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  1. Update on my parents case: Last week we received letters from Uscis saying that they need to have biometrics done. So we went in yesterday and the status changed to Your case is being actively reviewed. Now we’re just waiting and hopefully we will receive the green cards soon!
  2. My parents arrived 7/12/23, status changed to Card is being produced since 8/13/23 and they still haven’t received the green card yet. Anyone in the same situation?
  3. I think you should be okay as long as it’s under other documents folder. You should get your result today or tomorrow as mine is January 8 and I got it today.
  4. My case they didn’t re-review the already accepted documents.
  5. Got DQ today after my RFE, submitted on January 8.
  6. I was worried about the same issue, not hand written the date. But my mom case was DQed just now, first submitted December 20, last submission December 27. What I did was reprinted I864 and I864A then hand written date and signature, I uploaded them on January 12.
  7. Just got DQ for my mom. First submission date Dec 20, last submission date December 27.
  8. I resubmitted husband’s 1099s with explanation of no w2 from me since I’m not working. Still waiting.
  9. Could you upload the document on Ceac yet? I got RFE since December 30 and still haven’t been able to do anything, still have Incomplete tab and Application error message.
  10. I did send our joint tax Transcript and my husband’s W2, but they asked for my w2 and I’m not working.
  11. Hi, I need some advices. I just got RFE from NVC for my W2/1099 but I’m not working and I did put 0 on my income on I864 form. I’m using my husband’s income and it’s well above poverty level. The problem I guess they’re asking my w2 is because the number of total income tax and my husband’s w2 are not matching. We actually didn’t put in the income from rental house because we think with his job it’s already enough. I can resubmit the rental company ‘s 1099, with a letter of explanation why there’s no w2 for me, but do I need to redo I864 form and added the rental income?
  12. I have the same problem, added household member since yesterday but it’s not approved yet so that I can add supporting documents under household member’s folder. Last month it took me only 3 hours after added to be approved household member.
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