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  1. Nebraska. My local field office is Milwaukee WI. How about yours?
  2. My husband owned the house together with some of our vehicles prior to marriage so I was not included in the title and in some of our utility bills as these were established prior to marriage. Also, my husband didnt like to have any credit cards and ONLY uses a Tracfone since he doesn’t really like a postpaid cellular service. I did send some of my credit card and AT&T statements under my name only andI explained this clearly in my cover letter that way the officer will understand why Im not on some of our bills. I hope this helps and good luck!
  3. I was not added to any of our utility bills for our main residence. I submitted a few other things like the following: 1) It may sound redundant but you can also request online for tax transcripts and have it mailed to you. 2) Also, add more pictures of you and spouse together with friends and other family members. 3) And yes opening a joint account need not have a huge balance. 4) Another option would be asking for a notarized letter of support from your friends. Good luck!
  4. I just want to thank EVERYONE in VJ for all of the help. I received notice of my permanent GC approval without going through an immigration interview. My citizenship journey is not done as I have to file for citizenship but Im not in a hurry to do that! I’d like to believe that Covid may have something to do with the non interview but Im just overjoyed! Best of luck everyone!
  5. So I am pretty much in the same situation. The way I understand it is as soon as your extension letter expires - the burden is not on the applicant BUT on USCIS to prove that you are NOT worthy of the 10 yr GC. You still are legally staying here BUT without proof, is this correct? My worries are employment, in case HR wants proof and traveling when the letter has expired
  6. So the form itself has a reschedule option. I will just have to click that and send over back to the address indicated in the letter. Correct? I just wanna make sure coz I haven’t done any rescheduling request before. Thanks
  7. Hi, I received an appointment for biometric next week which is kinda a challenge (work sched challenge) since its the thanksgiving week. Would anyone know if doing it at an earlier schedule is still allowed? My field office is Milwaukee WI. Thank you!
  8. Hi, I received my extension letter today and just wondering how do you know which service center your case was assigned to?
  9. Update: I got a notification from USCIS yesterday that case has been received. Check was cashed yesterday as well. Im waiting for the mailed notification. Thank you everyone!
  10. well, I learned it the hard way. So I guess, its a wait and see game after the mailing
  11. I was wanting to avoid RFE but Im leaning towards them letting me know via correspondence if there’s really a need to provide more. Thanks for the response, I just really needed to get this out in the forum. I appreciate it
  12. Hi, I submitted my photos in notebook forms and USCIS returned it. Although I have probably a good 50 photos included in the packet NOT in notebook form but my question is should I re-send these photos. Those pictures in notebook format were focusing on highlights of our vacation. I appreciate your advice.
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