/2017.
  12. hours ago, johnnyv said: 1. DO NOT DELETE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 3. Click "Quote" on this new template or most recent/updated version of this template. 4. Copy the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select the entire template, then select Command + C) 5. Remove the "Quote Coding" located at the top of this template. 6. Paste the entire template or most recent update (Mac users: Select Command + V) 7. Now make whatever updates/changes you would like, then hit Submit Reply 8. Always use [Courier New] Font and font size.[12] Date of I-751 = The Date you sent your application. NOA Date = The Receipt Date on your original NOA letter. Biometrics = The Date of your biometrics appointment. Approved = The Date your case was approved. * Please Capitalize your VJ Name when adding it to the list. * When you're on this list, please come back to update your information accordingly.
  13. I got my NOA 1 today. Cant wait for the biometrics letter to get here.