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  1. I never got the approval notice via mail, I just downloaded the one from my uscis account.
  2. Congrats!!!!!! I’m very happy for you My husband interview was yesterday and he was approved 🙏🏻❤️
  3. In my experience, the NVC process is better than the Uscis stage, with less stress and they will check everything faster. But you have to check everything before submitting, remember to upload your W2 and all the required documents, if previously married, you have to upload the divorce decree. My husband and I filled up the Ds260 together in one afternoon, it took us like 3 hours. This stage is so much better!!!!! Relax, double check everything before submitting and you'll be ok. Good luck ❤️
  4. Totally agree with you!! I genuinely think that my case got fast approval because I contacted my Representative, and he contacted USCIS. We got a fast answer and less than a month I got the approval.
  5. Did you already pick up the passport with the visa?
  6. Thank you very much!! I really appreciate you to take the time and explain the interview process, it helps a lot to have an idea. I hope that our case gets a fast approval, so we can be together!! I can't wait!! Congratulations again!!!!!!!!!
  7. Congratulations!!! The nightmare is over!!!!
  8. Thanks for the detailed answer, I thought that you as the petitioner were able to participate in the interview process, thanks for letting me know it's not possible. Also Congratulations, if the officer told you that you're approved, I thinks its and approval and dthe administrative processing is them working on your visa. A friend of mine was told that her case needed more review time, and she was under administrative process for a few months, but the officer never told her that she was approved. I'm not experience but I think that in your case it is an approval. I'll be praying 🙏 for you. Please keep me posted. I'll do the same!!
  9. Hello good morning!!! I'm wondering if you had your interview already, can you share your experience??? My husband's interview is next month.
  10. Me too!!! We already have our interview app for next month. Hope you all have a smooth process at NVC
  11. Yes is better to be safe than waiting an additional month for a RFE, don't forget the W2s
  12. Congrats!!!! I wish you a smooth journey thru NVC Just gather every document you'll need and double-check before sending them. It will avoid unnecessary delays. NVC is working really fast. I already have my interview appointment.
  13. You're welcome!! Yes NVC is working relatively fast!! That's why is very important to have everything ready, to avoid an RFE. Now I'm waiting for the embassy Hope you get the approval soon! 🙂
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