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  1. Thank you so much..... Where do I get the email from, if you don't mind..... Thanks once more....πŸ™
  2. Hi guys..... I was allocated date for the interview... can we change it? If so, how???? Many thanks πŸ™
  3. Hello guys Quick question.... The DS 260 form asks for addresses from the age of 16.... For a period of 4 yrs I moved a lot (late teens/early 20's) and don't remember the exact addresses or dates (in the 1990)... Would that be a problem???? Thanks in advance
  4. Many thanks for the reply So when it comes to documents a copy of the email will suffice? Thanks
  5. Hiiiii guys Quick question: We received an email from NVC (with our details), but aren't we meant to receive an official welcome letter aswell? Thanks
  6. We called... But they didn't give us any info, apart from the Vermont detail which left us shocked 😩😩😩
  7. And now a lot of Nebraska cases are being transferred to Vermont 😩😩😩
  8. Hi guys Just a quick heads up... The US MIGHT be added to the Red List... Meaning on the return hotel quarentine for 10 days ... Keep an eye on the news.... Cheers guys
  9. A lot of Nebraska cases are being moved around to other centres.... Mine is in Vermont now, apparently... No notice of transfer, so who knows...
  10. Fingers crossed 🀞🀞 good luck Our's hasn't been touched or nudged.... I think I'll have to seat patiently and wait.... 😩😩 By the way, does anyone have a telephone number to call?
  11. Thank you both..... Just have to be patient I guess... Good luck to us all....
  12. How do you check that? I logged in and on mine only states the receipt date = SEP 2020. Nothing else....
  13. Fantastic news..... so happy for you.....πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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