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  1. Michele and Adam Thanks you so much for your sharing... It made the whole experience incredibly clear. Thank you so so much. LS
  2. Pushbrk Apologies if my question was a repetitive one. I did try and search before I asked the question, but couldn't find what I was looking for, plus I'm new on here. Once more my apologies
  3. Fantastic news... many thanks. Do I need to carry any extra docs to support that I won't be staying? LS xxx
  4. Hi James I'm married..... UK tourism not allowed
  5. Hi JFH Thanks for your reply. Yeah I am aware that I'll have to quarantine for 14 days in the USA and another 14 days on my return... I was more concerned on the officers not allowing my entry cuz I'll be having a running I-130.... Thanks LS
  6. Hi guys Quick question Can I travel to the USA while my process is running? Husband is in the USA (citizen) and I'm in London. Our I-130 hasn't been submitted yet, but when we do it's going to be the consular option. I have a B1-B2 visa, I don't intend to stay, just to visit him every month or every other month. Is that possible? Is it problematic? Thanks a lot LS
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