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  1. Hello all, Any May 2021 filer still waiting for an Interview?
  2. Congrats, still waiting for mine for over a year.
  3. Any progress for other May 2021 filers please?
  4. Good luck to us. Have seen some folks who filed FOIA and got scheduled for interview at stage 2 and 3. Let’s keep hoping.
  5. I filed FOIA on 01/13, moved to stage 3 yesterday and no interview schedule yet. I’m May 2021 filer though.
  6. Okay thanks, but no info there yet, just the document library and submission date, I would give it a week. Thanks once again and good luck to us all!
  7. Okay thanks for the explanation, but how do I know If I’m on track 2 complex track please?
  8. I think step 2 is “File Requested” ? So what do you mean by complex track please? I filed FOIA on 01/13 and requested for my entire A-file and it’s still in step 1 though, I should have done this in December, but anyway finger crossed.
  9. I filed the FOIA on 1/13 and requested for my entire A-file but still in step though.
  10. Okay thanks. Hopefully the FOIA would trigger USCIS to schedule our interview asap.
  11. I submitted the FOIA on 01/13 requesting for my entire A-file and it’s still in step one, I would give it more time though but do I need to register the case by pin please?
  12. Any May 2021 Filer still waiting for an interview?
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