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  1. Pros: NOT having to deal with immigration paperwork every 10 yrs or so NOT having to pay yet another fee for the renewal of GC in essence its more cost efficient They also said SS benefits changes when you become a citizen (that’s what I remembered during my oath taking) Cons: You’d lose your citizenship if dual is not permitted
  2. I'm rooting for you! hopefully, you'll hear from them soon!
  3. based on the notice to appear for an interview the only party allowed to get in is the applicant. interpreters need to be available on the phone.my husband waited for me inside the car
  4. My notice said 2 hours too but I was done and about of the building in less than 20 mins. Good luck!
  5. How soon is your interview? Im asking coz I was in a similar situation before my interview. I couldn’t find the original of my marriage certificate but I was able to order a copy online and I got in two days.
  6. Take whatever paperwork you have as evidence of marital union. In terms of properties, My understanding is it should be both under your names if you are to present these dox. If that’s not available Im pretty sure that you have other are dox available on your end as proof of marital union. When I was interviewed yday, I brought everything that I can including holiday cards mailed to both of us but the officer didn’t even asked for it. But it is always better to over prepare than go for an interview under prepared. Good luck!
  7. Thank you! Did you hear back from USCIS about your case yet?
  8. My Immigration is officially done!!! My N400 experience was both exciting and nerve wracking! The goal to ensure that your paperwork is sufficient down to the studying the citizenship material was taxing but was ALL worth it! I had my citizenship interview today at the Milwaukee, WI field office. My application was under the 3 yr rule. I arrived 1:15pm per instruction from the appointment letter. Check in procedure was smooth and organize. I was called exactly 130pm. The IO asked for my DL,GC and Passport. He started with the Civics test and answered all of the questions. Reading and Writing tests were completed without any issue. He went over my form and just asked me a few questions. He asked if I was working and replied that I work as a CSA at a utility company. He said it must be a tough job. He asked if I get yelled a lot? We ended up chatting about the nature of my job coz I told him that we respond to emergencies and outages too. I informed him that I need to change my response for group membership coz I said no yet Im a member of a labor union, he said not to worry about it and then handed me the results form after having me sign a few documents! I was out after 10 minutes! He didn’t even ask for any of my documents! Later on, my case was updated to advising me of my oath of ceremony scheduled! I WOULD HAVE NOT MADE IT WITHOUT THE HELP OF EVERYONE HERE IN VJ! Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your experiences and knowledge! God bless you all and more power!
  9. Hello, I have an upcoming interview for N400 and couldn’t find my passport. After looking through all of my files, I found a copy of the bio page though. Will that suffice? What should I do? Please help. TIA
  10. Im surprised myself. Im not sure if this is glitch coz when filing online, it wont even let you go through if your miss a question. Thank you for your response.
  11. Hi, I need your help/thoughts about my situation. I filed online for N400 last October, got a notice to appear for an interview this April 15. As I was reviewing the snapshot of my application I just realized that I didn’t answer Q13 which was asking about Nazi government. I couldn’t imagine how I could have missed this coz when filing online, it would have not gone through if I skipped a question and besides I wasn’t born yet on those years mentioned in the question. Will this pose as a problem during my interview? Or could this possibly be a reason for a denial? Please help.
  12. so what did you do? did you attempt to call them? I dont think the application would go through if it was incomplete i am obviously freaking out now
  13. I have received the notice saying that they've received the application BUT what's alarming is I don't see the files that I have uploaded in the documents tab - what does this mean? Did I lose all of my uploaded documents? I don't think my application will go through had I lost it. please help!
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